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St Paddy's Dash - 2016-03-03    
 $5 cheap and there will be lots of draw prizes plus chili and buns!! You can get a free entry if you also register for the Canada Day Run online!!
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New Swag for Canada Day Run - 2016-01-05    
Register now and you have a chance at a free pair of shoes along with your swag of a running bag, towel or t-shirt!!
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Bridge Challenge Results - 2015-09-13    
Bridge Challenge

North Direction:
Ryan Terry, 17, 1:45
Dane Young, 47, 1:49
Drew Harrigan, 17, 1:53
Parker Bowie, 16, 1:55
Cowan Donovan, 19, 2:00
Lewis Harvey-Christopher, 17, 2:02
Kyle Bragdon, 16, 2:11
Brandon Leblanc, 20, 2:18
Rene Doucette, 23, 2:29
Kiva Cas Mei, 17, 2:35
Demara Pafford, 20, 2:36
Lily Coffin, 15, 2:47
Ben Brewer, 13, 2:53
Brenda Tree, 61, 3:44
Jacob Inglis, 4, 4:22
Chris Inglis, 35, 4:22

Bridge Challenge

South Direction:
Brandon Leblanc, 20, 1:34
Cowan Donovan, 19, 1:59
Drew Harrigan, 17, 2:00
Dane Young, 47, 2:01
Kyle Bragdon, 16, 2:01
Lewis Harvey-Christopher, 17, 2:02
Parker Bowie, 16, 2:10
Ryan Terry, 17, 2:30
Ben Brewer, 13, 2:32
Rene Doucette, 23, 2:32
Demara Pafford, 20, 2:33
Lily Coffin, 15, 2:41
Kiva Cas Mei, 17, 2:57
Brenda Tree, 61, 3:41
Jacob Inglis, 4, 4:15
Chris Inglis, 35, 4:15
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Canada Day Run Results - 2015-07-01    
James Murphy M Saint John NB 10 Miler 20-29 53.55
Dean Strowbridge M Willow Grove NB 10 Miler 40-49 57.52
Todd Price M Quispamsis NB 10 Miler 43 60.2
Shelley Doucet F Quispamsis NB 10 Miler 32 61.2
John Herron M Bloomfield NB 10 Miler 50-59 63.41
Jeremy Steeves M Saint John NB 10 Miler 30-39 65.17
Brent Marr M Quispamsis NB 10 Miler 42 72.57
Mary Astle F Fredericton NB 10 Miler 47 73.34
Trevor MacDonald M Hanwell NB 10 Miler 47 76.48
Anna Bernard F Fredericton NB 10 Miler 54 77.45
Ivon Leblanc Grand Bay Westfield NB 10 Miler 50-59 77.49
Trina Goguen F Saint John NB 10 Miler 42 78.09
Tom Stewart M St Stephen NB 10 Miler 67 79.01
Noah Hartery M Grand Bay - Westfield NB 10 Miler 15 79.3
Ron Poirier M Rusagonis NB 10 Miler 52 80.42
Sharon Manson F Saint John NB 10 Miler 41 81.26
Carl Tremblay M Saint John NB 10 Miler 50 82.07
Manon Savoie F Rothesay NB 10 Miler 45 84.59
Don LeBlanc M Grand Bay-Westfield NB 10 Miler 56 85.44
Blair Northcott M Saint John NB 10 Miler 46 87.24
Amelie Aikman F Grand Bay Westfield NB 10 Miler 20-29 88.05
Sylvio Bourque M Grand Digue NB 10 Miler 50-59 88.22
Frank Kelly M Saint John NB 10 Miler 76 88.26
MaryAnne Gallant-Cleghorn F Saint John NB 10 Miler 46 94.06
Jos Eijkelestam M Upper Kingsclear NB 10 Miler 50 89.09
Tammy Stagg F Keewatin NB 10 Miler 40-49 90.22
Mary Brosnan F Saint John NB 10 Miler 50-59 91.16
Jennifer Payne F Saint John NB 10 Miler 32 94.38
Vanessa Galbraith F Saint John NB 10 Miler 30 94.39
Lindsay Clifford F Saint John NB 10 Miler 23 97.37
Noortje Eijkelestam-Kunnen F Upper Kingsclear NB 10 Miler 38 97.59
Phil McIntyre M Quispamsis NB 10 Miler 58 100.41
Angela MacNeil F Saint John NB 10 Miler 32 101.31
Clare Northcott F Saint John NB 10 Miler 48 105.57
Jennie Powell F Cedar Camp NB 10 Miler 25 108.24
Nicole Wheaton F Saint John NB 10 Miler 42 109.14
Samantha MacAlpine F Saint John NB 10 Miler 40 109.14
Stacy Geldart F Berwick NB 10 Miler 37 110.04
Marilyn Williams F Saint John NB 10 Miler 59 111.02
Christopher Maines M Oxford - 10 Miler 29 116.55

Will Oliver M Grand Bay Westfield NB 10 km 15 40.55
Bill Wood M Quispamsis NB 10 km 30-39 41.04
Shawn McGrath M Saint John NB 10 km 50-59 41.54
Sylvio Comeau M Saint John NB 10 km 40-49 42.5
Randy Davis M Saint John NB 10 km 40-49 44.32
Don Murray M Saint John NB 10 km 50-59 44.39
Hannah Arseneault F St Martins NB 10 km 18 44.51
Albert Lockett M Halifax NS 10 km 24 45.23
Marc Gallant M Saint John NB 10 km 33 46.39
Dianne Sharpe F Fredericton NB 10 km 50-59 47.03
Corinne Fournier F Saint John NB 10 km 28 48.36
Kate Black F Yoho Lake NB 10 km 40-49 51.24
Annette Johnson F Letete NB 10 km 40-49 51.42
Crystal Naves F Saint John NB 10 km 35 52.08
Shelley Mason F Grand Bay - Westfield NB 10 km 39 55.2
Sara Young F Fredericton NB 10 km 33 55.37
George Murnaghan M Fredericton NB 10 km 61 55.42
Jean-Marc Piche M Quispamsis NB 10 km 50-59 55.59
Sarah Holland F Saint John NB 10 km 39 56.24
David Peterson M Grand Bay Westfield NB 10 km 50-59 57.38
Brooke Waycott - Ross F Baxter's Corner NB 10 km 28 58.18
Liz Keyes F Grand Bay Westfield NB 10 km 50-59 58.26
Carolyn Prebble F Quispamsis NB 10 km 30-39 59.1
Danielle Brandon F Quispamsis NB 10 km 30-39 59.16
Jon Gaudet M Rothesay NB 10 km 30-39 62.15
William Anderson M Saint John NB 10 km 71 62.36
Lisa Russell F saint John NB 10 km 29 67.09
Kimberley Boyle F Saint John NB 10 km 37 67.57

Paul Nozicka M Fredericton NB 5 km 20-29 17.09
Zach Lanteigne M Saint John NB 5 km 18 18.34
Kevin Curnock M Saint John NB 5 km 30-39 19.22
Paddy Currie M Saint John NB 5 km 17 22.31
Maggie Oliver F Grand Bay Westfield NB 5 km 16 22.33
Ben Webster M Quispamsis NB 5 km 22 22.57
Claire Oliver F Grand Bay Westfield NB 5 km 13 23.25
Wayne Chamberlain M Saint John NB 5 km 40-49 23.27
Jennifer Chamberlain F Saint John NB 5 km 30-39 24.18
Carol Lynn Landry F Grand Bay- Westfield NB 5 km 39 24.19
Stacy Rockwood F Quispamsis NB 5 km 40 24.20
Danielle Dumouchel F Quispamsis NB 5 km 17 24.33
Samuel Holder M Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 14 24.41
Claude Moore M Grand Bay - Westfield NB 5 km 57 25.00
Mark Clinton M Grand Bay - Westfield NB 5 km 44 25.01
Sarah Blanchard F Quispamsis NB 5 km 30-39 25.11
Jillian Beck F Public Landing NB 5 km 14 25.12
Lloyd Gionet M Saint John NB 5 km 40-49 25.35
Edith Price F Fredericton NB 5 km 60-69 25.43
Stacy Sproule F Rusagoins NB 5 km 37 25.51
Craig Wilson M Saint John NB 5 km 30-39 26.07
Jonah Holder M Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 12 26.13
Shane Dickie M Saint John NB 5 km 33 26.16
Michael Hartery M Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 49 26.18
Gina Hyslop F Kingston NB 5 km 40-49 26.23
Lily Coffin F Saint John NB 5 km 15 26.52
Tanner Hoyt M Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 15 26.57
Brittany McGraw F Saint John NB 5 km 23 27.03
Erin Toole F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 39 27.22
Erin Dickie F Saint John NB 5 km 35 27.26
Renee Landry F Quispamsis NB 5 km 30-39 27.57
Gabrielle Seamans F St.George NB 5 km 16 28.09
Brittany Merrifield F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 46 28.13
Alex Sullivan F Saint John NB 5 km 40-49 28.20
Lisa Little F Singapore NB 5 km 40-49 28.21
Mary Duffy F Saint John NB 5 km 60-69 28.40
Alyssa Goguen F Saint John NB 5 km 16 28.40
Stacey Currie F Saint John NB 5 km 40-49 28.44
Stephanie McIntosh Lawrence F Grand Bay Westfield NB 5 km 40-49 28.53
Elaine Boulanger F Saint John NB 5 km 39 28.54
Joy Durdan F Grand Bay- Westfield NB 5 km 44 28.59
Janis Mazerolle F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 40 29.25
Marlo Rose F Saint John NB 5 km 35 29.56
Melissa Tibbetts F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 30 29.53
Shannon Merrifield F Grand Bay- Westfield NB 5 km 40-49 30.02
Jolene Whalen F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 34 30.04
Amy Duguay F Grand Bay - Westfield NB 5 km 34 30.05
Phil Stuart M Machias NB 5 km 68 30.12
Carly Howe F Grand bay Westfield NB 5 km 40 30.32
Megan Czerwinski F New Maryland NB 5 km 14 30.47
Lauren Fraser F New Maryland NB 5 km 15 30.48
Erika Nelson F Saint John NB 5 km 32 31.07
Pam McCann F Fredericton NB 5 km 50-59 31.08
Angela McCaustlin F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 38 31.28
Angela Stewart F Saint John NB 5 km 40 31.30
Melanie Polley F Quispamsis NB 5 km 41 31.53
Zachary Boulanger M Saint John NB 5 km 13 32.03
Angie Simon F Grand Bay Westfield NB 5 km 35 32.28
Kimberley Morrison F Burton NB 5 km 39 32.57
Morgan O'Brien F Oromocto NB 5 km 13 32.57
Bruce Macfarlane M Fredericton NB 5 km 49 33.07
Ed Lutes M Saint John NB 5 km 68 33.08
Cheryl Donovan F Saint John NB 5 km 44 33.59
Elizabeth Breau F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 40-49 34.29
Barb O'Brien F Saint John NB 5 km 62 35.05
Tammy McAllister F Saint John NB 5 km 30 35.09
Katie Holden F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 34 35.16
Kaila Holden F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 16 35.17
Keri O'Brien F Oromocto NB 5 km 38 35.18
Karla Faig F New Maryland NB 5 km 42 36.59
Kari Irvine F Nerepis NB 5 km 50-59 36.59
Bev Cote F Quispamsis NB 5 km 57 37.30
Taylor O'Brien F Oromocto NB 5 km 16 38.22
Jenna Hoyt F Grand Bay-Westfield NB 5 km 12 38.23
Kristen Wheaton F Saint John NB 5 km 32 41.30
Denise Whalen F Saint John NB 5 km 37 41.30
Gail Teed F Saint John, NB NB 5 km 74 41.41
Dianne Stevens F Waasis NB 5 km 45 41.42
Hayley Atkins F Lincoln NB 5 km 41 41.43
Lindsey Nice F Quispamsis NB 5 km 45 52.34
Lori-Beth Armstrong F St John NB 5 km 44 52.48
Melissa Acker F Quispamsis NB 5 km 35 52.49
Beth Shaw F Saint John NB 5 km 54 53.57
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Bridge Challenge Results - 2014-09-15    
1M, Brandon Leblanc, 19, Fredericton, 1:36
2M, Dakota Kelly, 14, Riverview, 1:41
3M, Derek Breau, 16, Riverview, 1:47
4M, Drew Harrigan, 16, Riverview, 1:51
5M, Lewis Harvey-Christopher, 16, Riverview, 1:58
6M, Jorge Perez, 17, Riverview, 2:01
7M, Garrett Baxter, 18. Riverview, 2:06
1F, Ariane Levesque, 13, St Quentin, 2:16
1F, Marie pier Levesque, 21, Fredericton, 2:16
8M, Trevor Standen, 14, Riverview, 2:17
3F, Alexandra Levesque, 18, St Quentin, 2:20
4F, Demara Pafford, 20, Fredericton, 2:32
5F, Lily Coffin, 14, Saint John, 2:34
6F, Chelsey Lirette, 21, Fredericton, 2:41

1M, Drew Harrigan, 16, Riverview, 1:56
2M, Brandon Leblanc, 19, Fredericton, 1:58
3M, Derek Breau, 16, Riverview, 1:59
4M, Lewis Harvey-Christopher, 16, Riverview, 2:07
1F, Chelsey Lirette, 21, Fredericton, 2:08
5M, Trevor Standen, 14, Riverview, 2:09
2F, Marie pier Levesque, 21, Fredericton, 2:19
6M, Jorge Perez, 17, Riverview, 2:23
7M, Dakota Kelly, 14, Riverview, 2:24
8M, Garrett Baxter, 18. Riverview, 2:26
3F, Alexandra Levesque, 18, St Quentin, 2 :27
3F, Ariane Levesque, 13, St Quentin, 2 :27
5F, Lily Coffin, 14, Saint John, 2:36
6F, Demara Pafford, 20, Fredericton, 2:39
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Colonel Nase Boulevard Downhill Mile Results - 2014-07-20    
1, Matthew McNeil 4:17.23
2, Matt Seely 4:58
3, Bill Wood 5:07
4, Will Oliver 5:19
5, Michael Lynch 5:23
6, Stephen Lohnes 5:24
7, Maggie Oliver 5:46 (first woman)
8, Marcie Holland 6:00 (second woman)
9, Bill Hovey 6:01
10, Scott Demerchant 6:07
11, Claire Oliver 6:33 (third woman)
12, Donald Lemon 6:37
13, Mary Brosnan 6:45
14, Claire Gilbert 6:58
15, David Fox 7:00 (first scout)
16, Lily Coffin 7:01
17, Frank Kelly 7:08
18, Joy Durdan 7:14
19, Cat Smith 7:32
20, Elizabeth Donnelly-Nelson 7:38
21, Phil Nelson 8:42
22, Moriah Gilbert 9:15
23, Adam Dunnett 9:24
24, Jack Williams 9:28
25, Thomas Gilbert 9:34
26, Dwayne Gilbert 9:41
27, Gregor Dunnett 12:05
28, Jamie Dunnett 12:06
29, Lucas Wheaton 12:20
30, Nicole Whetaon 12:28
31, Heather Hunt 13:17
32, BLee Williams 13:18
33, Grace Losier 18:08
34, Doug Losier 18:09
35, Charlotte Nase Lohnes 20:01
36, Lillian Nase Camp 21:48
37, Peter Lohnes, 21:49
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Canada Day 10K Results - 2014-07-01    
Position, Age Place, First Name, Last Name, City, Sex, Age as of year-end, Time
1 1 Shawn McGrath Saint John M 53 43.05
2 1 Hannah Arseneault St Martins F 18 43.37
3 1 Shane Tremblay Quispamsis M 39 43.46
4 1 Renee Embree Saint John F 37 44.32
5 1 Joel Vautour Saint John M 27 45.39
6 2 Laura Lee Mullin Fredericton F 36 45.59
7 2 Ivon Leblanc Grand Bay- Westfield M 58 47.36
8 3 Vince Vautour Saint John M 57 47.47
9 2 Charly Bonga Saint John F 16 47.58
10 1 Diane Sharpe Fredericton F 56 48.23
11 1 Donna McCullum Saint John F 49 49.09
12 1 Eunice Phillips Fredericton F 64 49.37
13 Claude Moore Grand Bay - Westfield M 56 49.40
14 3 Sam Piekarski Rothesay F 15 50.49
15 2 Christian Mackin Rothesay M 21 51.48
16 3 Chris Harper Saint John M 21 51.49
17 2 Shawn Ervin Saint John M 38 52.12
18 2 Edith Price Fredericton F 64 52.16
19 3 Hazel McLean Quispamsis F 39 52.50
20 Alex Ross St Andrews M 21 52.59
21 Katrina DeFrancis Quispamsis F 32 53.04
22 3 Richard Saulnier Saint John M 37 54.43
23 2 Gabriela Tymowski Fredericton F 46 55.47
24 Jean-Marc Piche Quispamsis M 51 56.20
25 Carolyn Legacy Fredericton F 36 56.29
26 Lisa Sharp Fredericton F 39 57.12
27 1 George Murnaghan Fredericton M 60 58.49
28 Michael Parker Rothesay M 35 60.15
29 2 Sandy Leland Quispamsis F 57 61.04
30 3 Michelle Brenton Hampton F 48 61.11
31 Carol Egan Quispamsis F 48 61.25
32 3 Liz Keyes Grand Bay- Westfield F 51 62.25
33 Melissa Parker Rothesay F 32 64.19
34 Phil McIntyre Quispamsis M 57 65.04
35 Pamela Dela Torre Saint John F 32 65.27
36 Achsah Losier Grand Bay- Westfield F 32 66.12
37 1 Yves Lapointe Quispamsis M 40 67.21
38 Elaine Boulanger Saint John F 38 68.33
39 2 Dinesh Veeraraje Saint John M 42 68.34
40 Ann-Marie Adams Quispamsis F 28 69.20
41 Nicole Wheaton Saint John F 41 71.24
42 Angela Stewart Saint John F 39 72.12
43 Cheryl Donovan Saint John F 43 78.12
44 Angie MacNeil Saint John F 31 78.46
45 Evelynne Paisley Browns Flat F 41 81.38
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Canada Day 10 Miler Results - 2014-07-01    
Position, Age Place, First Name, Last Name, City, Sex, Age as of year-end, Time
1 1 Matthew McNeil Saint John M 21 52.15
2 1 Paul Gallant Bathurst M 30 57.44
3 1 Dean Strowbridge Willow Grove M 43 57.50
4 2 Evan Arsenault Saint John M 25 59.44
5 1 Robert Jackson Fredericton M 59 61.54
6 2 Terry Melloy Laconia M 55 63.37
7 2 Korey Nixon Rothesay M 30 64.12
8 3 Jeremy Steeves Saint John M 37 64.14
9 Jeff Queen Saint John M 34 64.59
10 Luc LeBlanc Grand-Barachois M 31 66.08
11 Dagen Bendixen Kingston M 36 66.43
12 1 Elita Rahn Jolicure F 38 67.51
13 Steve Vienneau Rothesay M 35 68.43
14 3 Ivan Goguen Saint John M 50 68.44
15 Evan Doucet Quispamsis M 32 69.13
16 Earle Burrows Grand Bay- Westfield M 51 69.20
17 Jean-Louis LeBlanc Bas Cap-pele M 54 69.48
18 2 Bruce Webb New Maryland M 47 70.30
19 2 Julia Brothers Fredericton F 30 70.38
20 3 Sylvio Comeau Saint John M 46 72.17
21 Bill Wood Quispamsis M 39 72.46
22 Woody Thompson Jolicure M 41 72.56
23 1 Brenda Guitard Saint John F 48 73.03
24 3 Aline Goguen Moncton F 30 73.50
25 Todd Power Salisbury M 47 74.20
26 Maurice Vienneau Notre-Dame M 56 74.34
27 1 Courtney Halfpenny Quispamsis F 27 74.51
28 1 Phil Booker Fredericton M 71 75.29
29 Kevin McEachern Quispamsis M 35 75.30
30 Brent Marr Quispamsis M 41 76.02
31 Susan Teakles Saint John F 31 77.10
32 Stephanie Chase Oromocto F 35 77.14
33 1 Anna Bernard Fredericton F 53 78.57
34 Robert Harrison New Maryland M 56 79.12
35 Bill Hovey Quispamsis M 41 79.57
36 John Woods Quispamis M 50 80.52
37 David Elias Rothesay M 51 80.53
38 1 Tom Stewart St Stephen M 66 81.28
39 2 Allyson MacDonald Fredericton F 47 81.34
40 2 Suzanne Doucet Saint John F 52 82.51
41 Mark McGinnis Saint John M 38 83.13
42 Annette Burton Grand Bay- Westfield F 34 83.38
43 2 Lee Byram Fredericton M 60 83.42
44 2 Sarah O’Rourke Saint John F 27 83.52
45 3 Linda Hackett Saint John F 54 84.59
46 Geoffrey McCullogh Rothesay M 40 85.43
47 2 Lloyd Sutherland Fredericton M 70 86.02
48 3 Lisa Noseworthy Fredericton F 26 86.48
49 Theresa Koppert Saint John F 53 87.06
50 Phil Harper Saint John M 49 88.21
51 Ron Poirier Rusagonis M 52 88.31
52 Mary Brosnan Saint John F 57 88.42
53 Meghan Manning Saint John F 21 89.10
54 Brad Danbrook Rothesay M 50 89.19
55 3 Frank Kelly Saint John M 75 89.26
56 Blair Northcott Quispamsis M 45 89.53
57 3 Debbie Little Grand Bay- Westfield F 43 90.38
58 Mike Bonga Saint John M 49 91.09
59 Don LeBlanc Grand Bay-Westfield M 55 91.17
60 Fran Robinson Keswick Ridge F 57 91.24
61 Crystal Parlee Hampton F 47 91.53
62 John Hall Rothesay M 55 91.54
63 Cyril Parsons Grand Bank M 59 92.03
64 Ashley Wood Quispamsis F 32 92.43
65 Natalia Baker Quispamsis F 35 92.44
66 Tara Urquhart Norton F 37 93.26
67 Gerald Cole Upham M 43 94.35
68 Stacy Sproule Rusagoins F 36 95.00
69 Sara Young Saint John F 32 95.34
70 1 Alexandra Coffin Saint John F 19 95.45
71 Gord Potts Rothesay M 29 96.03
72 1 Nolene Smith Long Reach F 62 96.08
73 Sarah Holland Saint John F 38 97.13
74 Sheila Kelley Saint John F 40 98.03
75 Jeff Batten Saint John M 35 98.11
76 Nancy Hickey Kingston F 54 98.56
77 Leslie Molloy Saint John F 27 102.27 1:42:27
78 Sarah Batten Saint John F 36 104.47 1:44:47
79 Joy Durdan Grand Bay- Westfield F 43 104.57 1:44:57
80 Trevor Menchenton Fredericton M 34 105.43 1:45:43
81 1 Maryse Jacob Shediac F 71 107.05 1:47:05
82 Clare Northcott Quispamsis F 47 111.33 1:51:33
83 Marilyn Williams Saint John F 58 111.57 1:51:57
84 2 Barb O’Brien Saint John F 61 111.58 1:51:58
85 3 Ed Lutes Saint John M 67 111.58 1:51:58
86 Courtney Burns Fredericton F 24 133.01 2:13:01
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Canada Day 5K Results - 2014-04-06    
Position, Age Place, First Name, Last Name, City, Sex, Age as of year-end, Time
1 1 Paul Nozicka Woodstock M 20 17.29
2 1 Shane Parker Saint John M 35 19.28
3 1 Dennis Emerson Saint John M 14 19.44
4 2 Will Oliver Grand Bay- Westfield M 14 19.50
5 1 Steve Hanlon Saint John M 40 20.30
6 2 Randy Davis Saint John M 44 21.31
7 3 Robert Scott Saint John M 16 21.34
8 Alex Harper Saint John M 16 22.03
9 2 Chris McGrath Saint John M 25 22.36
10 1 Maggie Oliver Grand Bay- Westfield F 15 22.38
11 3 Rob Long Saint John M 49 23.10
12 Glenn Doucette Saint John M 46 23.14
13 1 Maryro Mendez Rothesay F 40 23.53
14 2 Kathleen O’Keefe Grand Bay- Westfield M 14 23.59
15 1 Amy Dixon Moncton F 34 24.40
16 2 Stacy Rockwood Quispamsis F 39 24.58
17 3 Amanda Masters Quispamsis F 34 25.02
18 Lloyd Gionet Saint John M 43 25.16
19 Ryan White Saint John M 18 25.21
20 Haley Green Quispamsis F 35 25.27
21 2 Craig Wilson Saint John M 37 25.30
22 2 Christine Little Fredericton F 44 25.35
23 Darren Doucette Fredericton M 40 25.48
24 3 Jillian Beck Public Landing F 13 26.06
25 Tammy Armstrong Morrisdale F 36 26.17
26 Leanne Sherwood Quispamsis F 32 26.41
27 1 John Kelley Quispamsis M 67 26.42
28 Sarah Blanchard Quispamsis F 34 26.43
29 Samuel Holder Grand Bay-Westfield M 13 26.50
30 1 Sherry Dumont Clifton Royal F 50 26.51
31 Mark Clinton Grand Bay - Westfield M 43 26.55
32 Claire Oliver Grand Bay- Westfield F 11 26.57
33 Mark Thompson Saint John M 43 27.28
34 3 Krista Daigle-Hawkes Grand Bay- Westfield F 44 27.37
35 Linda Gionet Ottawa F 40 27.54
36 Jonah Holder Grand Bay-Westfield M 11 27.55
37 Lily Coffin Saint John F 14 27.58
38 Allie Scott Saint John F 14 28.02
39 1 Rob Scott Saint John M 51 28.03
40 Norah Emerson Saint John F 18 28.11
41 Holly McKay Grand Bay - Westfield F 41 28.22
42 Kathy Berry-Cox Grand Bay-Westfield F 46 28.57
43 Tamara Marr Grand Bay- Westfield F 32 29.01
44 2 James Morris Saint John M 56 29.08
45 David Ward Willow Grove M 31 29.31
46 1 Sandie Linton Nerepis F 28 29.37
47 Alexandra Sullivan Saint John F 41 29.43
48 Lisa Little Singapore F 45 29.44
49 Brittany Merrifield Grand Bay-Westfield F 45 30.30
50 Tamara Cosman Summerville F 48 31.30
51 Samantha MacAlpine Saint John F 39 31.31
52 2 Sheila Perry-Long Saint John F 50 31.38
53 1 Phil Stuart machias M 67 32.12
54 2 Kelly Dobbin Saint John F 26 33.40
55 Pam McCaskill New Maryland F 38 33.41
56 3 Paula Ross Saint John F 50 34.23
57 Jack Rice Grand Bay-Westfield M 11 34.32
58 Erin Toole Grand Bay-Westfield F 38 34.33
59 Dianne Guay Kingston F 56 35.10
60 Josiane Hewitt Saint John F 50 36.59
61 Victoria Lewis Saint John 39 37.03
62 Carol Arthurs Yarmouth F 38 37.23
63 Jennifer Menchenton Fredericton F 32 38.53
64 Christin Parsons Fredericton F 29 38.54
65 Dale Price Saint John M 48 41.28
66 Tracy Cooper Saint John F 44 41.29
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Pete's Pub St Paddy's Dash 3.7K Results - 2014-03-16    
Matt Seely, 30, 12.32
Bill Wood, 39, 12.55
Shelley Doucet, 31, 13.04
George Daniel, 56, 13.35
Kyle Lowery, 27, 14.03
Marcie Holland, 34, 14.46
Michael Lynch, 48, 14.50
Ryan Gosson, 28, 15.04
Rod Eagles, 53, 15.12
Bill Hovey, 41, 15.13
Phil Couturier, 35, 15.56
Phil Wyatt, 32, 15.59
Amber Leclerc, 25, 16.49
Craig Wilson, 37, 17.03
Sue Watson, 56, 17.04
Haley Adams-Green, 35, 17.30
Sarah Blanchard, 32, 17.32
Frank Kelly, 75, 18.15
Roxanne McArthy, 41, 18.28
Lily Coffin, 14, 18.32
Ed Lutes, 68, 18.33
Jeanne Ju, 38, 18.34
Claire Ryan, 30, 18.36
Heather Streeter, 36, 18.52
Cathy Smith, 40, 18.56
Bill Anderson, 70, 19.00
Andrew Ellis, 39, 19.29
Tara Gamble, 34, 19.48
Rhea Bowen, 36, 20.25
Elaine Pridham, 37, 21.05
Joy Durdan, 43, 21.10
Elizabeth Donnelly-Nelson, 63, 21.10
Brayden Carle, 12, 21.31
Jennifer Greenlaw, 40, 21.38
Lori Carle, 40, 21.38
Melanie Polley, 39, 22.12
Phil McIntyre, 57, 22.14
Elizabeth Couturier, 34, 22.16
Angela Murphy, 34, 22.18
Theresa Brown, 31, 22.47
Mark Pridham, 53, 22.49
Alicia Jones, 25, 23.04
Kathy Belanger, 34, 23.25
Gail Teed, 73, 24.09
Kelly Dobbin, 26, 24.10
Amy McNee, 37, 24.29
Mia Dumont, 11, 24.56
Sherry Dumont, 50, 24.58
Cindy Losier, 50, 26.09
Hayden Muise, 14, 26.40
Halay Muise, 12, 26.42
Kate Gosson, 25, 26.50
Cori Moore-McDade, 38, 26.50
Jennifer Brown-Hovey, 38, 26.50
Jack Williams, 9, 27.35
BLee Williams, 54, 27.38
Hunter Clinton, 7, 29.18
Holly McKay, 41, 29.20
Jeanne Gallant, 53, 29.36
Tim Lowery, 55, 30.07
Lisa Lowery, 51, 30.08
Patrick McCaffrey, 68, 31.01
Mary Brosnan, 57, 31.26
Darren Melanson, 7, 31.26
Amy Melanson, 40, 31.26
Steve Doiron, 63, 31.34
Karen Kelley, 50, 31.34
Krista Hartery, 45, 32.05
Will Rodgers, 55, 32.05
Robert Peters, 59, 33.45
Jane Peters, 25, 33.45
Jill Roach, 38, 35.00
Robert Muise, 48, 35.00
Abby Muise, 11, 36.12
Murielle Lindsay, 36.50
Merina Farrell, 52, 36.50
Caroline MacKay, 35, 40.57
Gill, 26, 40.57
Carvel Crabbe, 61, 43.50
River Clinton, 5, 45.03
Mark Clinton, 43, 45.04
Susan Curwin, 59, ?
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Unofficial Canada Day Run Results - 2013-07-01    
Subway Canada Day 5K
1, Paul Nozicka, M, 19, Newbridge, 16:47
2, Brandon Leblanc, M, 18, Riverview, 17:41
3, Andrew Vail, M, 19, Saint John, 18:10
4, Matthew Baker, M, 18, New Maryland, 19:04
5, Dennis Emerson, M, 13, Saint John, 21:00
6, Glenn Doucette, M, 45, Saint John, 22:12
7, Stacey Briggs, F, 40, Quispamsis, 22:26
8, Bill Hovey, M, 40, Quispamsis, 22:28
9, Dave Seely, M, 36, Rothesay, 22:32
10, Corinne Fournier, F, 26, Saint John, 22:39
11, Andrew Dunphy, M, 38, Saint John, 22:40
12, Walter Tramble,M, 46, Quispamsis, 22:41
13,Gary Baker, M, 47, New Maryland, 22:42
14, Ryan Daigle,M, 31, Saint John, 22:58
14, Jeremy Johnson, 31, Tampa Bay, 22:58
16, Dan Rowe, M, 31, Quispamsis, 23:11
17, Maryro Mendez, F, 39, Rothesay, 23:14
18, Ryan White, M, 17, Saint John, 23:35
19, Christian Goldie, M, 31, Saint John, 24:02
20, Stacey Rockwood, F, 38, Quispamsis, 24:05
21, Sherry Dumont, F, 49, Clifton Royal, 24:08
22, Carol Lynn Landry, F, 37, Grand Bay- Westfield, 24:32
23, Erin Dickie, F, 33, Saint John, 24:37
24, Amy Dixon, F, 33, Moncton, 24:38
25, Lloyd Gionet, M, 41, Saint John, 25:19
26, Mary Brosnan, F, 56, Saint John, 25:22
27, Becky Daigle, F, 32, Saint John, 25:24
28, Jillian Beck, F, 11, Public Landing, 25:48
29, Randy Davis, M, 43, Saint John, 25:49
30, Maggie Oliver, F, 14, Grand Bay- Westfield, 25:50
31, Tammy Crabbe, F, ?, ?, 25:58
32, Wally Squier, M, 59, Manchester, 26:12
33, Steve Burton, M, 33, Grand Bay- Westfield, 26:30
34, Holly McKay, F, 40, Grand Bay- Westfield, 26:59
35, Rachael Lunn, F, 17, Grand Bay- Westfield, 27:05
36, Gerry Doiron, M, 45, Saint John, 27:12
37, Norah Emerson, F, 17, Saint John, 27:48
38, Alexandra Coffin, F, 18, Saint John, 27:52
39, Mark Thompson, M, 43, Saint John, 28:08
40, Megan Totten, F, 28, Saint John, 28:17
41, Monica Hindley, F, 51, Saint John, 28:22
42, Stuart Hossack, M, 6, Quispamsis, 28:51
43, Martin Dumouchel, M, 43, Saint John, 28:53
44, Courtney MacPhail, F, 26, Grand Bay- Westfield, 28:55
45, Renee Everett, F, 32, Grand Bay- Westfield, 28:57
46, Jennifer Dewar, F, 37, Grand Bay- Westfield, 28:59
47, Jill Hossack, F, 46, Quispamsis, 29:01
48, Claire Oliver, F, 10, Grand Bay- Westfield, 29:20

49, Donald Lemon, M, 60, Grand Bay- Westfield, 29:35
49, Elspeth Lemon, F, 29, Fredericton, 29:35
51, Heather MacKenzie, F, 30, Grand Bay- Westfield, 29:53
52, Lily Coffin, F, 13, Saint John, 29:55
53, Kelly Hurley, F, 48, Grand Bay- Westfield, 29:57
54, Catherine Wigginton, F, 46, Saint John, 29:59
55, Roxanne McArthy, F, 40, Quispamsis, 30:10
56, Anna Kennedy,F, 11, Morrisdale, 30:20
57, Tracy Comeau, F, 38, Quispamsis, 30:26
58, Christopher Rockwood, M, 39, Quispamsis, 30:28
59, Wendy Smith, F, 57, Rothesay, 30:40
60, Shelley Mason, F, 37, Grand Bay- Westfield, 30:44
60, Janis Mazerolle, F, 38, Grand Bay- Westfield, 30:44
62, Denise Bendixen, F, 31, Guatemala City, 30:57
63, Pam McCann, F, 51, Fredericton, 31:02
64, Michelle Gallant,F, 39, Saint John, 31:22
65, Cathy Squier, F, 55, Manchester, 31:47
66, Pamela Dela Torre, F, 31, Saint John, 31:51
67, Dianne Guay, F, 55, Kingston, 32:19
68, Paula Ross, F, 49, Saint John, 32:30
69, Rhonda Makepeace, F, 39, Lower Greenwich, 32:36
70, Tara Gamble, F, 34, Quispamsis, 32:51
71, Nessa Gogan,F, ?, Quispamsis, 32:52
72, Angie Simon, F, 33, Grand Bay- Westfield, 33:12
73, Angela McCaustlin, F, 36, Grand Bay- Westfield, 33:13
73, Evelynne Paisley, F, 40, Browns Flats, 33:14
74, Bruce MacFarlane, M, 47, Fredericton, 33:20
75, Jennifer Carhart, F, 35, Saint John, 34:14
76, Angie MacNiel, F, 30, Saint John, 34:22
77, Darlene Kidman, F, 42, Oromocto, 34:52
78, Cheryl Blacquier, F, 41, Grand Bay- Westfield, 35:10
79, Lauren Cashin, F, 13, Grand Bay- Westfield, 35:21
80, Sean Cashin, M, 46, Grand Bay- Westfield, 35:22
81, Breanne Hopkins, 11, Saint John, 36:03
82, Heather Redding, F, 47, Saint John, 36:02
83, Sarah Tompkins, F, 31, Saint John, 36:20
84, Melissa Tibbetts, F, 28, Grand Bay- Westfield, 36:53
85, Margaret Pitre, F, 50, Grand Bay- Westfield, 36:59
86, Carol Arthurs, F, 37, Yarmouth, 38:16
87, Quinn Hurley, F, 19, Grand Bay- Westfield, 43:13
88, Cathleen O’Leary, F, 28, Rothesay, 43:42
89, Dan Thompson, F, 40, Toronto, 43:58
90, Kendra Thompson,F, 40, Toronto, 43:59
91, Alex Thompson, M, 8, Toronto, 43:56
92, Jan Hohmann, M, 43, Grand Bay- Westfield, 44:45
93, Suzanne Hohmann, F, 35, Grand Bay- Westfield, 44:46
94, Eileen Quinn, F, 53, Rothesay, 46:19
95, Catherine O’Leary,F, 63, Rothesay, 46:27

Subway Canada Day 10K
1, Dagen Bendixen, M, 35, Guatemala City, 41:17
2, Shane Farnham, M, 23, Quispamsis, 41:54
3, Shawn McGrath, M, 52, Black River, 42:05
4, Patrick McDade, M, 31, Saint John, 44:32
5, Kevin Sears,M, 50, Quispamsis, 44:37
6, Jeff Gregory, M, 46, Saint John, 46:31
7, Charly Bonga, F, 14, Saint John, 47:05
8, Laura Bonga,F, 14, Saint John, 47:41
9, John Woods, M, 49, Quispamsis, 48:16
10, Patrick Duffy, M, 34, Lepreau, 48:38
11, Eunice Phillips, F, 63, Fredericton, 48:47
12, Geoffrey McCullough,M, 39, Rothesay, 50:10
13, Carl Dyker,M, 49, Quispamsis, 51:09
14, Jeff McAloon,M, 39, Saint John, 51:17
15, Dave Johnson,M, 51, Saint John, 51:18
16, Edith Price, F, 63, Fredericton, 51:40
17, Amanda Masters, F, 33, Quispamsis, 51:52
18, Sarah Blanchard, F, 31, Quispamsis, 53:03
19, Brian Bond, M, 42, Baxter’s Corner, 53:14
20, Robin MacKenzie, F, 45, Saint John, 53:19
21, Haley Green, F, 34,Quispamsis, 53:35
22, Chrissy Hansen, F, 44, Saint John, 53:46
23, Dave Dumont, M, 51, Saint John, 53:48
24, Jake van der Laan, M, 49, Rothesay, 55:12
25, Beth Sears, F, 52, Quispamsis, 55:36
26, Josh Middleton, M, 33, Saint John, 57:24
27, Sarah Holland, F, 37, Saint John, 57:41
28, Sharon Green, F, 42, Grand Manan, 57:47
29, Scott Hems, M, 25, Fredericton, 57:54
30, Sean McKinley, M, 37, Saint John, 58:10
31, Will Oliver, M, 13, Grand Bay- Westfield, 58:35
32, Marlo Rose, F, 33, Saint John, 58:40
33, Liz Keyes, F, 50, Grand Bay- Westfield, 59:05
34, Patrick Flowers, M, 37, Saint John, 59:08
35, Rick Stephen, M, 61, Saint John, 60:21
36, Achsah Losier, F, 31, Grand Bay- Westfield, 61:04
37, Cindy Losier, F, 49, Saint John, 62:16
38, Peter Milne, M, 54, Saint John, 62:55
39, Justin Craig, M, 39, Grand Bay- Westfield, 66:54

Subway Canada Day 10.2 Miler
1, Lee Roy, M, 31, Beresford, 56:41
2, Paul Gallant, M, 29, Bathurst, 57:13
3, Dean Strowbridge, M, 42, Willow Grove, 58:46
4, John Herron, M, 49, Bloomfield, 64:08
5, Jeff Queen, M, 33, Saint John, 64:32
6, Jeremy Steeves, M, 36, Saint John, 65:42
7, Paul Thibodeau, M, 50, Moncton, 66:08
8, Korey Nixon, M, 29, Rothesay, 66:41
9, Steve Vienneau, M, 34, Rothesay, 67:10
10, Bill Wood, M, 38, Quispamsis, 69:57
11, Brenda Guitard, F, 47, Saint John, 69:59
12, Chuck Teed, M, 36, Saint John, 70:34
13, Bruce Webb, M, 46, New Maryland, 70:36
14, Woody Thompson, M, 40, Jolilcore, 71:08
15, Vince Vautour, M, 55, Saint John, 73:46
16, Eric Gionet, M, 59, Fredericton, 73:48
17, Michael Vincent Lynch, M, 47, Saint John, 74:11
18, Adam Manuel, M, 27, Saint John, 75:41
19, Joe Burke, M, 71, Saint John, 76:24
20, Cody Mackinnon, M, 27, Grand Bay- Westfield, 77:25
21, Marc Joncas, M, 33, Edmundston, 78:42
22, Paul Sands, M, 59, Saint John, 78:56
23, Brent Marr, M, 40, Quispamsis, 79:23
24, Allyson MacDonald, F, 46, Fredericton, 80:42
25, Louise Chiasson, F, 21, Rothesay, 80:50
26, Stephanie Chase, F, 34, Oromocto, 81:54
27, Stephen Hanlon, M,39, Saint John , 82:15
28, Carl Tremblay, M, 48, Saint John, 82:29
29, Brad Danbrook, M, 49, Rothesay, 82:36
30, Mac Clendenning, M, 61, Hartland, 82:48
31, Phil Booker, M, 70, Fredericton, 82:58
32, Todd Power, M, 46, Salisbury, 82:59
33, Gail Dornan, F, 52, Saint John, 84:42
34, Keely Murphy, F, 22, Saint John, 84:43
35, Sharon Turnell, F, 47, Quispamsis, 84:51
36, Jim Burns, M, 49, Hampton, 85:22
37, Danny Marr, M, 32, Saint John, 85:24
38, Richard Gradon, M, 61, Saint John, 85:44
39, Sarah O’Rourke, F, 26, Saint John, 86:13
40, Annette Burton, F, 33, Grand Bay- Westfield, 86:15
41, Don Leblanc,M, 54, Grand Bay- Westfield, 86:39
42, Mike Bonga, M, 48, Saint John, 87:14
43, Kay Giggie, F, 52, Fredericton, 87:31
44, Alex Wu,M, 47, Saint John, 87:32
45, Richard Stairs,M, 53, Nackawic, 87:33
46, Frank Kelly, M, 74, Fredericton, 87:50
47, Daniel Lunn, M, 41, Grand Bay- Westfield, 87:58
48, Paulette Stoddard, F, 41, Saint John, 88:35
49, Theresa Koppert, F, 52, Saint John, 89:07
50, Lucy McCray, F, 55, Miramichi. 90:31
51, Ron Poirier, M, 50, Rusagonis, 90:54
52, Crystal Parlee, F, 45, Hampton, 91:27
53, John Hall, M, 54, Rothesay, 91:57
53, Krista Kyle, F, 40, Willow Grove, 91:57
55, Jean Marc Piche, M, 50, Quispamsis, 92:54
56, Phil McIntyre, M, 56, Quispamsis, 93:07
57, John Dornan, M, 54, Saint John, 93:27
58, Gabriela Tymowski, F, 45, Fredericton,93:58
59, Krista Hartery, F, 44, Grand Bay- Westfield, 94:29
60, Jim Stoddard, M, 51, Saint John, 95:19
61, Jennifer Payne, F, 30, Saint John, 95:28
62, Ann Connolly,F, 59, Quispamsis, 96:08
63, April Cunningham, F, 30, Saint John, 96:50
64, Noeline Smith, F, 61, Long Reach, 97:19
65, Nancy Hickey, F, 53, Summerville, 97:41
66, William Anderson, M, 69, Saint John, 98:10
67, Rosemary Boyle, F, 55, Quispamsis, 99:55
68, Joy Durdan, F, 42, Grand Bay- Westfield, 1:41:39
69, Greg Leland, M, 56, Quispamsis, 1:41:50
70, Shelley Black, F, 46, Long Reach, 1:43:12
71, Elizabeth Donnelly-Nelson, F, 62, Grand Bay- Westfield, 1:43:31
72, Emily Hickey, F, 23, Summerville, 1:45:12
73, John Hickey, M, 59, Summerville, 1:45:13
74, Sarah Donald, F, 25, Oak Point, 1:47:16
75, Daryl Steeves, M, 58, Rothesay, 1:47:29
75, Samantha MacAlpine, F, 38, Saint John, 1:48:20
76, Michael Sanford, M, 30, Fredericton, 1:49:26
77, Cindra Muzzerall, F, 50, Barss Corner, 1:49:44
78, Amanda Sanford, F, 28, Fredericton, 1:49:46
79, Ed Lutes, M, 66, Saint John, 1:50:39
80, Barb O’Brien, F, 60, Saint John, 1:50:40
81, Gordon Potts, M, 28, Rothesay, 2:01:26
82, Michelle Flanagan, F, 40, Saint John, 2:02:16
83, Adair Howe, F, 24, Saint John, 2:03:12
84, Gail Teed, F, 72, Saint John, 2:16:12
85, Heather Shadbolt, F, 52, Grand Bay- Westfield, 2:36:50
86, Carvel Crabbe, M, 60, Saint John, 3:01:30
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Message of Gratitude for Assistance with the 2012 KV Challenge Marathon - 2012-10-17    
I would like to extend my gratitude to the following people for assistance in organizing the Kennebecasis Valley Challenge Marathon Event. John Kelley is the original race director and I am very lucky to help keep the dream alive. John’s second in command this year was Brent Sherwood who along with his wife Leanne were an amazing help again. We had many sign sponsors so please visit the race website for the full list. Vitos subsidized our lasagna dinner. We were pleased to have Rorrie Currie as a guest speaker this year. Frank Roberts allowed us to use his building for the start. Jeremy Fry and the Hampton River Runners were in charge of the volunteers right up to the golf course. Doug Scott and Mr. Rice’s group of students from Kennebecasis Valley High School were in charge of the marshaling up to Meehan’s Cove Road. Maureen O’Hara and her Priorities in Focus group were at the finish line. Denise Dow and Patricia Gallagher provided shelter at the half marathon finish on behalf of Strong & Free. Major Sponsor Java Moose provided hot coffee and water at the half marathon finish. Bruce Rosval coordinated the Gondola Point Arterial Intersection. Ed Lutes and Barb O’Brien marshaled at the Gondola Point Ferry Landing. Mike Robinson coordinated the Gondola Point Road water stop. The Kennebecasis Valley Fire Department was in charge of the water stop at the bottom of Clark Road. Major Sponsor Culligan’s provided all of the water on the course. Mr Vienneau and his group of students from Rothesay Netherwood School were in charge of the water stop at the Riverside Golf Course. Carolyn Prebble, Katie Rogers and Christian Gallant coordinated the marathon finish line. The Town of Rothesay provided use of the Bill McGuire Centre. Major Sponsor SubWay subsidized our post race subs. The Potting Shed provided the half marathon finish area. Doug Guthrie is our bus driver for transportation. The Rothesay Regional Police provided coverage for the lead runner and a stationed car at the Gondola Point Arterial Intersection. Finally, my daughter Lily made this year’s package pickup the easiest ever and provided assistance at both the half marathon finish and at the awards ceremony. Thank you for supporting this event and I hope you consider next year even if it rains again and we finally admit that we have the toughest marathon course in New Brunswick!
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Updated Grand Bay- Westfield Run Event History - 2012-06-28    
The Marathon by the Sea was the major catalyst for a wave of road races in the Saint John area that quickly took advantage of the localized running boom. Many of these events continue to this day including the Catch the Bug Road Race, the Hampton 5 Miler, and the Grand Bay Westfield Canada Day Run. Our committee always felt a bond with the Hampton event as they started just the year before and we usually had similar attendance.

The Canada Day Half Marathon event was a creation from a very dynamic group of people. The original committee consisted of Earle Burrows, Alex Coffin, Keith Doiron, Ethel Harrison, Dennis Hickey, Jack Keir, Paul Looker, Martina MacDougall, and Gary Mittelholtz. RCMP Officer Paul Looker had organized running events in Grand Bay- Westfield prior to 2002 but everyone involved hoped to create something on a larger scale for the community going forward.

The first year in 2002 was very exciting! It was the one and only year that we ran past and behind Scholtens before heading back towards Westfield. Local Legend Chris Brake won the half marathon in 1:18:25 with top triathletes Stephen Vienneau and Earle Burrows in 2nd and 3rd. Kelly Tolentino (who has since moved to the US with her husband Rodney) won the women’s title in 1:36:14 with top triathletes Gina Spear-Burrows and Shelly Gauthier in 2nd and 3rd. Alex Coffin won the 10K in 35:33 while 13 year old Spencer Mason won the 5K in 19:25. Everyone loved finishing at the rink and the parade afterwards was a nice touch. We also had a beer garden in the finish area! We had 73 in the half, 55 in the 10K, and 24 in the 5K.

2003 brought our first taste of controversy. Everyone liked our new turnaround at the post office but the decision to not recognize the 5kers was not popular. Our numbers increased to 93 in the half marathon and 81 in the 10K. Chris Brake broke his record in the half with a 1:17:28 beating military runner Dave Shirley while former University star Heather Goodfellow won the women’s title in 1:28:26 beating Gina Spear-Burrows. Todd Price won the 10K while 2002 Half Winner Kelly Tolentino won the women’s 10K title in a new course record of 42:25.

2004 was our “hot” year. Our water stations were severely tested and the times were much slower due to the heat. Chris Brake took his third consecutive half title in 1:22:18 followed by Bruce Rosvall and Glenn Trites. Elita Rahn ran an incredible 1:30:03 considering the conditions with Gina Spear-Burrows second. Joe Oliver who later spearheaded the new track at River Valley Middle School won the 10K by 12 seconds over Todd Lambert. This prevented a husband wife sweep as April Lambert won the women’s title in the 10K in 45:25. David Tree and Monica Vautour established new records in the 5K with times of 19:14 and 23:32. We had 88 in the half, 112 in the 10K and 63 in the 5K.

Ironically, 2005 was our biggest year but this was also the year that the Miramichi Rock’Run was created giving us a competitor for our Fredericton area runners. John Herron took the title in the half beating Todd Price and Glenn Trites. On the women’s side, Krista McCluskey won a tight battle against future committee member Trina Goguen with only 16 seconds separating them at the finish. Dean Strowbridge became a major player in the local scene by beating 50-59 age group star Michael Coyne by only 2 seconds in the 10K. Oromocto’s Francine LaVallee won the women’s title. Satish Punna narrowly defeated Stephen Mundle in the 5K. There were 112 in the half, 145 in the 10K and 54 in the 5K.

2006 had an interesting story in local legend Gilles Gautreau taking an ill-fated attempt at Chris Brake’s record in the half. Gilles won the half in 1:18:45 followed by Todd Price and John Herron. 50-59 Age Group Star Michael Coyne ran 1:21:14!! Local runner Arlene Harrigan defeated defending champion Krista McCluskey by 30 seconds in 1:36:24. Maggie Johnson took her second straight third place finish. The 5K was almost as exciting however as Chris Brake decided to take the 5K record down a notch by winning in 17:22. Another 50-59 Age Group Star pushed him though as Derek Fisher finished second in 17:55. Brent McCullum finished third in 18:10 which would have also broken the course record. The women’s race in the 5K was a highly dramatic finish. Monica Vautour once again won the 5K but by only 1 second over Vicki Woods. Merina Farrell was only 3 seconds behind Vicki!! In the 10K, Dean Strowbridge continued his progression to faster times with a 35:53 while local runner Donna McCullum won the women’s title in 45:10. 50-59 Age Group Star and Run NB Hall of Famer Eunice Phillips ran a 47:08!! There were 102 in the half, 117 in the 10K, and 68 in the 5K.

2007 returned Chris Brake back to the half where he ran a new course record of 1:16:56. We had a great battle between 50-59 age group stars in the half with Michael Coyne running 1:22:21 and Robert Jackson 1:25:13. April Lambert took the women’s title in 1:34:15 with a very exciting battle over Maggie Johnson 1:35:12 and Trina Goguen 1:35:50. Evan Arsenault 36:36 and Krista McCluskey 43:39 were the champions in the 10K. The 5K featured two winners under 19 with Brent McCullum running 17:56 and Rebecca Barton running 20:34. At this point, we had moved from shorts to singlets and our singlets featured the artwork of local artist Elizabeth Donnelly-Nelson who now also served on our committee. We had 105 in the half, 95 in the 10K and 72 in the 5K.

2008 was both a year for excitement but also some challenges. The half marathon and 10K were combined to create a 10 miler to address traffic issues and parade conflict.. We also had a lot of excitement over the new track that had been created near the start/finish area. Both the half marathon and the 5K would now start on the track with the finish remaining the same. The turnaround was now at the town hall which was a big improvement over having to use the post office hill. Unfortunately, the start line was moved incorrectly and both races ended up being 500 meters long. Alex Coffin narrowly edged Chris Brake in the 10 Miler 57:28 to 57:57. Newcomer Suzanne Doucet won the women’s title in 1:10:12 over Gina Spear-Burrows and Arlene Harrigan. Brent McCullum defended his 5K title while Marla Sachilone edged Monica Vautour. There were 99 in the 10 Miler and 70 in the 5K.

2009 was a return to stability with the 10K added back by using a double loop of the 5K course. We also paid to get all three distances certified for Run NB sanctioning. Alex Coffin set the new course record in the 10Miler with a 56:18 followed by John Herron and Todd Power. Newcomer Brenda Guitard ran a great race to defeat defending champion Suzanne Doucet 1:10:03 to 1:10:47. Arlene Harrigan was third. Dean Mercer won the 10K title in 39:40 while Ontario runner Lisa Little edged Patti Doyle 48:07 to 48:32. Matt McNeil just missed Chris Brake’s 5K record with a 17:39. Kari Pettinger won the women’s title in the 5K with a 12 second victory over Heather Wood. We had 98 in the 10 Miler, 49 in the 10K and 78 in the 5K.

2010 became a memorial year as we celebrated the life of Gary Mittelholtz. Gary was there right from the start and he promoted activity in our area like few others had or could.. We renamed the 10 Mile event after Gary and were very lucky to have members of Gary’s family at the race. Both champions broke the course record as Alex Coffin won the 10 Miler in 54:18 and Elita Rahn won for the women in 1:09:22. April Lambert was less than a minute behind. Defending champion Brenda Guitard was 3rd. In the men’s race, John Herron added to his record top 3 performances by accomplishing that feat a 6th time. Bruce Rosvall was third. Albertan 50-59 runner Ed Bickley ran 38:49 to win the 10K but this missed the 50-59 best mark of 36:37 that Michael Coyne ran in 2005. Michael Coyne finished second this year but was 60 so he established a new 60-69 record of 39:13. Colleen McQuaid took the women’s 10K title in 44:23 and finished 3rd overall!! Gabriela Tymowski was second for the women and Anne Wall was third. Andrew Vail won the 5K in 18:36 while former University star Renee Embree narrowly missed the 5K women’s course record with a 21:09. We had 92 in the 10 Miler, 50 in the 10K and 97 in the 5K.

2011 was our 10th event and a beautiful technical shirt was produced to celebrate. Dean Strowbridge became a master in 2011 but still won the 10 Miler outright in 59:16 over John Herron. In third, Rob Jackson smashed the 50-59 record lowering it from 1:05:38 to 1:03:04. 2009 Champion Brenda Guitard won the women’s title in the 10 Miler with a 1:12:35 ahead of Sylvie Landry and Trina Goguen. Rachael Lunn set the under 20 age group course record in 1:35:41. Dean Mercer won the 10K in 40:18 ahead of Randy Davis and Gary Ogden. Lisa Little returned from Singapore to take the women’s title in 48:53 ahead of Erin Dixon and Claire Ryan. In the 5K, Andrew Vail was the overall champion in 18:17. Michael Coyne demolished the 60-69 age category taking it from 27:03 to 19:00!! 50 year old Cyril Johnston was third. On the women’s side, Marta Kelly narrowly missed the 40-49 age category record winning the overall women’s title in 23:15. Sherry Dumont and Angie MacNeil were 2nd and 3rd. We had 73 in the 10 Miler, 56 in the 10K and 53 in the 5K.

2012 was the first year of Coach Coffin taking over as event organizer from Earle Burrows. The 10 Miler was a fantastic battle between up and coming road racer Lee Roy, up and comer track/cross country athlete Matt McNeil and nationally ranked 1500 meter runner Adam Kellar. Matt McNeil prevailed on a hot day with a new under 20 record of 57:36. Lee Roy was second and Adam Kellar was third. 50-59 age grouper Rob Jackson smashed the 50-59 age group record again with a 1:01:28. He finished less than a minute behind Adam!! For the women, race record holder Elita Rahn and Elizabeth Seiffert had a great battle with Elita winning in 1:15:47 with Elizabeth finishing in 1:16:26. Suzanne Doucet was third and defending champion Brenda Guitard was fourth. Korey Nixon won the 10K in 41:01 ahead of Arnaldo Sepulveda and Randy Davis. April Lambert ran an impressive 43:48 to win the women’s title. Dianne Sharpe was second in 47:19 and just missed Eunice Phillips’ 50-59 record. Jessica Wilson was third and Eunice Phillips was fourth taking over the 60-69 age record with a 48:12. In the 5K, young star Josh Shanks erased two legends from the books as he took out Chris Brake for the course record and Matt McNeil for the under 20 record. His time was 17:01!! Todd Power was second with an 18:48 and took over the 40-49 record! Glenn Trites was third. Sherry Dumont edged out junior runner Maggie Oliver for the women’s title with Leanne Sherwood finishing third. Elizabeth Donnelly-Nelson set a new 60-69 age record with a 29:10!! We had 83 in the 10 Miler, 58 in the 10K, and 59 in the 5K.

2013 was the year of the ASICS bag and a long course!! All early registrants received an amazing running bag but unfortunately we had to change the 10 mile course late in the game because of the RCMP being unable to cover the Milligan Brook intersection. The 10 mile course ended up being 320 meters long which will be fixed in 2014. Lee Roy of Beresford ran an amazing 56:41 to take the 10 mile title ahead of Paul Gallant and Dean Strowbridge. Somehow, Joe Burke ignored the long course and still set a 10 mile record of 1:16:24 for 70-79 taking over the record from Frank Kelly. Even more amazing, Brenda Guitard narrowly missed the overall women’s record and still set a new 40-49 record with a winning time of 1:09:59!! Allyson MacDonald was second and Louise Chiasson was third for the women!! Gail Teed was our first ever 70-79 female competitor in the 10 Miler finishing with a 2:16:12. Visiting runner Dagen Bendixen from Guatemala City won the 10K in 41:17 with Shane Farnham second and Shawn McGrath third. It was Bonga time for the women as teenage phenoms Charly and Laura Bonga finished first and second. Charly set a new under 20 record of 47:05 with Laura only 36 seconds behind. The old record by Erin Shaw (now Dr. Shaw) had stood for 10 years! In third was Eunice Phillips who barely missed improving on her 60-69 record set in 2012. In the 5K, it was a STU sweep for the men. Paul Nozicka ran a new course record in 16:47 erasing Josh Shanks’ record after only 1 year. Brandon Leblanc was second and Andrew Vail was third. The top 5 runners were all under the age of 20!! For the women, rowing legend Stacey (Norwood) Briggs took first place in 22:26 erasing Monica Vautour’s 40-49 record. In second for the women was Corinne Fournier followed in third by Maryro Mendez. Mary Brosnan broke the 50-59 record with a 25:22!!

Our event has left a great legacy for our town with both participants and volunteers coming from the town or nearby West Saint John. The event has donated many dollars including funds for the new community track. We also continue to attract visitors from far away like our 2013 10K winner from Guatemala City.

We hope that you come join us to celebrate our 13th year. It is a great way to start your Canada Day activities and the festivities continue after our race at the beautiful new Brundage Point Centre.

Highest Finisher Count- 2005 (311 finishers)

2013 Finisher Count- 220 finishers

Half Marathon Records

Overall Men Chris Brake, Saint John, 1:16:56 (2007)

Overall Women Heather Goodfellow, Halifax, 1:28:26 (2003)

Under 20 Men Michael Stockford, 1:46:30 (2003)

Under 20 Women Cara Duffy, 2:16:04 (2003)

40-49 Men Gilles Gautreau, Rothesay, 1:18:45 (2006)

40-49 Women Arlene Harrigan, Grand Bay-Westfield, 1:36:24 (2006)

50-59 Men Michael Coyne, St Stephen, 1:21:14 (2006)

50-59 Women Marlene Henry, 1:55:34 (2003)

60-69 Men, Phil Booker, Fredericton, 1:40:25 (2007)

60-69 Women, no racers

10 Miler Records

Overall Men Alex Coffin, Saint John, 54:18 (2010)

Overall Women Elita Rahn, Carter’s Point, 1:09:22 (2010)

Under 20 Men Matt McNeil, Saint John, 57:36 (2012)

Under 20 Women, Rachael Lunn, Grand Bay- Westfield, 1:35:41 (2011)

40-49 Men Alex Coffin, Saint John, 54:18 (2010)

40-49 Women Brenda Guitard, Saint John, 1:09:59 (2013)

50-59 Men Robert Jackson, Fredericton, 1:01:28 (2012)

50-59 Women Arlene Harrigan, Grand-Bay Westfield, 1:14:24 (2009)

60-69 Men Joe Burke,Saint John, 1:10:39 (2010)

60-69 Women Annabelle McRae, Hampton, 1:28:37 (2009)
70-79 Men Joe Burke, Saint John, 1:16:24 (2013)
70-79 Women Gail Teed, Saint John, 2:16:12 (2013)

10K Records

Overall Men Alex Coffin, Saint John, 35:33 (2002)

Overall Women Kelly Tolentino, Saint John, 42:25 (2003)

Under 20 Men Evan Arsenault, Saint John, 36:36 (2007)

Under 20 Women Charly Bonga, Saint John, 47:05 (2013)

40-49 Men Tony Robinson-Smith, Fredericton, 38:54 (2005)

40-49 Women Arlene Harrigan,Grand-Bay Westfield, 44:56 (2007)

50-59 Men Michael Coyne, St Stephen, 36:37 (2005)

50-59 Women Eunice Phillips, Fredericton, 47:08 (2006)

60-69 Men Michael Coyne, St Stephen, 39:13 (2010)

60-69 Women Eunice Phillips, Fredericton, 48:12(2012)

5K Records

Overall Men Paul Nozicka, Newbridge, 16:47 (2013)

Overall Women Rebecca Barton, Fredericton, 20:34 (2007)

Under 20 Men Paul Nozicka, Newbridge, 16:47 (2013)

Under 20 Women Rebecca Barton, Fredericton, 20:34 (2007)

40-49 Men Todd Power, Salisbury, 18:48 (2012)

40-49 Women Stacey Briggs, Saint John, 22:26 (2013)

50-59 Men Derek Fisher, Saint John, 17:55 (2006)

50-59 Women Mary Brosnan, Saint John, 25:22 (2013)

60-69 Men Michael Coyne, St Stephen, 19:00 (2011)

60-69 Women Elizabeth Donnelly-Nelson, Grand Bay- Westfield, 29:10 (2012)
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Run to Grand Bay 15K Results - 2012-03-25    
Run to Grand Bay 15K Results
March 25, 2012
1, Phil Tremblay, 20-29, Saint John, 1:02:46
2, Alex Frank, 30-39, Saint John, 1:03:59
3, Luis Rubio, 40-49, Saint John, 1:04:00
4, Ben Adams, 16, Saint John, 1:06:19
5, Rick Stairs, 50-59, Nackawic, 1:14:30
6, Donna McCullum, 40-49, Saint John, 1:14:34 (1st Woman)
7, Kyle Lowery, 20-29, Saint John, 1:20:50
8, Kay Giggie, 50-59, Fredericton, 1:23:09 (2nd Woman)
9, Patty MacMillan, 30-39, Saint John, 1:30:53 (3rd Woman)
10, Joy Durdan, 40-49, Grand Bay-Westfield, 1:34:32 (4th Woman)
11, Tim Lowery, 50-59, Saint John, 1:41:40
12, William Anderson, 60-69, Saint John, 1:49:19
13, Gail Teed, 70-79, Saint John, 2:12:59 (5th Woman)
14, Kari Irvine, courageous DNF
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The Curse of the West Strider - 2012-03-25    

The curse of the West Strider follows the Fundy Fog Chafer as they make their way past the haunted former clubhouse on 36 Main Street “West”. This spell can cause the feet to itch and the head to sweat but mostly it causes the inner thighs to burn like two dry sticks about to break into flame from the friction of the cherished long run. Long shorts are futile and temporary relief is replaced only by a feeling of overwhelming fatigue. You can free yourself from this eternal discomfort by purchasing a pair of shoes in the name of the flower goddess who is able to coexist in both domains. Charity to the gothic shrine flows directly to the Rae of Light and her sister the Violent Violet. And if you try to counteract the spell by giving the resident wizard the stink eye, your effort will only deflect off his many defenses. He is much too wise for the Fundy Fog Chafers.
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2012 Pete's Pub St Paddy's Dash - 2012-03-18    
2012 Pete’s Pub St Paddy’s Dash (Approximately 4K, windy conditions)

Wes Bennett 16:26
Maryro Mendez 17:04
Gary Keating 17:20
Nancy Connell 18:58 (extra contribution to Canadian Cancer Society)
Bruce Connell 18:59 (extra contribution to Canadian Cancer Society)
Michael Whelton 19:10
Terence Sullivan 19:11
Danny Sudsbear 19:30
Andrea Hatt 20:18 (extra contribution to Canadian Cancer Society)
Sarah Morrison 20:30
Katie Melvin 20:30
Bill Anderson 23:01
Donna MacKinnon 23:04
Andrea Bennett 24:38
Amelia Punales 27:23
Martha Punales 27:24
Gail Teed 27:45
France Goguen 31:40
Colleen Keating 33:22
Catherine Keating 33:24

Additional Sponsors: Pete Ferguson, Don Mott, Vivian Scott
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Fundy Rocks Results are Up  - 2011-09-18    
1, Justin Young, M, 29, Saint John, 1:32:32, New Course Record
2, Jim Johnson, 30, Upper Kingsclear, 1:37:59
3, Todd Power, M, 44, Salisbury, 1:39:06
4, Remi Guitard, M, 31, Moncton, 1:43:38, Defending Champion
5, Elita Rahn, F, 35, Carter’s Point, 1:45:07, New Course Record
6, Charles Mandel, M, 52, Waterville, 1:46:21
7, Paul Travis, M, 41, Moncton, 1:50:18
8, Edie Baxter, F, 35, Halifax, 1:54:38
9, Maurice Vienneau, M, 53, Notre-Dame, 1:54:58
10, Suzanne Doucet, F, 49, Quispamsis, 1:55:32
11, Bill de Groot, M, 54, Charlo, 1:56:10
12, Richard Goliszek, M, 53, King City, 1:58:46
13, Tanya Johnson, F, 30, Upper Kingsclear, 2:00:00
14, Rene Julien, M, 35, Moncton, 2:03:16
15, Jennifer Brewer, F, 36, Douglas, 2:03:17
16, Paul Hornung, M, 40, Regina, 2:04:56, Cancer Survivor
17, John Hall, M, 52, Rothesay, 2:11:01
18, Phil Booker, M, 68, Fredericton, 2:13:24
19, Vincent Losier, M, 34, Moncton, 2:19:53
20, Gina Hyslop, F, 38, Kingston, 2:23:27
21, Richard Stairs, M, 51, Nackawic, 2:24:14
22, Claudette Maltais, F, 60, Charlo, 2:25:55
23, Nolene Smith, F, 59, Long Reach, 2:27:42
24, Carol Egan, F, 35, Quispamsis, 2:34:52
25, Lesley Day, F, 33, Garnett Settlement, 2:36:32
26, Blair Price, M, 51, St Andrews, 2:39:14
26, Carrie Parker, F, 49, Deer Island, 2:39:14
28, Chico Christie, M, 60, Hampton, 2:41:39
29, Wendy Morin, F, 36, Saint John, 2:45:31
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Run to Grand Bay Results - 2011-03-27    

Run to Grand Bay

March 27, 2011

Races started in Saint John and finished in Grand Bay- Westfield

-15 windchill on gruelling course!!


15k top finishers

1. Shane Stewart, 20-29, Oromocto, 59:42

2. Matt McNeil, 17, Saint John,  1:07:00

3. Garth Millar, 40-49, Saint John,  1:09:00

4. Cody Cooper, 17, Saint John, 1:09:47

5. Luis Rubio, 40-49, Saint John, 1:11:05

6. Brent Marr, 30-39, Quispamsis, 1:11:56

7. Sylvio Bourque, 50-59, Grand Digue, 1:15:21

8. Phil Booker, 60-69, Fredericton, 1:17:48

9. Boon Kek, 30-39, Saint John, 1:19:46

10. Chuck Brehaut, 40-49, Quispamsis, 1:20:28

11. Peter Triantafillou, 40-49, Saint John, 1:27:04

12. Frank Kelly, 70-79, Saint John, 1:30:54

13. Shawn Ervin, 30-39, Saint John, 1:31:32

14. Edwin Silva, 40-49, Saint John, 1:35:14

15. Rob Long, Saint John, 40-49, 1:43:00


1. Lisa Flewelling, 30-39, Saint John, 1:15:36

2. Marta Kelly, 40-49, Saint John,  1:34:02

3. Helena Millar, 40-49, Saint John,  1:34:30

4. Burdette Johnston, 50-59, Woodstock, 1:36:00

5. Rina Martin, 50-59, Bathurst, 1:36:03

6. Patty MacMillan, 30-39, Saint John, 1:36:49

7. Jennifer Carhart, 30-39, Quispamsis, 1:37:54

8. Yan Guo, 30-39, Saint John, 1:49:35

9. Cynthia Munn, 49 (50-59 for Run NB), Quispamsis, 1:51:00

10. Kari Irvine, 40-49, Nerepis, 1:51:58

11. Margaret Pitre, 40-49, Grand Bay Westfield, 2:02:23

12. Nancy Hickey, 50-59, Summerville, 2:05:38

13. Michelle Merzetti, 40-49, Saint John, 2:05:38

14. Sandra Donnelly, 39 (40-49 for Run NB), Saint John, 2:13:57

15. Beth Fullerton, 40-49, Saint John, 2:13:59

 16. Laura Dunn, 30-39, Saint John,  2:40:00

17. Sarah Hamilton, 30-39, Saint John, 2:40:00

Elita Rahn, dns


6k top finishers

1. Josh Shanks, 14, Chance Harbour, 21:44

2. Ben Adams, 15, Saint John,  25:56

3. Dallas Casey, 13, Saint John, 28:46

4. Kevin Barrett, 30-39, Quispamsis, 30:05

5. Ed Lutes, 60-69, Saint John, 36:33

6. Layne Zollner, 10, Saint John, 59:40



1. Jennifer Burton, 29 (30-39 for Run NB), Woodman’s Point, 33:16

2. Jennifer Lutes, 30-39, Saint John,33:21

3. Denise Whalen, 30-39, Saint John, 41:20

4. Andrea Denton, 20-29, Saint John, 41:45

5.Barbara O'Brien, 50-59, Saint John,  44:02

6. Leanne Aird, 20-29, Saint John, 1:01:28

Kelly Cotter, dns

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St Paddy's Results are in!! - 2011-03-18    
Distance: 3.6K

Top 10 finishers for the $20 gift certificate and Top 5 Women.

1. Evan Arsenault 12:15
2. Woody Thompson
3. Kaleb McNeil
4. Elita Rahn 14:39 (1st Woman)
5. Michael Lynch
6. Kristine Beaulieu (2nd Woman)
7. Stewart Tonge
8. Kyle Lowery
9. Marta Kelly (3rd Woman)
10. Phil Booker
11. Emilee Hoellwarth (4th Woman)
14. Nancy Connell (5th Woman)

Secret Finisher Challenge (difference between placing and registration order)

Nancy Connell 0 (Winner)
Natasha Gallant 1
Bruce Connell 3
Amanda Good 3
Donna MacKinnon 4
Kristine Beaulieu 5
Frank Kelly 5
Judy Kelley 5
Phil Booker 6
Tricia Layton 6
Chris Layton 6
Marta Kelly 8
Emilee Hoellwarth 10
Emily Keller 10
Carolin Abelein 10
Joanie Appleby 11
Evan Arsenault 11
Peter Hoellwarth 11
Sarah Hoellwarth 13
Kodi McGougan 14
Manon Losier 15
Wes Bennett 15
Andrea Bennett 15
Monique Leblanc 17
Kyle Lowery 17
Corinne Brideau 17
Dan Hickey 18
Stewart Tonge 19
Michael Lynch 19
Stacie Culligan 20
Alex Hickey 20
Maureen O'Hara 22
Stephanie Hoellwarth 22
Sam House 24
Sonia Pineau 25
Al Pineau 25
Joel May 26
Mia Brideau 26
Daniel Brideau 26
Phil McIntyre 26
Chris Daigle 26
Elita Rahn 28
Woody Thompson 29
Gary Keirstead 32
Mary Folmer 32
Erik Folmer 32
Leslie Grant 39
Sharon Peabody 41
France Goguen 41
Carvel Crabbe 42
Kaleb McNeil 46
Ed Bowe DNS
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Howling Good Time!! - 2009-10-31    

Creepy Crawl

October 31, 2009


(Note: Check for photos on Facebook)

1, Matt McNeil, 10-19, Saint John,  16:34

2, Ian Forbes, 10-19, Fredericton, 16:43

3, Dean Strowbridge, 30-39, Willow Grove, 16:52

4, Craig Martin, 30-39, Oromocto, 17:17

5, Glenn Trites, 40-49, Rothesay, 18 :25

6, Reid Burrows, 10-19, Grand Bay- Westfield, 18:39

7, Yanick Tremblay, 40-49, Miramichi, 19 :06

8, Dean Mercer, 30-39, Rothesay, 19:51

9, Ivon Leblanc, 50-59, Saint John, 20:13

10, Brenda Guitard, 40-49, Saint John, 20:17

11, Katie Robinson, 10-19, Saint John, 20:24

12, Yves Bourque, 30-39, Moncton, 20:33

13, Brent Marr, 30-39, Saint John, 20:43

14, Dave Rowe, 20-29, Saint John, 20:47

15, Ben Adams, 10-19, Saint John, 21:24

16, Evan Hachey, 30-39, Saint John, 21:26

17, Jim Miller, 40-49, Saint John, 22:05

18, Greg Olive, 10-19, Saint John, 22:54

19, Sylvio Bourque, 50-59, Grand Digue, 23:09

20, Alex Ferguson, 20-29, Saint John, 23:49

21, Cameron Dick, 10-19, Saint John, 23:54

22, Nathalie Carrier, 40-49, Beresford, 23:55

23, Gina Hyslop, 30-39, Kingston, 24:11

24, Gerald Pugh, 50-59, Fredericton, 24:13

25, Craig Nickerson, 30-39, Quispamsis, 24:22

26, Don Leblanc, 50-59, Sant John, 24:36

27, Mirella Babineau, 30-39, Moncton, 24:41

28, Alexandra Coffin, 10-19, Saint John, 24 :52

29, Rachel Lunn, 10-19, Grand Bay-Westfield, 24 :57

30, Merina Farrell, 40-49, Browns Flats, 25:03

31, Tara Dick, 30-39, Saint John, 25:05

32, Danny Lunn, 30-39, Grand Bay- Westfield, 25:11

33, Cindy Losier, 40-49, Saint John, 25:16

34, Sara Young, 20-29, Saint John, 25:22

35, Craig Wilson, 30-39, Saint John, 25:23

36, Ed Lutes, 60-69, Saint John, 26:13

37,  Bill McGuire, 40-49, Rothesay, 26:18

38, John Kelley, 50-59, Rothesay, 26:22

38, Frank Kelly, 70-79, Saint John,  26:22

40, Susan Curwin, 50-59, Saint John, 27:14

41, Colleen Collings, 40-49, Saint John, 27:52

41, Marta Kelly, 40-49, Saint John, 27:52

43, Lorena Rattray, 20-29, Rothesay, 28:02

44, Bruce MacFarlane, 40-49, Fredericton, 28:14

45, Elizabeth Underwood, 50-59, Grand Bay-Westfield, 28:32

46, Susan Paulin, 40-49, Saint John, 28:40

47, Jennifer Henderson Peterson, 30-39, Grand Bay- Westfield, 28:44

48, Alex Sullivan, 30-39, Saint John, 28:46

49, Maria McGraw, 30-39, Saint John, 28:52

50, Angie MacNeil, 20-29, Saint John, 29:16

51, Marlo Rose, 20-29, Saint John, 29:21

52, Jennifer Carhart, 30-39, Saint John, 29:33

53, Carolyn Boreland, 20-29, Quispamsis, 29 :36

54, Heather Davis, 20-29, Saint John, 29:39

55, Peter Collings, 40-49, Saint John, 29:44

55, Dave Ross, 40-49, Saint John, 29:44

57, Ryan Shannon, 20-29, Saint John, 30:08

58, Lisa Bowron, 20-29, Saint John, 30:28

59, Carter Lamb-Dineen, 7, Quispamsis, 31:08

59, Dan Dineen, 30-39, Quispamsis, 31:08

61, Shelly Christian, 30-39, Dieppe, 31:23

62, Adrienne Cameron, 60-69, Saint John, 31:25

63, Ken McIntosh, 50-59, Saint John, 31:56

63, Sandra Cooper, 50-59, Saint John, 31:56

 65, Kari Irvine, 50-59, Saint John, 32:06

66, Stacey Forbes, 40-49, Fredericton, 32:26

67, Jennifer Burns, 20-29, Grand Bay-Westfield, 32:30

68, Carol Sleep, 50-59, Quispamsis, 32:52

69, Laura Lunn, 10-19, Grand Bay- Westfield, 33 :15

70, Susan Reay, 40-49, Quispamsis, 34:24

71, Melissa Stillwell, 40-49, Saint John, 34:40

72, Michelle Paul-Elias, 30-39, Saint John, 34:56

73, Dianna Payne, 30-39, Saint John, 35:17

74, Maureen O’Hara, 40-49, Saint John, 36:19

75, Charlene Ross, 40-49, Saint John, 36:22

76, Amy MacAdam, 20-29, Halifax, 36:47

77,  Brenda Shannon, 50-59, Saint John, 37:13

78, Evan McCavour, 8, Saint John, 37:38

79, Jackie Fitzpatrick, 40-49,Saint John, 38:31

80, Joan Campbell, 50-59, Quispamsis, 38:41

80, Kathy Svoronos, 30-39, Darlings Island, 38:41

82, Melanie Fenner, 30-39, Oromocto, 38 :57

82, Marcia Lunn, 30-39, Grand Bay-Westfield, 38:57

84, Sherri Colwell-McCavour, 40-49, Saint John, 39:02

84, Kelsey McCavour, 6, Saint John, 39:02

86, Winnie Ellis, 50-59, Nerepis, 47:14, Walker

86, Ann Fraser, 50-59, Saint John, 47:14, Walker

88, Joseph Smith, 60-69, Saint John,49:50, Walker

88, Linda Staymers-Gaunce, 50-59, Saint John, 49:50. Walker,

88, Beth Smith, 50-59, Saint John, 49:50, Walker,

91, John Batten, 60-69, Rothesay, 52:18, Walker

92, Anne Chapman, 50-59, Saint John, 54:41,Walker

93, Carvel Crabbe, 50-59, Saint John, 55:36, Walker

94, Sharon Batten, 50-59, Rothesay, 55:41, Walker,

95, Carol Walsh, 50-59, Saint John, 55:43, Walker,

96, Judy Sheaves, 50-59, Saint John, 56:01, Walker

96, Dave Sheaves, 50-59, Saint John, 56:01, Walker

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Saint John Half Marathon Results - 2009-08-23    

The Saint John Half Marathon

August 23, 2009


Top 10 Overall

1, Denise Robson, Dartmouth (Nova Scotia), 1:20:17

2, Justin Young, Saint John, 1:24:00

3, Evan Arsenault, Saint John, 1:25:32

4, Bruce Rosvall, Rothesay, 1:27:01

5, Glenn Trites, Rothesay, 1:29:48

6, Don Murray. Saint John, 1:30:39

7, Geoff Matthews, Quispamsis, 1:31:22

8, Kelly Burke, Summerville, 1:32:22

9, Steve Lohnes, Hampton, 1:32:56

10, Tony Wright, Saint John, 1:33:21


Top 10 Women

1, Denise Robson, Dartmouth (Nova Scotia), 1:20:17

2, Suzanne Doucet, Quispamsis, 1:39:02

3, Alexis Juurlink, Oakfield (Nova Scotia), 1:40:49

4, Lisa Little, St Thomas (Ontario), 1:42:27

5, Michelle Roy, Frenchville (Maine), 1:46:05

6, Tracey Price-Emerson, Quispamsis, 1:47:14

7, Vicki Woods, Quispamsis, 1:48:57

8, Leah Smith, Long Reach, 1:49:32

9, Sharon Manson, Saint John, 1:51:02

10, Marta Kelly, Saint John, 1:56:08


1, Denise Robson, 41, F, Dartmouth (Nova Scotia), 1:20:17

2, Justin Young, 27, M, Saint John, 1:24:00

3, Evan Arsenault, 20, M, Saint John, 1:25:32

4, Bruce Rosvall, 46, M, Rothesay, 1:27:01

5, Glenn Trites, 43, M, Rothesay, 1:29:48

6, Don Murray, 54, M, Saint John, 1:30:39

7, Geoff Matthews, 41, M, Quispamsis, 1:31:22

8, Kelly Burke, 42, M, Summerville, 1:32:22

9, Steve Lohnes, 49, M, Hampton, 1:32:56

10, Tony Wright, 50, M, Saint John, 1:33:21

11, Tom McLellan, 31, M, Halifax, 1:33:35

12, Joe Burke, 67, M, Saint John, 1:36:21

13, Dean Mercer, 37, M, Rothesay, 1:37:43

14, Mike Juurlink, 31, M, Oakfield (Nova Scotia), 1:38:16

15, Shawn Beaton, 32, M, Oromocto, 1:38:41

16, Suzanne Doucet, 47, F, Quispamsis, 1:39:02

17, Jim Miller, 49, M, Saint John, 1:39:24

18, Bradley Wood, 45, M, Ludlow, 1:39:35

19, Jeremy Fry, 53, M, Bloomfield, 1:39:58

20, Jason Thorne, 35, M, Rothesay, 1:40:29

21, Alexis Juurlink, 30, F, Oakfield (Nova Scotia), 1:40:49

22, Darrell Wilkins, 52, M, Moncton, 1:41:05

23, Lisa Little, 40, M, St Thomas (Ontario), 1:42:27

24, Dave Horgan, 41, M, Saint John, 1:42:58

25, Vince Vautour, 52, M, Saint John, 1:43:19

26, Bill MacMackin, 45, M, Quispamsis, 1:43:35

27, Kevin Sears, 46, M, Quispamsis, 1:44:45

28, Jeremy Steeves, 32, M, Rothesay, 1:45:56

29, Blair Northcott, 40, M, Quispamsis, 1:46:03

30, Michelle Roy, 34, F, Frenchville (Maine), 1:46:05

31, Tracey Price-Emerson, 34, F, Quispamsis, 1:47:14

32, Sean Kelley, 37, M, Rothesay, 1:47:33

33, Mark Magleave, 52, Grand Bay Westfield, 1:47:35

34, John Woods, 45, M, Quispamsis, 1:47:36

35, Chris Creamer, 52, M, Saint John, 1:47:56

36, Peter Coakley, 53, M, Minto, 1:48:05

37, Bruce Webb, 42, New Maryland, 1:48:27

38, Boon Kek, 31, M, Saint John, 1:48:43 

39, Vicki Woods, 43, F, Quispamsis, 1:48:57

40, Leah Smith, 28, F, Long Reach, 1:49:32

41, Shane Tremblay, 34, M, Quispamsis, 1:49:42

42, David Barter, 35, M, Nauwigewauk, 1:49:54

43, Al Reardon, 61, M, Saint John, 1:50:31

44, Sharon Manson, 36, M, Saint John, 1:51:02

45, Tony Wright, 50, M, Saint John, 1:52:12

46, Stephane Dupont, 30, M, Saint John, 1:52:57

47, Lloyd English, 56, M, Hampton, 1:53:10

48, John Kelley, 62, M, Quispamsis, 1:53:26

49, Brent Bethune, 45, M, Hampton, 1:53:43

50, Leslie Connolly, 51, M, Fredericton, 1:53:55

51, Andrew Vail, 15, M, Saint John, 1:53:58

52, Gary Keating, 48, M, Saint John, 1:54:06

53, Brock Reid, 49, M, Hampton, 1:54:36

54, Patrick Grannan, 45, M, Saint John, 1:55:16

55, Frank Kelly, 70, M, Saint John, 1:55:50

56, Peter Peters, 53, M, Saint John, 1:56:07

57, Marta Kelly, 41, F, Saint John, 1:56:08

58, Connie Coffin, 41, F, Saint John, 1:56:09

59, Scott Crossan, 45, M, Riverview, 1:56:32

60, Robert Harrison, 51, M, New Maryland, 1:57:16

61, Aisha Khedheri, 44, F, Saint John, 1:57:30

62, Michael Lynch, 43, M, Saint John, 1:58:05

63, Mark Magennis, 33, M, Saint John, 1:58:42

64, Tony Hayes, 43, M, Hampton, 1:58:51

65, Ivon Leblanc, 53, M, Saint John, 1:59:26

66, Tim Lowery, 50, M, Quispamsis, 1:59:46

67, Nathan Davis, 35, M, Rothesay, 1:59:54

68, Carolyn St Pierre, 40, F, Fredericton, 2:00:43

69, Steve Jadoo, 54, M, Quispamsis, 2:00:56

70, Theresa Koppert, 48, F, Saint John, 2:01:20

71, Kari Pettinger, 24, F, Saint John, 2:01:21

72, Gina Hyslop, 36, F, Kingston, 2:01:34

73, Don Jones, 49, M, Saint John, 2:01:36

74, Al Clarke, 50, M, Saint John, 2:02:16

75, Daniel Leblanc, 33, M, Dieppe, 2:02:22

76, Carson Marcoux, 17, M, Balmoral, 2:02:34

77, Jonathan Roy, 34, M, Frenchville (Maine), 2:02:42

78, Al Pineau, 41, M, Utopia, 2:02:54

79, Eric Peterson, 29, M, Saint John, 2:03:24

80, Rosemary Boyle, 51, F, Quispamsis, 2:03:32

81, Sharon Turnell, 43, F, Quispamsis, 2:03:34

82, Sara Young, 27, F, Saint John, 2:04:01

83, John Braam, 51, M, Saint John, 2:04:30

84, Patrick McDade, 27, M, Saint John, 2:05:16

85, Angela MacNeil, 26, F, Saint John, 2:05:17

86, Tanya Lawlor, 42, F, Saint John, 2:05:18

87, Carol Egan, 43, F, Quispamsis, 2:06:39

88, Jasmine Verge, 29, F, Fredericton, 2:07:22

89, Gail Duncan, 49, F, Yoho, 2:07:35

90, Lorrie Johnston, 41, F, Saint John, 2:11:21

90, Hope Lavin-MacDougall, 43, F, Quispamsis, 2:11:21

92, Roy Geldart, 51, M, Salisbury, 2:12:19

93, Curtis O’Blenis, 24, M, Salisbury, 2:12:19

94, David Baxter, 49, M, Quispamsis, 2:12:55

94, John Dornan, 50, M, Saint John, 2:12:55

96, Brad Mitchell, 50, M, Rothesay, 2:13:51

97, Charles Teed, 32, M, Saint John, 2:14:20

97, Amy Grant, 25, F, Riverview, 2:14:20

99, Claudio Krickler, 61, M, Rothesay, 2:14:44

100, Meredith Whitney, 28, F, Halifax (Nova Scotia), 2:17:53

101, Robert Pitre, 44, M, Moncton, 2:18:35

102, Beth Sears, 48, F, Quispamsis, 2:18:45

103, Janet Thompson, 34, F, St George, 2:19:28

104, Chris Grannan, 32, M, Saint John, 2:20:46

104, Josh Middleton, 29, M, Saint John, 2:20:46

106, Pete Belliveau, 39, M, Charters Settlement, 2:23:14

107, Warren Giesbrecht, 33, M, St George, 2:23:23

108, Sonia Pineau, 39, F, Lake Utopia, 2:28:03

109, Brent Sherwood, 46, M, Quispamsis, 2:28:04

110, Megan Totten, 24, F, Saint John, 2:28:50

111, Lisa Bowron, 27, F, Saint John, 2:29:28

112, Amy Buckley-Ellis, 27, F, Saint John, 2:31:53

113, Kourtney Ward, 25, F, Willow Grove, 2:37:58

114, Denis Leblanc, 35, M, Paesekaeg, 2:43:03

115, Kari Irvine, 53, F, Nerepis, 2:43:41

116, Kate MacNeill, 24, F, Saint John, 2:45:24

117, Krista Hartery, 40, F, Grand Bay Westfield, 2:45:36

118, Adrienne Cameron, 61, F, Saint John, 2:45:41

119, Joanne Turbide, 42, F, Rothesay, 2:47:23

119, Susan Campbell, 58, F, Quispamsis, 2:47:23

121, Karen Gallant, 43, F, Saint John, 2:49:35

122, Sophie Cameron, 29, F, Saint John, 2:50:52

123, Dianna Payne, 38, F, Saint John, 2:55:08

124, Starr Hersey, 43, F, Saint John, 2:59:52

124, Cynthia Sheehan, 40, F, Saint John, 2:59:52

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Sample Schedules for Marathon by the Sea - 2009-08-11    

M By Sea 5K Schedule

Week starting:
Aug 10, 3 workouts of 10 minutes, 2 run/walk of 20 minutes
your 10 minutes can be taking the stairs at work instead of the
elevator, it can be a walk, it can be a volleyball game......

Aug 17, 3 workouts of 10 minutes, 2 run/walk of 25 minutes

Aug 24, 3 workouts of 10 minutes, 2 run/walk of 30 minutes

Aug 31, 3 workouts of 10 minutes, 2 run/walk of 35 minutes

Sep 7, 3 workouts of 10 minutes, 2 run/walk of 40 minutes

Sep 14, 3 workouts of 10 minutes, 1 run of 20 minutes, 1 run/walk of 60 minutes

Sep 21, whatever you want, 5K at the end of the week

M by Sea 10K Schedule

Week starting:
Aug 10, 3 runs of 10 minutes before exercising, 1 run of 20 minutes, 1 run which includes at least 4 fast hills
note: your 10 minutes is a warmup before another activity, this can be a ball game, stretching, lifting boxes......

Aug 17, 3 runs of 10 minutes before exercising, 1 run of 20 minutes, 1 run which includes at least 4 fast hills

Aug 24, 3 runs of 10 minutes before exercising, 1 run of 30 minutes, 1 run which includes 1 fast mile (preferable at a track)

Aug 31, 3 runs of 10 minutes before exercising, 1 run of 40 minutes, 1 run which includes 1 fast mile (preferable at a track)

7, 3 runs of 10 minutes before exercising, 1 run of 50 minutes, 1 run
which includes 2 fast miles (preferable at a track and as much walk
rest as you need between the two miles)

Sep 14, 3 runs of 10
minutes before exercising, 1 run of 60 minutes, 1 run which includes 2
fast miles (preferable at a track and as much walk rest as you need
between the two miles)

Sep 21, whatever you want but include a run where you run the hills fast, 10K at the end of the week

M by Sea Half Schedule

Week starting:
Aug 10, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 walk/run of 90 minutes, 1 run which includes at least 4 fast hills

Aug 17, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 walk/run of 90 minutes, Saint John Half Marathon

24, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 walk/run of 120 minutes,
1 run which includes 2 fast miles (preferable at a track)

Aug 31, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 run of 140 minutes, 1 run which includes 2 fast miles (preferable at a track)

Sep 7, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 run of 150 minutes, Hampton Five Miler

Sep 14, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 run of 150 minutes, 1 run of 10K at your half marathon race pace

Sep 21, whatever you want but include a run where you run the hills fast, Half at the end of the week

M by Sea Marathon Schedule

Week starting:
Aug 10, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 walk/run of 120 minutes, 1 run which includes at least 6 fast hills

Aug 17, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 walk/run of 120 minutes, Saint John Half Marathon

24, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 walk/run of 150 minutes,
1 run which includes 2 fast miles (preferable at a track)

Aug 31, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 run of 180 minutes, 1 run which includes 2 fast miles (preferable at a track)

Sep 7, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 run of 210 minutes, Hampton Five Miler

Sep 14, 3 runs of 20 minutes before stretching, 1 run of 180 minutes, 1 run of 10K at your marathon race pace

Sep 21, whatever you want but include a run where you run the hills fast, Half at the end of the week
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Coffin captures 31st annual Fredericton Marathon - 2009-05-11    
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Father, daughter forge a closer bond on the run - 2009-04-22    

Kevin Barrett

Saint John Telegraph Journal

Wearing jeans, wool socks, a fleece-lined sweater, a T-shirt and hiking boots, Kelly, then 67 years old, ran and walked five miles to honour the memory of his grandson Brent, who died in 2004.

After training for about a week, it took Kelly 61 minutes to complete the course at the Irving Nature Park. When he crossed the finish line, Coleen Collings - his daughter and a race administrator - removed the timing device from the heavy wool socks he wore inside his hiking boots.

Collings had never seen anyone dress like that to run a race. Neither she nor Kelly realized he had just taken his first steps toward a precious berth in the world’s most prestigious marathon.

Three years and dozens of races of varying distances later, Kelly, now 70, has qualified for Monday’s running of the 113th Boston Marathon, where he will be joined by his daughter Marta, 40, who also qualified for the first time in October after using her father for inspiration and motivation, as well as a training partner.

It will cap a remarkable journey of love and dedication in a special father-daughter bond for the Kellys, who trained together for most of their long runs on weekends over the winter, as well as regular shorter runs through the week.

"This close, it is like, ’Bring it on, let’s get going,’"‚" says Frank, who qualified for Boston last May in Fredericton, the first marathon of his short, developing career.

The process also allows the Kellys to pay tribute to Frank’s wife and Marta’s mother, Dianne, who died in 2003 and Brent, who died from giant cell myocarditis, a rare disease of the heart, when he was 12 years old.

"After we lost the little guy, Marta organized the race the next year. The year after that, I thought I’d go in it, running and walking to get around," Frank says. "After that, I kept on training and went in a lot of different events, mostly 5Ks."

He returned the next year to run Brent’s charity race, this time finishing in 41 minutes and traditional running gear. He finished his first half-marathon in Moncton in the fall of 2007.

"Everyone else was decked out in running gear and running jackets and he comes across the line smiling in hiking boots and thought it was great," Marta said of her father’s first attempt at racing. "After that, he was hooked."

She feels running helped Frank deal with his grief.

"I think that was another reason Dad got hooked on running," Marta says. "When Mom died, it gave him an opportunity to meet a lot of other people. He has quite a following up at Alex Coffin’s running shop (in Rothesay)."

He entered the 2008 Fredericton marathon knowing he needed to finish in four hours and 30 minutes to qualify for Boston in the 70-year-old division.

"I didn’t know if I would qualify," he said. "I just wanted to run a full marathon to see what would happen. Turns out, I qualified."

Frank, who is retired from Irving Paper, is low-key with a wicked sense of humour often aimed at his daughter. He had never been formally involved in sport.

He liked to hike and walk, was a regular at the Nature Park, and would join an impromptu game of neighbourhood soccer. But once he fell in love with running, he raced whenever he could. Last year he entered 33 races and was named Running New Brunswick’s Super Series top runner for the 60-69 age class.

He trained hard for Fredericton and did well.

"I didn’t notice any (pain)," he says. "Once I had 10 kilometres to go, they were not going to stop me."

Marta, a veteran of 10 marathons, says the fact Frank qualified in his first attempt for Boston, made her want it badly as well. It wasn’t easy, but she pushed on and spent time working with Saint John-based training coach Darryl Steeves.

"Darryl was instrumental in me qualifying for Boston," Marta says. "He is the one who gave me the training program and kicked my butt into gear when I was really not training very hard in the middle of the season. He sat me down and said this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to run the Boston Marathon with my father and to smarten up."

Her chance came last October in Portland, Maine, where she ran three hours and 43 minutes in the Maine Marathon, seven minutes under the standard for her age class.

"With one mile left, I knew I could basically walk and still qualify, "she says. "It was everything I could do to keep from bawling."

Ironically, she was nursing a slight injury at the time and planned on using the event as a long training session where she would drop out long before the finish line. But she felt so good, she continued to the finish.

"My mother was helping me from above that day, I think," Marta says. "It was a magical day."

The training and anticipation of running in Boston together has brought back many childhood memories for father and daughter, and the realization not much has changed.

"When we were little and would go hiking at Fundy Park, I’d always be yelling, ’slow down, Daddy,’ because my little legs couldn’t keep up," Marta, vice-president of finance and administration for Saint John Energy says. "Well, here we are 30 years later and I’m still saying it.

"I am very grateful my Dad took up running. I was very close to my Mom and I miss her terribly. Girls are always close to their mothers, but running with Dad and travelling to races and training together has certainly made our relationship as close as it was with my Mom."

The Kellys are two of 75 New Brunswickers who have qualified for Boston this year.

This won’t be the final race of their journey - just the one of the biggest. And they won’t have much time to enjoy the post-race exhilaration because a week from today they are both back in Saint John where Marta will serve as race director for the fifth annual Brent Kelly Memorial Five-Miler at the Irving Nature Park. Proceeds raised from the event go to the Brent Kelly Memorial Fund, which helps youth in the Saint John area.

First up, though, is Boston with all of its tradition.

"The reason you go is because you have to qualify," Frank says. "When you do, you know you belong."

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Beer Mile Results - 2008-11-16    
Here is the scoop. Craig Wilson and Tim Lowery took it out fast. Alex sticked to his "2 chug" strategy and managed to sneak up to Craig by the end of the first lap. Watching his back, the champ kept it steady and watched out for any big sprints from the other competitors. Tim Lowery distanced himself from Mike Gillis and put a bit of a scare into Craig on the last lap but Craig was able to hold on to second at the end. Boon Kek and Steve Roderick were relegated to sipping at the end while Vince Vautour had to take a full timeout and a penalty lap. No one lost in this competition however as 4 beers and a mile are a major accomplishment (maybe even tombstone material!!). In the other categories, Joanne MacMillan was a blur in the rum and orange category. Marta Kelly had a tough last lap but she was a true champion in the Moose Light category. The Ginger and Beer category turned out to be the toughest as the carbonated pop made for some major burping. Calvin Keith turned in a monster 3rd lap to push past cagey veteran Frank Kelly. Dianna Payne had a tough 3rd lap but recovered on the last lap to hold off Nancy Connell and Connie Coffin. In the Full GInger category, Carvel's competitors were obviously scared off as the champ took first place with ease. Thanks again to everyone for coming and especially Malcolm Boyd, Patrick Grannan, Bruce Connell, Ethel Harrison and May Beaulieu for volunteering. It shold be noted that times were potentially slower as well since competitors had to yield to traffic at the crosswalk and competitors had to drink their beers inside the bar.

Traditional Category (using Alpine Beer)

1, Alex Coffin, 9:30 (splits 2:14, 2:19, 2:29, 2:28)
2, Craig Wilson, 12:25 (splits 2:15, 2:39, 3:21, 4:10)
3, Tim Lowery, 12:50 (splits 2:18, 3:20, 3:42, 3:30)
4, Mike Gillis, 13:35 (splits 2:30, 3:24, 3:40, 4:01)
5, Dave Seely, 18:50 (splits 2:40, 5:30, 5:45, 4:55)
6, Boon Kek, 19:45 (splits 2:34, 3:42, 5:44, 7:45)
7, Steve Roderick, 22:30 (splits 3:16, 5:34, 5:30, 8:05)
8, Vince Vautour, 52:00 (splits 3:30, 4:15, 6:45, 37:30) 

Rum and Orange Category
1, Joanne MacMillan, 15:00 (splits 3:30, 3:49, 3:26, 4:15)

Light Beer Category
1, Marta Kelly, 18:35 (splits 3:00, 3:35, 4:10, 7:50)

Ginger Ale and Beer Category
1, Calvin Keith, 15:02 (splits 3:40, 4:35, 4:35, 4:12)
2, Frank Kelly, 17:45 (splits 2:55, 4:23, 4:42, 5:45)
3, Dianna Payne, 21:45 (splits 3:28, 4:47, 7:00, 6:30)
4, Nancy Connell, 24:29 (splits 4:36, 6:09, 5:50, 7:54)
5, Connie Coffin, 24:30 (splits 4:36, 6:09, 5:50, 7:55)

Ginger Ale Category
1, Carvel Crabbe, 17:20 (splits 3:38, 4:04, 4:43, 4:55)
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Fundy Rocks Race Summary - 2008-08-17    

Fundy Rocks 5K and 7 Miler

August 16, 2008

Extremely Demanding Course


Summary: The Fundy Rocks 5K starts with a 2K climb. The Fundy Rocks 7 Miler gets a bonus mile long climb. In between are more hills!! This was a big year as a running group organized in partnership with the Childhood Balanced Lifestyles Clinic (BLAST Program) at the Saint John Regional Hospital took on the extremely tough 5K. Team BLAST also included parents and administrators of the clinic. As well, the event had some running tourists visiting to take on the challenge. Craig Schmitt from Red Deer powered to the win in the 7 Miler after opening up a gap on the Vautour father-son combo. In the women’s division, Connie Coffin was able to stay ahead of Coleen Collings and Krista Kyle. Krista Kyle and Ken Neilson took the local runner titles in the 7 Miler. In the 5K, it was only fitting that Russell Smith finished first. Russell assisted David Baxter last year with a group of young runners who finished the Marathon by the Sea. Russell was pushed by 2nd place finisher Brent Bethune and 10 year old David Scott who was visiting from Ontario. In the women’s race, Sara Young opened up a gap on Monica Vautour and Natalie Maillet. Hannah Arseneault of St Martins successfully defended her title as top local runner in the 5K. The top Nordic Walker on the day was Carvel Crabbe. The event was held at the Fundy Trail Parkway with the incredible scenery hidden unfortunately by the fog. Congratulations to the Team BLAST members who finished their first 5K!

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Fundy Rocks Results - 2008-08-16    

Fundy Rocks 7 Miler

(Age as of December 31, 2008)


1, Craig Schmitt, Red Deer (Alberta), 30, 53:05

2, Joel Vautour, 21, 54:07

3, Vince Vautour, 51, 55:10

4, Tom Scott, Manitoulin Island (Ontario), 46, 59:50

5, Connie Coffin, 40, 1:00:38

6, Mark Kelsey, Greenwich (NY), 57, 1:02:58

7, Frank Kelly, 69, 1:03:28

8, Coleen Collings, 45, 1:05:25

9, Krista Kyle, 35, West Quaco, 1:08:15

10, Lisa MacInnis, 30, Corner, 1:08:40

11, Dana Purton Dickson, 40, 1:08:41

12, Ken Neilson, West Quaco, 52, 1:10:18

13, Dwight Colbourne, 36, 1:10:34

14, Sonya Kelsey, Greenwich (NY), 46, 1:21:57

15, Darren Letson, 37, 1:22:18

16, Norm Fanjoy, 53, 1:32:49

17, Carvel Crabbe, Nordic Walker, 55, 2:02:49



Fundy Rocks 5K


1, Russell Smith, 30, 22:58

2, Brent Bethune, 44, 24:05

3, David Scott, Manitoulin Island (Ontario), 10, 26:15

4, Sara Young, 26, 26:47

5, Monica Vautour, 40, 28:06

6, Natalie Maillet, 26, 28:22

7, Alexandra Coffin, 13, 28:51

7, Hannah Arseneault, St Martins, 12, 28:51

9, Maureen O’Hara, Team BLAST, 29, 31:18

10, Steve Roderick, 38, 32:52

11, Sarah Aldous, Team BLAST, 48, 34:08

12, Sam House, Team BLAST, 43, 35:32

13, Louise Beland, 53, 37:12

14, Kim Aker, Team BLAST, 43, 38:35

15, Evan Clark, 15, 39:27

16, Michael Craig, 15, 39:36

17, Elizabeth Wilkes, Team BLAST, 13, 41:21

18, Paul Potter, Team BLAST, 43, 43:22

18, Rick Smyrl, Team BLAST, 46, 43:22

20, Ann Duguay, Team BLAST, 61, 43:38

21, Brandon Logan, 15, 45:42

22, Andrew Potter, Team BLAST, 15, 45:44

23, Dale Wilkes, Team BLAST, 51, 46:25

23, Jensen Smyrl, Team BLAST, 12, 46:25

25, Naomi Logan, 30, 49:23

26, Jennifer Buckley, Team BLAST, 14, 50:36

26, Joanne Buckley, Team BLAST, 47, 50:36

28, Roderick, Team BLAST, 38, 50:38

29, Rachel House, Team BLAST, 16, 52:39

30, David Keirstead, Team BLAST, 61, 57:08

30, Joshua Keirstead, Team BLAST, 15, 57:08

32, Florinda Smyrl, 48, 57:53

32, Jaiden Smyrl, 8, 57:53


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Fundy Rocks this weekend and it's free!! - 2008-08-12    
Hi everyone,
Be sure to join me for the Fundy Rocks 5K and 10K this Saturday at the Fundy Trail Parkway. This is about a 45 minute drive from Saint John near St Martins and I am promising it will be worth the trip. Everyone will receive a hat and the 5K is very pleasant!! The 10K is a bit more challenging but a quick dip in the Salmon River will cure your pain afterwards. Everyone meets at the Interpretive Centre for 10am. The 10K starts at 10am and the 5K shortly afterwards from the halfway point back. We will be transporting people back to the 5K start to get their vehicles. There is a special $2.50 rate for the park that day and the race fee is $0. I will still give times and I will still have draw prizes. You are asked to bring your own picnic supplies and some of us are camping the night before as well. It’s a fantastic place to spend a Saturday so please consider it. We already have 2 groups committed. You can e-mail any questions to

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Daryl Steeve's Article - 2008-08-06    

It is a big weekend for endurance sport, the biggest in four years with the start of the Olympic Games. We have three Canadians to watch for in Beijing. In the triathlon, the always dangerous Simon Whitfield of Victoria B.C. is always a medal threat. Perhaps much less known, but in his own way equally impressive, is 43-year-old Tim Berrett, of Edmonton, competing in the 50-kilometre walk. This will be his fifth Olympics and you can expect him to finish the 50-km event in the 3:50 range. As Maritimers we will all be watching Eric Gillis of Antigonish take a crack at the exceptionally tough 10,000-m race.


INTERNATIONAL FLAIR: There will be lots of Olympic replays so there is no reason to stay inside all weekend. There are three great events to get you rolling. The Tour de Saint John lets you complete a marathon over the course of the weekend. The tour features five different races (or three for the Demi-Tour) around Greater Saint John that add up to a full marathon. This unique event is open for runners, walkers and nordic walkers and gets underway Friday at 6:30 p.m. at Menzies Lake. Get all the details at If you are looking for an international flair to your weekend check out the Johnson's International 5 Mile Road Race in Calais, Maine on Saturday. This event actually crosses the border and has you running in both the U.S. and Canada, a truly rare experience. For more information go to For triathletes in Saint John this is the big one. Rockwood Triathlon by the Bay features a sprint triathlon and an Olympic triathlon and for the land lubbers an Olympic duathlon all packed in to a busy Sunday at Rockwood Park. You can register online at


SUPER SERIES: A quick update on the Run New Brunswick Alex Coffin Super Series, which features two very close races at polar ends of the age spectrum. Our closest race is in the men's 60-plus category where Frank Kelly of Saint John holds a slim 10 point lead over Raymond Caissie of Richibucto Village. The other close race is in the women's 18-and-under category where Katie Robinson has a 15-point lead on fellow Saint John runner Alexandra Coffin. These will be close races to watch as the season moves along.


PODIUM POSSIBLE: This week our Person on the Run goes to Heather Shadbolt of Saint John. Heather would be the first to admit you will not likely see her on the podium, but her consistent improvement, hard work and dedication have helped shave minutes off her times in less than a year - so much so that she is now in second place in her age category in the Alex Coffin Super Series. At the rate she is going, don't be too quick to rule out that podium. Gotta run €¦

Daryl Steeves is the department head of Allied Health at the NBCC Saint John campus. He writes a weekly column throughout the running season. Visit his website at

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Weekly Bulletin - 2008-08-04    
Was that crazy lightning last night or what?? I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Remember to come out on our club runs and you'll get all of the John Fogerty/Eagles

Last week went very well with our new summer sale at the Valley Store. Please
remember this doesn't last forever so give us a call at 848-4322 if you need us to
check for a size. The west side has the odds and ends including some $69.99 shoe
sales!!You can check those sales on Thursday night from 5-8pm as we are club hours
only there. The Valley Store sale will go until August 24.

It's now into August so it's only a month until the Hampton Five Miler!! This
weekend though is Daryl Steeve's Tour of Saint John and the Rockwood Triathlon.
Daryl has great video blogs about the tour on The Fundy Extreme Triathlon Club
has a race page set up on If you're
not participating, make sure you volunteer or watch and join the fun.

Are you spreading the word??
Mondays at 6:30- Cathleen in the Valley- 5K
Tuesdays at 5:30-Daryl at UNBSJ Track
Tuesdays at 6:30- Tracey in the Valley- 10K-Half
Wednesdays at 6- Alex in the Valley- Hills for everyone
Wednesdays at 5:30 & 6:30- Maureen in the West- LTR/5K
Wednesdays at 6:30- Alex in the Valley- LTR and Full Club
Thursdays at 12:10-Alex at the Aquatic Centre- Pro Tips Plus
Thursdays at 6:30- Ed in the West- 10K-Half-Mar
Thursdays at 6:30- Daryl at K Park School- Pace Group
Saturdays at 9- Alex in the Valley- Full Club-Mar
Saturdays at tbs- Ed in the West- 10K-Half-Mar

Have a great week!!
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Open NB Day and Daryl Steeve's Article - 2008-08-01    

Note from Alex: Rothesay Store is open 9am-5pm on Monday. Come check out the new layout and the great deals!!

July 30, Telegraph Journal, Daryl Steeves

It may be the long weekend but that doesn’t mean you have to hit the hammock. There are two great races coming up.

On Sunday, the activity is in Edmundston with the Brayon Cours 5-kilometre and 10-km runs. There is even a 3 km for the under 12 set so the whole family can get involved. On Monday, you can head to Chipman for what is quickly becoming a New Brunswick Day tradition, the Chipman New Brunswick Day 10 km. This popular event also offers a 5-km run and walk. You can get all the details for both events at


FIVE-STAGE RACE: Looking ahead to the following weekend, Aug 8-10, we have an On the Run featured event with the Tour de Saint John. This stage race is a weekend-long marathon done in five stages between Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Participants will see parts of Greater Saint John they have never seen before, running on trails, dirt roads, tracks and paved roads. Get more details at


FAST RESULTS: Last weekend we had some great results in Woodstock at the Joe McGuire Road Race with three sub-40 minute, 10-km finishes. In top spot, from Caribou, Maine was Chris Blackstone in a time of 35:39. Rene Cyr of Ste-Anne was exactly a minute behind at 36:39 and Fredericton’s Murray Jamer claimed third position with a 39:43. For the women it was another Maine runner, Angela Ewings of Littleton taking the win in 43:10 while Linda Cormier and Dianne Sharpe of Fredericton battled it out in a very close race for second and third in times of 44:15 and 44:44.

The 5-km event was won by Greg Sawyer of Edmundston in 18:10. In second place was Ghislain Pelletier of Florenceville in 19:58 and in third place another runner from Edmundston, Oliver Melanson, in 20:08. Vaninder Padda of Woodstock was the only hometown runner to make the podium with her 24:16 clocking for a first place finish among the women. Second place went to Anneke Berry of Lower Brighton in 24:56 and third spot was grabbed by Jacksonville’s Mary Kim Schriver in 25:03.


ADVENTURE RACING: The adventure racers were also busy last weekend. One of our local racers, Denise Hamel teamed up with racers from Nova Scotia to take second place at the 24-hour Race the Phantom adventure event in Dalhousie. Running, bushwhacking and paddling through some of New Brunswick’s most scenic country, including the Restigouche River, makes for a tough 24 hours.


HALF-MARATHON: In Grand Manan it was another great race with the half-marathon and 10-km events. In the half-marathon it was David Pettit in 1:27:22 followed by Mark Robinson in 1:28:31 and Danny Stanley in 1:30:15. On the women’s side Allyson MacDonald ran a great race to finish in 1:39:50 ahead of Connie Coffin (1:41:04), who showed her speed of the last couple of months has endurance to go with it. Alexandra Maher finished third in 1:41:11. The men’s 10 km went to Antoine Arcand in 35:48 while the women’s winner was Sarah Wong in 47:42.


DOUBLE DUTY: This week’s Person on the Run goes out to Allyson MacDonald of Fredericton. Not only did Allyson and her family organize the Grand Manan half marathon, Allyson also won it. Great work! Gotta run"¦"‰

Daryl Steeves is the department head of Allied Health at the NBCC Saint John campus. He writes a weekly column throughout the running season. Visit his website at

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Huge Summer Sale - 2008-07-28    
Effective immediately, all non-ASICS shoes are on sale for $99.99 plus tax. All clothing is on sale at a 30% discount from regular price and Enell bras are on sale for 50% off. But here is the important part, we want you to help us pick our #2 and #3 suppliers for shoes and clothing for the fall. Glenn and I have chosen ASICS for our primary shoe supplier and Sugoi for our primary clothing supplier. Please vote for our #2 and #3 for both shoes and clothing by posting on the wall on the store page on facebook or contacting myself at Please remember that the West Side store is open primarily for club activities so our main stock is at the Valley Store. I hope you join me for a run this Wednesday at the Valley Store and this Thursday at the West Side Store as I train for the Eagles Concert this Saturday!!
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Daryl Steeve's Column - 2008-07-23    

It is the single busiest running day of the season and it is coming this weekend. There are three races going on around the province Saturday. Let's head north first. St-Isidore is the site of the 10-kilometre Rhéal-Haché. In 1995, Olympian Joel Bourgeois ran this course in a blazing time of 30:08, so you know it is a fast course. You can get all the details from

Also on Saturday, Woodstock celebrates hometown running hero Joe McGuire with the annual road race that bears his name. This is a very popular 5- and 10-km event and always draws a solid contingent from Maine, which gives runners the opportunity to enjoy some new company on the course. You can learn more about this race at

The third run of the day, and the featured race on the On the Run website, is the Grand Manan half marathon and 10 km. This is truly a unique opportunity to see a beautiful part of New Brunswick and enjoy island hospitality at its best. The event is timed so you can catch the first ferry of the day, participate in the run, and catch the last ferry home. You may want to consider spending the night. There are great campgrounds and if you can find a vacancy some excellent cottages. All the details are available at the On the Run website:


SERVING NOTICE: Last weekend there was a great race in Bouctouche with the Clarence Bastarache 5- and 10-km events. In the 10 km it was 15- year-old Jérémie Pellerin from Cocagne who turned some heads with his winning time of 36:15, just five seconds ahead of second-place John Herron of Bloomfield. Third place went to Chuck Dixon of Sackville in 37:51. For the women it was Carrie Punna of Grand-Barachois in first place with a 46:46 clocking, ahead of Jolene Cormier of Ste-Marie-de-Kent in 47:39, and Marta Kelly of Saint John in 49:34. The 5-km event went to Ghislain Pellitier of Florenceville in 20:21. For the women it was Maryse O'Brien of Riverview in 26:19.


TRIATHLETES IN ACTION: The triathletes were also busy last weekend in Beresford at the Chaleur Triathlon. Steve Morris of Rothesay threw down a decisive win in the sprint triathlon with a 59:02 finish time. Second place went to Patrick Mulherin of Fredericton in 1:01:35 while third place went to Dieppe's Vincent Legere in 1:02:29. For the women, it was Jeannie MacDonald of Irishtown finishing in first place with a time of 1:11:31, ahead of Nathalie Boivin of Bathurst in 1:15:42. Third place went to Heather Willett of Ottawa in 1:19:10. The duathlon event was won by Allen Bard of Fredericton in 1:01:02. The top female duathlete was Shelly Crossman of Moncton in 1:20:47.


TIP OF THE HAT: This week's Person on the Run goes out to Bruce Guitard of Saint John. Bruce is always tough as a runner or triathlete but was especially so at the Chaleur Triathlon. After a year plagued with serious arthritis, Bruce, and the great rheumatology team at the Saint John Regional Hospital, got things back on track last weekend. He posted a fifth place finish in the triathlon and ran the second fastest 5-km among all the events. What a tribute to the combination of a strong spirit and a great health-care system. Thanks for the inspiration Bruce. Gotta run"‰"¦

Daryl Steeves is the department head of Allied Health at the NBCC Saint John campus. He writes a weekly column throughout the running season. Visit his website at
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The Fundy Rocks Half Marathon has been cancelled - 2008-07-21    
Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the Fundy Rocks Half Marathon has been cancelled. In it's place this year, I am still organizing a fun run for the 5K and 10K distances. Your only entry fee is the daily charge for the park. The race starts at the Interpretive Centre for the 10Kers and at 10:15am for the 5Kers at parking lot 4.  Entry fee has now been dropped. Running shorts from ASICS will be available at discount along with  singlets for $25 a piece or $40 together. Thanks again to Joe McGuire for being our speaker in 2007! Picnic supplies are highly suggested and there may be awards for Salmon River "dippers". I'm hoping that all club members consider coming. Please come to our Wednesday night run at the Valley Store or our Thursday night run at the West Side Store to get more scoop.
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TRC Results - 2008-07-14    

Sunday was the 2nd Annual Teen Resource Centre 3 Miler. A gauntlet of youth helped Race Director Stephanie Hoellwarth cheer the runners up the last big hill past the Phoenix Theatre to finish in front of the Centre. Frontrunner Glenn Trites was passed by UNB runner Mike Bone just before the last big hill to settle the first place winner. Junior runner Cody Cooper barely nipped Spencer Mason to finish third. Connie Coffin led the second pack of runners to finish first for the women. 50-59 age grouper Monica Vautour finished second and junior runner Alexandra Coffin finished 3rd. Another incredible result was 11 year old Austin Roberts of Shediac who finished 6th overall.


TRC 3 Miler

Saint John, NB

July 13, 2008

Age as of Dec 31, 2008


1, Mike Bone, 22, Saint John, 17:34

2, Glenn Trites, 42, Rothesay, 17:46

3, Cody Cooper, 15, Saint John, 18:04

4, Spencer Mason, 20, Saint John, 18:05

5, Connie Coffin, 40, Saint John, 22 :15

6, Austin Roberts, 11, Shediac, 22 :34

7, Scott Roberts, 37, Shediac, 23 :05

8, Monica Vautour, 50, Saint John, 24 :03

9, Pat Grannan, 44, Rothesay, 25 :59

10, Alexandra Coffin, 13, Saint John, 26:12

11, Emilee Hoellwarth, 9, Saint John, 26:53

12, Isabelle Nickerson, 10, Quispamsis, 26:55

13, Jayne Kingston, 39, Saint John, 27:07

14, Peter Hoellwarth, 45, Saint John, 27:08

15, Kyria Mackin, 37, Saint John, 27:53

16, Libby Boudreau, 14, Saint John, 30:10

17, Maureen O’Hara, 29, Saint John, 30:26

18, Bethelda Morehouse, 28, Saint John, 30:27

19, Krista Baird, 35, Saint John, 30:56

20, Robert Scott, 8, Saint John, 31:49

21, Ed Bowe, 64, Grand Bay-Westfield, 33:55

22, David Rodd, 12, Grand Bay-Westfield, 35:39

23, Allie Scott, 8, Saint John, 37:29

24, Shelly Scott, 37, Saint John, 37:30

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July 15 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-07-14    
Wednesday nights will be the big night!! Alex is starting a new Learn to Run on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm at the Valley Store. Everything starts at 6:30pm and new registrants receive an entry into the relay at the KV Challenge in October. Please tell your friends and come out yourself as well if you have an active membership.

Maureen O'Hara is also keeping her Wednesday night Learn to Run group going. Their next goal is the Marathon by the Sea weekend. Be sure to phone Maureen at the West Side store on Wednesday to get the scoop. She opens the store at 5pm and her group meets after that. The phone number there is 696-3812. Maureen had 3 runners at the TRC 3 Miler and they all had great runs!!
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TRC Run this weekend and other hot stuff!! - 2008-07-06    
"The Resource Centre (TRC) for Youth in Greater Saint John is proud to present this family event.The TRC is a major community initiative that began in 1995. It is a community-led response to the issues and needs described by our 23,000 local youth, 12-24 years of age. Teens, parents, service providers (government and non-profit) and the business community are collaborating in Saint John to build a one –stop facility that would house health services, education and work readiness resources, self development programs and recreation.

We believe that this is a very exciting initiative for youth and for our community. Our ultimate goal is to break the chain of poverty in Saint John area by addressing the needs and concerns of youth. The TRC will serve as a one stop shop where our youth can access multiple services and programs; better coordinating what already exists as well as developing programs to address gaps in our services."

It should be a lot of fun and I know Stephanie and Laura have some great surprises in store for everyone. As well, Maureen O'Hara's Learn to Run Group is all set for this run as their big goal. Everything is set for Sunday at 10am. There is one big hill but it makes for a great challenge and then you have the rest of the course to relax on.

What about that heat???? I hope anyone who ran George Gallant or Miramichi changed their strategy appropriately. It sure made it fun to hit the water afterwards. I hope everyone gets in some cross-training swimming this weekend. The water is beautiful no matter where you are!!

Some new clinics will be starting up soon. Do you have a request?? E-mail me at

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Daryl Steeve's Weekly Column - 2008-07-02    
Telegraph Journal
July 2, 2008

(Alex's notes: The Canada Day Event was 500 meters long in both the 10 Miler and the 5K. The results on Atlantic Chip show the proper adjusted pace. It was a very humid day so everyone should be very proud of themselves!)

It is hard to believe July is here already and the race season is picking up. This weekend we have two very big runs on the schedule. On Saturday it is the very fast and popular George Gallant 10-kilometre in Shediac. This run always has a fast pack up front and many personal bests are posted throughout the race. You can all the details at

On Sunday, the Miramichi hosts the provincial half-marathon championships at the annual Rock 'n Run event. This spirited event has it all and you sure don't want to miss it. In addition to the half marathon, there are also events at the 10-km and five-km distances. The organization, the party atmosphere, and this year the provincial championships, all add up to a great weekend. Check it out at

The triathletes and duathletes also have a big event at Fredericton's Killarney Lake on Sunday. The Duncan Hadley race is a sure sign the season is on. This year the event will be the provincial championship for the Olympic Distance Triathlon. There is no race day registration so be sure to act soon by going to


On Canada Day, it was the inaugural running of the Grand Bay-Westfield Canada Day 10 Miler. It seemed only fitting that race founder Alex Coffin would win the race. His time of 57:28 was enough to hold off a fast charging, and friendly rival, Chris Brake of Saint John, who finished with a 57:57. In third spot was Bloomfield's John Herron in a time of 1:02:47. For the women it was Suzanne Doucet of Quispamsis continuing her winning ways. Her time of 1:10:12 gave her a safe lead over the rest of the pack. Second place went to Ironman Canada age group winner Gina Spear-Burrows in a time of 1:12:13 while Arlene Harrigan was third in 1:15:30. These two Grand Bay-Westfield runners are perennial podium finishers at this race.

The top Nordic Walkers were Bob Bardsley of Rothesay for the men and Katelynn MacDonald of Saint John for the women. Bardsley has been burning up the course this season and may be unbeatable.

In the five-km event, the top spot went to local boy Brent McCullum in a time of 19:53. Breaking up the home town sweep in second spot was Rothesay's Glenn Trites in 20:11. In third spot was another local boy, Reid Burrows in a time of 21:18. The women's side was an all Saint John affair as Marla Schilone took first place with a 24:37 followed by Monica Vautour in 24:50 and Tracey Price-Emmerson in 25:09.


This past weekend saw a very interesting event at Rockwood Park. The Lily Lake Aquathon mixed swimming and running to make for a very interesting event. This year featured three distances. The main event was a 750-m swim and a three-mile run. The men's race went to Troy Allaby of Saint John in a time of 32:37 followed by Mitch Peters of Sackville in 35:04 and Andre Charlebois of Saint John in 35:52. For the women it was Saint John's Lisa Flewelling in a time of 41:20. Second spot went to Julia Boenhoff of Saint John in 41:41, while third place went to Alexandria Phillips of Fredericton in 42:38. The Peters family weren't content with one good performance. The middle distance event went to Michael Peters of Sackville in 25:18 while the short distance went to Martin Peters in 14:53. No doubt their father, John Peters, a longtime Lily Lake lifeguard, competitive swimmer and now New Brunswick's Swim Coach of the Year, gave them some tips on how to race in Lily Lake.


This week our Person on the Run is a family on the run, the Peters family of Sackville. This fine family of athletes not only bring great performances to every event, they bring a strong sense of sportsmanship and a great image for sport. They are a true asset to any event. Gotta run "¦

Daryl Steeves is the department head of Allied Health at the NBCC Saint John campus. He writes a weekly column throughout the running season. Visit his website at

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See you at Grand Bay Westfield and Pro Tip!!  - 2008-06-30    

I hope to see a lof of people tomorrow at the Grand Bay Westfield 10 Miler and 5K. Please remember that there is a track camp set up for the kids too. Everything starts at 9am at the River Valley Rink.

Pro Tip for the Week: Trying to recover from an aggressive workout is a true art form. You need to recover properly after a period of fatigue. Once recovery begins, you regain the ability to train normally again. The key is to recover long enough to be healed but not so long that you lose any increase in fitness. The optimal situation is to be at a higher level of fitness for your next hard workout. If you work out hard too soon, your body will still be recovering and your performance will suffer. A lot of people get impatient however so these were some great tips from Runner's World (Sept 2001) to reduce recovery time: (1) good nutrition (2) increased hydration (3) sufficient sleep. All sounds easy but it's sometime tough to do. So do what you can and have fun!!!!!!




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Lily Lake Results - 2008-06-29    

It was an exciting race at the Lily Lake Aquathon. The main event consisted of a 750 meter swim and a 3 mile run. Mitch Peters of Sackville came out first from the water but was quickly run down by top triathlete Troy Allaby of Saint John. Mitch was able to hang on to second place and Andre Charlebois barely held off a hard charging Garth Millar for 3rd.  In the women’s race, Julia Boenhoff came out of the water first and held the lead until the last mile where Lisa Flewelling blew past for the win. 14 year old Alexandria Phillips was 3rd. Top age group performance of the day belonged to 61 year old John Simson who placed 12 th overall. In the shorter distances, the Peters family from Sackville dominated taking 3 of the 4 top titles.


Lily Lake Aquathon Results

Sponsored by Irving Oil and Alex Coffin’s Fitness Shop

Saint John, NB

June 29, 2008


250 meter swim, 1 mile run

1, Martin Peters, 12 years old, Sackville, 14:53

2, Jordan Jamieson, 18, Quispamsis, 16:47

3, Linda Haynes, 63, Quispamsis, 35:46

4, Russell Haynes, 67, Quispamsis, 47 :42


500 meter swim, 2 mile run

1, Michael Peters, 16, Sackville, 25:18

2, Merya Peters, 14, Sackville, 27:49

3, Chantal Beam, 26, Quispamsis, 28:11

4, Merina Farrell, 45, Lower Greenwich, 28:21

5, Kevin McDonough, 45, Rothesay, 29:27

6, Amy Buckley, 26, Saint John, 34:34


750 meter swim, 3 mile run

1, Troy Allaby, 37, Saint John, 32:37

2, Mitch Peters, 18, Sackville, 35:04

3, Andre Charlebois, 35, Saint John, 35:52

4, Garth Millar, 42, Saint John, 35:56

5, Jon Tracy, 37, Quispamsis, 36:15

6, Doug Jones, 39, Fredericton, 36:26

7, Steve Forgeron, 44, Quispamsis, 38:05

8, Mike Freeman, 33, Moncton, 38:08

9, Ian Forbes, 15, Fredericton, 38:41

10, Jamie Grant, 21, Quispamsis, 38:57

11, Lisa Flewelling, 28, saint John, 41:20

12, John Simson, 61, Rothesay, 41:35

13, Julia Boenhoff, 26, Saint John, 41:41

14, Boon Kek, 29, Saint John, 41:42

15, Nick Taggart, 30, Fredericton, 41:43

16, JC Besner, 37, Saint John, 42:19

17, Alexandria Phillips, 14, Fredericton, 42:38

18, Rick Stephen, 55, Saint John, 47:10

19, Carla Harris, 49, Quispamsis, 49:05

20, Peter Milne, 48, Saint John, 50:31

21, Allison Duffy, 22, Grand Bay-Westfield, 50:44

22, Terry Daigle, 48, Rothesay, 51:38

23, Katherine Grant, 45, Rothesay, 52:11

24, Marcia Ross, 48, Rothesay, 58:21

25, Mary Duffy, 53, Grand Bay-Westfield, 58:31     

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Lily Lake Aquathon Press Release - 2008-06-27    
Irving Oil will now be donating $20 gas cards to each participant at the Lily Lake Aquathon on June 29. On-line registration is not available but the race day fee is only $20 so the net cost to each participant is $0. Race Director Alex Coffin would like to thank Irving Oil for making this event even more accessible to the general public. This event begins at 10am at the Lily Lake Pavillion. Three events of varied distance include a swim and then a transition to a run. More information can be obtained by e-mailing Alex at
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Daryl Steeve's Column - 2008-06-27    

Canada Day is almost here and for runners that can mean only one thing, time to head to Grand Bay-Westfield. Now, usually that would also mean making a decision between distances. However, this year there is a twist. The half marathon and 10 km have been combined to make a new and exciting race at the 10-mile distance. The 10 miler is not a common race but it is a great distance to really challenge speed endurance among the athletes. It is short enough to tempt even the most seasoned runner to "go for it" but long enough to take a serious toll on those who try to make it a sprint. If you are looking for something a little shorter, the 5-km event is still available and is always a popular way to celebrate Canada Day. You can register online at .


If you are looking for a new running challenge, the Tour de Saint John may be right up your alley. This three-day stage race highlights five interesting and unique areas of Greater Saint John and covers enough miles to equal a marathon over the weekend. It is a celebration of running and walking and also includes several opportunities for runners to socialize over the weekend. You can get all the details at and click on the Tour de Saint John page.


Last week it was the Army 10 km at CFB Gagetown. This trail run is a perennial favourite and this year was no exception. Let's check out the women's results first. In first place it was Jill Seymour of Fredericton in 43:25 followed by Oromocto's Allison Mowat in 45:13 and Fredericton's Allyson MacDonald in 46:06. On the men's side, it was Antoine Arcand of Fredericton in 36:59 followed closely by fellow Frederictonian Mike Davis in 37:53 and in third spot, from Doaktown, was John Lyons in 38:36. In the 5-km event it was a younger Lyons who took centre stage as 11-year-old Amber was the top female in 24:22. For the men, it was Justin Horton of Oromocto in 20:19.


For this week's Person on the Run you might remember these lines from a story we told last season: Shortly after her Fredericton Marathon, Terry Lee (Thorne) found out she had a serious tumour around her brainstem. During the very delicate operation in London, Ont., (in July, 2007), she had a stroke that left her partial paralysed and unable to walk. But remember, Terry Lee's a runner, with a runner's heart. With the loving support of her family, great medical care at the Stan Cassidy Rehab Centre and that strong runner's heart, Terry has taken her first tentative steps.

Fast forward a year. The other day I was driving along the road in Rothesay and to my amazement there was Terry Lee Thorne nordic walking. I have been told she has done as much as two km. Just over a year from her devastating experience this awesome athlete is back in the saddle. There are not enough superlatives to write to give justice to this woman. She epitomizes all those characteristics that runners hope to develop through their sport. Next time you are feeling a little lazy and hesitating about lacing up those running shoes, think of Terry; I'm pretty sure that will get you out the door. Thank you Terry, you inspire us all.

Gotta run"‰"¦

Daryl Steeves is the department head of Allied Health at the NBCC Saint John campus. He writes a weekly column throughout the running season. Visit his website at

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Weekly Bulletin - 2008-06-24    
A big thanks to the crew from SJ that travelled up to Oromocto for the Army 10K. Coach Ed almost broke 1 hour on a challenging and somewhat long course. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Results are on

Everything is coming together on the Canada Day 10 Miler/5K. The committee is really working hard to ensure that this year's event is a great success. I hope everyone is excited about the new course and the new singlet. Please check out the new course maps on and

This year's Lily Lake Aquathon is also coming up this Sunday. Please e-mail me if you need a form. I was hoping the new bridge would be finished but it should still be a very exciting event to watch!!

I hope you are all having a great week. A big thanks to my staff who have covered incredibly while I've been away!!
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Weekly Bulletin - 2008-06-18    
Hi everyone,

It's the Army 10K this weekend and a bunch of us are going up. For any paid up club members who run, I have special singlets for you although there are just unisex medium to unisex xlarge. If they fit, they are very nice!!

The Triple Crown Winners from the Lancaster 5K, K Park 5K and the Rave Run are Bruce Grant, Calvin Keith, Marta Kelly, Frank Kelly, Donald Leblanc and Alexandra Coffin. Congratulations to the big winners! You can pick up your gift certificates at the Valley Store or I can drop them off for you at a club run on the West Side.

The LIly Lake Aquathon is almost here. Be sure to register soon! The distances are 250 meter swim- 1 mile run, 500 meter swim- 2 mile run, and 750 meter swim-3 mile run. I checked out the water and it is very nice.

Please remember to reserve your sizing for the Canada Day 10Miler/ 5K. The singlets are very nice once again! Registration is available in the stores or on-line at or

Congratulations again to James and Juanita Tremblay for bringing in running stock for their store in the MIramichi. Presently for shoes, they have the Reebok Premier Road Cushion, Premier Trinity, Premier Ultra, Premier Road Plus, Reebok Swara, Reebok Hatana and the Saucony ProGrid Omni. It's a great selection and the prices are incredible!!

What do I have that's new?? How about some new Wave Riders from Mizuno and lots of sizing in the fuel belts?!!

Finally, our Aquatic Centre Run Club starts again on June 26. Be at the front lobby for noon. Please remember that you must be a paid member of our club or the Aquatic Centre to take part.

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Brake and Woods power to the winners podium! - 2008-06-15    
On a very fast course, there were some great battles up front. Vicki Woods went back and forth with Dianne Sharpe (born Flood) but powered to the finish for the win.  Quispamsis’s  Ann Conrad  was only 23 seconds back as well for 3rd. Chris Brake shrugged off his loss at the Race Run and ignored the early tactics from Coffin and Grant to show them that experience can be trumped by talent. Bruce Grant was almost 30 seconds faster than he was at the Rave Run. Best age group result of the day was Dianne Sharpe who is in the 50-59 age category. Congratulations to Daryl Steeves for another great event! See results below:

 Do It For Dad (5K)
Saint John, NB June 15th, 2008 Weather: Cloudy 13c
Race Director: Daryl Steeves
Timing & Results by Atlantic Chip Timing

==========================Age Group Results================================================
Bib Div Gun Pace/
Place No. Name City / Town Prov CO. Total Div Time Km
===== ===== =================== =============== ==== === ======== ===== ====== =====
1 2090 Chris Brake Saint John NB CA 1/4 M2029 15:42 3:09
2 2056 Bruce Grant Saint John NB CA 1/14 M3039 15:49 3:10
3 2124 Alex Coffin Saint John NB CA 1/10 M4049 15:52 3:11
4 2030 Thomas Beckum Caribou ME US 2/14 M3039 16:24 3:17
5 2020 Ian Forbes Fredericton NB CA 1/11 M0119 17:28 3:30
6 2058 Stephen Morris Rothesay NB CA 2/10 M4049 17:49 3:34
7 2033 Matthew Blain Rothesay NB CA 2/11 M0119 19:27 3:54
8 2062 Jason Thorne Saint John NB CA 3/14 M3039 19:39 3:56
9 2135 Alex Whelan Rothesay NB CA 3/11 M0119 19:46 3:58
10 2113 Ivan Leblanc Saint John NB CA 1/9 M5059 20:17 4:04
11 2123 Ive Oliver Saint John NB CA 3/10 M4049 20:18 4:04
12 2046 Evan Hachey Saint John NB CA 4/14 M3039 20:31 4:07
13 2043 John Woods Quispamsis NB CA 4/10 M4049 20:54 4:11
14 2041 Gary Bischof Quispamsis NB CA 2/9 M5059 20:57 4:12
15 2038 Jeremy Steeves Saint John NB CA 5/14 M3039 20:58 4:12
16 2039 Vicki Woods Quispamsis NB CA 1/12 F4049 21:08 4:14
17 2034 Dianne Sharpe Fredericton NB CA 1/6 F5059 21:17 4:16
18 2050 Ann Conrad Quispamsis NB CA 1/7 F0119 21:31 4:19
19 2027 Sean McKinley Saint John NB CA 6/14 M3039 21:37 4:20
20 2077 Merina Farrell Lower Greenwich NB CA 2/12 F4049 22:11 4:27
21 2003 Linda Morais Saint John NB CA 3/12 F4049 22:18 4:28
22 2029 Dillon Beckum Caribou ME US 4/11 M0119 22:22 4:29
23 2089 Chris McMackin Quispamsis NB CA 7/14 M3039 22:50 4:34
24 2137 Jon Whelan Rothesay NB CA 5/11 M0119 22:54 4:35
25 2076 Marta Kelly Saint John NB CA 4/12 F4049 23:01 4:37
26 2092 Chris Clinton Saint John NB CA 5/10 M4049 23:12 4:39
27 2015 Andrew Johnston Saint John NB CA 6/11 M0119 23:18 4:40
28 2016 Daniel Johnnston Saint John NB CA 7/11 M0119 23:25 4:41
29 2078 Frank Kelly Saint John NB CA 1/7 M6099 23:32 4:43
30 2081 Donald Leblanc Saint John NB CA 3/9 M5059 23:54 4:47
31 2045 Zack McBriarty Saint John NB CA 6/10 M4049 24:05 4:49
32 2072 Michael Duncan Rothesay NB CA 2/4 M2029 24:06 4:50
33 2025 Krista Reid Quispamsis NB CA 1/5 F3039 24:51 4:59
34 2109 Claudio Krickler Rothesay NB CA 2/7 M6099 25:22 5:05
35 2018 Cyril Johnston Saint John NB CA 7/10 M4049 25:30 5:06
36 2111 Elizabeth Underwood Grand Bay NB CA 2/6 F5059 25:39 5:08
37 2083 Michael Benshaw Grand Bay NB CA 8/14 M3039 25:52 5:11
38 2082 Lori McIsaac Bowshe Grand Bay NB CA 2/5 F3039 25:53 5:11
39 2008 Marlo Rose Saint John NB CA 1/8 F2029 26:08 5:14
40 2097 Matthew Clark Grand Bay NB CA 3/4 M2029 26:12 5:15
41 2095 James West Grand Bay NB CA 3/7 M6099 26:13 5:15
42 2044 John McBriarty Saint John NB CA 8/10 M4049 26:20 5:16
43 2094 Susan West Grand BAy NB CA 3/6 F5059 26:24 5:17
44 2064 Joel Clark Hanwell NB CA 8/11 M0119 27:00 5:24
45 2063 Mark Clark Hanwell NB CA 9/14 M3039 27:00 5:24
46 2128 Jane Bourque Quispamsis NB CA 5/12 F4049 27:13 5:27
47 2144 Robin Dornan Saint John NB CA 2/7 F0119 27:35 5:31
48 2143 John Dornan Saint John NB CA 9/10 M4049 27:36 5:32
49 2036 Jason Campbell Nauwigewauk NB CA 10/14 M3039 27:39 5:32
50 2037 Jeff Campbell Quispamsis NB CA 11/14 M3039 27:39 5:32
51 2099 Scott Marshall Saint John NB CA 10/10 M4049 27:57 5:36
52 2129 Richard McColgan Saint John NB CA 4/7 M6099 28:03 5:37
53 2006 denise anthony utopia NB CA 6/12 F4049 28:08 5:38
54 2085 Ashley Eadie Saint John NB CA 3/7 F0119 28:14 5:39
55 2001 Melissa Cooper Rothesay NB CA 2/8 F2029 28:19 5:40
56 2088 Chris Walsh Saint John NB CS 12/14 M3039 28:31 5:43
57 2098 Bowe Bowe Saint John NB CA 5/7 M6099 28:46 5:46
58 2055 Ashley Wood Rothesay NB CA 28:46 5:46
59 2021 Meagan Poirier Quispamsis NB CA 3/8 F2029 28:47 5:46
60 2004 Melanie Pond Fredericton NB CA 3/5 F3039 29:06 5:50
61 2005 Sandra pond Fredericton NB CA 4/6 F5059 29:17 5:52
62 2017 Thomas Johnston Saint John NB CA 9/11 M0119 29:23 5:53
63 2116 Sarah Brangan Nauwgewauk NB CA 4/8 F2029 29:32 5:55
64 2028 Tomas Peisner Saint John NB CA 4/9 M5059 29:45 5:57
65 2117 Andrew Hazelton Dartmouth NS CA 4/4 M2029 29:48 5:58
66 2079 Julie Drummond Saint John NB CA 7/12 F4049 29:56 6:00
67 2145 Jennifer Whelan Rothesay NB CA 4/7 F0119 30:36 6:08
68 2013 Zack Lavigne Saint John NB CA 10/11 M0119 30:39 6:08
69 2014 Peter Lavigne Saint John NB CA 13/14 M3039 30:42 6:09
70 2086 Samuel House Rothesay NB CA 31:00 6:12
71 2047 Becky Hickey Saint John NB CA 5/8 F2029 31:19 6:16
72 2002 Sherry Crawford Rothesay NB CA 6/8 F2029 31:20 6:16
73 2067 Maryanne Lewell Saint John NB CA 4/5 F3039 31:47 6:22
74 2080 Maureen Hanlon Quispamsis NB CA 7/8 F2029 31:48 6:22
75 2087 Aaron House Rothesay NB CA 11/11 M0119 31:54 6:23
76 2071 Phil McIntyre Quispamsis NB CA 32:05 6:25
77 2066 David Eadie Saint John NB CA 5/9 M5059 32:09 6:26
78 2011 Laurie Thompson Saint John NB CA 5/7 F0119 32:27 6:30
79 2009 Mark Thompson Saint John NB CA 14/14 M3039 32:27 6:30
80 2012 Jennifer Lavigne Saint John NB CA 5/5 F3039 33:56 6:48
81 2065 Janet Calloway Saint John NB CA 5/6 F5059 33:59 6:48
82 2073 Heather Shadbolt Saint John NB CA 8/12 F4049 34:41 6:57
83 2069 Marcia Ross Rothesay NB CA 9/12 F4049 34:41 6:57
84 2121 Will Oliver Saint John NB CA 6/7 M6099 35:09 7:02
85 2120 Claire Oliver Saint John NB CA 6/7 F0119 35:12 7:03
86 2022 Tracey Baker Rothesay NB CA 8/8 F2029 36:03 7:13
87 2122 Maggie Oliver Saint John NB CA 7/7 F0119 36:10 7:14
88 2010 Paule Ross Saint John NB CA 10/12 F4049 39:24 7:53
89 2118 Ron Hazelton Rothesay NB CA 6/9 M5059 40:13 8:03
90 2026 Marion McLaughlin Saint John NB CA 1/1 F6099 40:54 8:11
91 2068 Nancy Carson Saint John NB CA 11/12 F4049 41:17 8:16
92 2048 Carvel Crabbe Saint John NB CA 7/9 M5059 43:43 8:45
93 2052 Stan Banker Quispamsis NB CA 8/9 M5059 44:27 8:54
94 2053 Valarie Barker Quispamsis NB CA 6/6 F5059 46:33 9:19
95 2070 Stephen Patterson Saint John NB CA 46:55 9:23
96 2136 Margeret Whelan Rothesay NB CA 12/12 F4049 48:13 9:39
97 2110 Allan Rice Hampton NB CA 9/9 M5059 54:22 10:53
98 2051 Allan Hansen Saint John NB CA 7/7 M6099 56:20 11:16
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Strowbridge and Harrigan take St Andrews Titles - 2008-06-15    
Arlene Harrigan took the women's title at the St Andrews 5 Miler while competing in the 50-59 age category. She took out young guns Kari Pettinger and Anna Bernard. Arlene's time was 36:02 on a very demanding course. Dean Strowbridge beat mentor Gilles Gautreau in a very impressive sub 28. Gilles will be soon in the 50-59 age category as well!! 50-59 was the theme as third place Austin Townsend of Perry, Maine  competes in the 50-59 age category and was only 3 seconds ahead of nationally ranked 50-59er Robert Jackson. 
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Daryl Steeve's Column - 2008-06-12    

Saint John Telegraph Journal

Daryl Steeves

It is hard to believe we are half way through June but this running season is blazing by like a sprinter in a 100-metre dash.

This weekend is another big one with three events. On Saturday, there are the 10-kilometre provincial championships in Beresford and the 10-k Chaleur Banque Nationale, which boasts a very fast course with a record of 29:35 set by Joel Bourgeois in 1996. This is a great time and a great place for some personal best 10-k. There is also a 5-k and some great events for the kids. Get all the info at

* The next day, we have two events to celebrate Dad. The 29th running of the Father's Day 5-Miler takes place in St. Andrews. This challenging course is none-the-less popular among runners as many come back year after year. As usual, the run starts at 10 a.m. at the Sir James Dunn Academy and runs you through St Andrews. There is also a kids Aliant Future Series event for the young ones to get their Father's Day tradition started.

This is always a great event and one you won't want to miss. To get more information contact

* Another popular race is the Do It for Dad 5-k in Saint John. This event raises funds to fight prostate cancer and has been very successful. The course is the fast and beautiful Harbour Passage beginning and finishing on the boardwalk at Market Square. There is also an untimed one-kilometre walk for supporters of all ages. This is always an inspiring event with many "survivors" in attendance. You can register at

* Last week, an already fast season got taken up a notch in the Rave Run, this year's 5-km provincial championships. Grand Bay-Westfield is a great venue for this event and the times were very impressive. April Lambert of Saint John won the women's race in a very quick 19:29 followed by Dominique Roy of Fredericton (20:45) and Leah Smith of Long Reach (20:56). The men's race was a good old fashioned shoot out between Moncton's Adam Stacey and Saint John's Chris Brake. Times of 15:47 and 15:52 are pretty rare but when you get these two together watch out. To give you some context, third place went to New Maryland's Chris Brannon in 16:01. Brannon runs out of power house Georgia State University, so when Georgia State is third, you have a serious run on your hands.

* In other action, it was another great year for Catch the Bug. Alex Coffin of Saint John won the 10-k event in 35:16. Evan Arsenault's youth wasn't enough to match Coffin's experience on this day but the young Saint Johner's time of 37:09 was still a very impressive mark. Alexandre Genois of Cap-Sante, Que. finished in third spot with a 37:47 clocking. For the women, it was Suzanne Doucet of Quispamsis in 42:15 followed by Frederictonians Jill Seymour (44:40) and Allyson MacDonald (45:03).

In the 5-k event, the top male was 13-year-old Peter Banks of Saint John in 21:35 building on his very successful season last year. You might want to keep your eye on this kid, he is going somewhere. On the women's side, it was Nancy Connell of Saint John in 25:28.

* A quick tip of the hat to John Kelley and his team for another successful Bikaru. The results are a little complex to present here but you can get all the details in the "files to share" section of

* This week's Person on the Run goes out to Elizabeth Seiffert of Hanwell. Last weekend, she placed 11th in her age category at the World Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships in Vancouver and on her way home this weekend, she will compete in the Muskoka Long Course Triathlon. Well done Elizabeth.

Gotta run

Daryl Steeves is the department head of Allied Health at the NBCC Saint John campus. He writes a weekly column throughout the running season. Visit his website at

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Weekly Bulletin- Very Important Stuff - 2008-06-10    
I am happy to say that our West Side store is a station for this weekend’s Harbour City Chase. Think Amazing Race plus Survivor plus Cannonball Run. We were looking for a couple of volunteers to help with our "task" at the store. If you are interested, be at the West Side store between noon and 6pm on Saturday.

Don't forget Ed's new halfmarathon/marathon group starts this Thursday!!!!

Anyone registering in person at one of my stores can still pay $20 for the Grand Bay Westfield 10 miler and 5K. You will be blown away by this year's event. Before that though, I have my Aquathon at Lily Lake on June 29. I think the water is warming up! Please e-mail me at if you need a form for either event.

Earle Burrows welcomed Alex Sullivan to the Human Performance Centre in Grand Bay. Please be sure to work out extra hard so you will need to see her. Remember that no one knows a runner like a runner!

Do It for Dad is this weekend and it doesn’t start until 11am on Sunday. This means lots of time to sleep in and still show up at the race. I know a lot of people have been pumped about their 5K times so this is another great chance to improve on your personal record with a flat course.

Our hours are now reduced at the West Side store but that hasn’t stopped the selling. Please remember that the store is open from 5pm to 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays for the club. We are also open on Saturdays for the club but just to send people off and welcome them back. However, I am open special 11am-6pm on Fridays from now until July and I will accommodate special requests to meet me at the store. Other than the running stuff, I still have a ton of soccer gear for the kids and adult shoes.

Have you checked out the rankings yet on I have Atlantic Only 5K rankings.

My Thursday noon group starts very soon at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre. Please check back in for details.

Need a new schedule. I am starting to work on the new schedule for fall goals for our West Striders and Valley Runners. To be a part of our club, it's $60 for the year!!
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Catch the Bug Dishes Out!! - 2008-06-09    
The Catch the Bug Road Race was a big success again thanks to their many sponsors. In particular, Volkswagen has taken a very hands-on approach with the event and you can see how much it was appreciated by the organizers. Committee members included Cheryl McConkey who has been with the event for the full 10 years! Everyone who stayed for awards won draw prizes and the top 3 overall in men and women won cash prizes in both the 5K and the 10K. This included 13 year old Peter Banks (first place!!), Michael Connell and Scott Boyles in the men’s 5K, Nancy Connell, Sherri Colwell-McCavour and Victoria Lewis in the women’s 5K, Alex Coffin, Evan Arsenault and Alexandre  Genoit in the men’s 10K,  and  Suzanne Doucet, Jill Seymour and Allyson MacDonald  in the women’s 10K. Rob Jackson had another great time for the 50-59 category coming in under the 40 minute barrier.  Results can be found on
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Atlantic Rankings are up for 5K! - 2008-06-09    
The 5K rankings on have now been updated. This year, I'm sticking to Atlantic runners for the 5K and the 10K only due to the large volume of nationwide results and my emphasis on longer distance rankings for national rankings. I hope everyone understands. There isn't any funding for this endeavour other than my own and the 5K results especially are very tough to sift through. Saying that though, I very much enjoy doing rankings and it feels great to have an Atlantic focused section. I hope this serves as the carrot for other runners to aspire to the #1 rankings that Colin Fewer and Denise Robson hold. There are some tight races already in the age groups with the men's 40-49 looking the most interesting so far. The top 50 looks a little strange at the moment with age groupers still in there but I am trying to set standards so people have to work a bit to get in. Right now for the open top 50, you need to be 17 minutes or under for the men and 21 minutes or under for the women. If those standards were too fast by the end of the year, I'll search for the results I passed by. For Saint John area runners, Chris Brake presently stands at #3 overall and April Lambert stands at #6 for the women. In the age groups, Chris is #2 in 20-29, Bruce Grant is #2 in the 30-39, Dean Strowbridge is #3 in the 30-39, Gilles Gautreau is #3 in the 40-49, Don Murray is #4 in the 50-59, Frank Kelly is #8 in 60-69, and April Lambert is #3 in the 30-39. Top results are the only ones that count unlike the longer distances where I was allowing multiple times per person. As well, these rankings are based on the top 10 times so you can have a tie at a time and the next person is 1 place behind not two. Please send any feedback to
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Chris Brake takes it to the next level! - 2008-06-07    
Chris Brake pumped it up a notch after slower times at K Park and Rothesay Elementary but Adam Stacey was able to stay just ahead with both runners breaking 16 minutes. Georgia State’s Chris Brannon was third in 16:01. For the women, April Lambert won handily in 19:29. Fredericton’s Dominique Roy was second in 20:45 and Leah Smith surged ahead of top junior Katie Robinson for third. The most impressive age group race was Micheal Coyne edging Rob Jackson by 10 seconds in the 50-59 age category. Both runners have been nationally ranked age groupers and were both under 18 minutes. There was 96 finishers overall in the provincial championship. A big thanks to David Shiels for another great race!! Check out the results on
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Culligan and Bailey take titles at Charlo - 2008-06-04    
John Culligan captured the Marathon de la Baie des Chaleurs with a solid lead of over 8 minutes in 3:10:42. Jean Landry of Charlo was second and Gilles Cormier of Rimouski was third. Prince Edward Islander Kim Bailey took the women’s title in 3:44:43 with a similar lead over Lise Drolet of Rimouski. Lise was in the 50-59 age category and 3rd place finisher Brenda Demerchant of Perth Andover was in the 40-49 age category! There was also a very tight contest in the 60-69 category where Roger Levesque of Balmoral edged Clement Pelletier of Rimouski by only 17 seconds!! The Carons organize an incredible race and it’s great to see so many runners from  Rimouski travelling to the event.
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James Tremblay adding running shoes!! - 2008-06-04    
James Tremblay of the Mirimachi River Runners has added running shoes to his selection at his Clothing Traders store in Miramichi City (Newcastle side). I am very pleased to be assisting James in his venture and he has already received a full compliment of Reebok running shoes in partnership with Alex Coffin’s Fitness Shop. The running community in the Miramichi is extremely vibrant due to hard work from individuals such as James, Brian Richard, Laura Roche, Wendy Williston and Kirsten Scott. It is because of these people and others that you can feel some real momentum in the running community there. I would like to thank the above individuals for allowing me to be a part of this. James will be receiving more product in the near future so please spread the word!!
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Kodi MacGougan has a winner! - 2008-06-02    
Race Director Kodi MacGougan organized a fantastic debut 5K for Rothesay Elementary School this past weekend. There were 54 finishers in the 5K and approximately 25 children in the 1K. Chris Brake left nothing to chance this week after a close loss last week. He threw down a punishing pace on the Gautreau brothers to win in 16:43. Gilles and Jacques Gautreau finished approximately a minute behind. Connie Coffin and Tracey Price-Emerson both had excellent runs with Connie edging ahead for her second straight 5K win. Tracey was only 5 seconds behind. There were a few runners there completing their first 5K including Valley Runners Kristi Maguire, Cindy Scott and Lisa Frizell. Congratulations to everyone!! (Results are below)
Position First Name Last Name Residence Prov  Sex Age Time  
1 Chris  Brake Saint John NB m 26 16:43  
2 Gilles Gautreau Rothesay NB m 48 17:38  
3 Jacques Gautreau Dieppe NB m 41 17:57  
4 Don Kredl Hampton NB m 55 22:23  
5 Connie  Coffin Saint John NB f 40 22:28  
6 Tracey Price-Emerson Rothesay NB f 33 22:33  
7 Matt Costello Quispamsis NB m 16 23:01  
8 Serge Boudreau Nauwigewauk NB m 30 24:04  
9 Mike Murray Rothesay NB m 40 24:20  
10 Heather Allan Murdock Rothesay NB f 51 24:50  
11 Stacey MacCormick Quispamsis NB f 27 25:38  
12 Neveen Sheppard Rothesay NB m 42 26:11  
13 Ed Lutes Saint John NB m 61 26:16  
14 Pam  Nesbitt Rothesay NB f 40 26:24  
15 Sara Kean Rothesay NB f 10 26:34  
16 Alexandra Coffin Saint John NB f 13 26:40  
17 Brenda Keyes Rothesay NB f 40 26:48  
18 Sue Kean Rothesay NB f 39 26:49  
19 Gord Tetford Rothesay NB m 33 26:57  
20 Mary   Flynn Quispamsis NB f 35 28:05  
21 Laura Steeves Quispamsis NB f 25 28:10  
22 Louise Boufard Rothesay NB f 42 28:24  
23 Katherine Grant Rothesay NB f 45 29:02  
24 Barbara O'Brien Saint John NB f 55 29:30  
25 Sharon Brown Rothesay NB f 47 29:43  
25 Kristina Stanley Rothesay NB f 45 29:43  
27 Alexander Sheppard Rothesay NB m 10 30:11  
28 Jennifer McCarville Nauwigewauk NB f 35 30:20  
29 Jane Seviair Rothesay NB f 34 30:40  
30 Claudelle Allain Grand Bay- Westfield NB f 41 30:55  
30 Doug Osbourne Grand Bay- Westfield NB m 53 30:55  
32 Tammy Lewis Rothesay NB f 40 31:30  
33 Meagan Poirier Quispamsis NB f 25 31:46  
33 Kiska Colwell Quispamsis NB f 33 31:46  
35 David Keyes Rothesay NB m 10 33:09  
36 Brenda Mollins Rothesay NB f 34 33:11  
37 Andrew Keyes Rothesay NB m 16 33:21  
38 Kathleen Murray Rothesay NB f 8 33:28  
39 Marcia Ross Rothesay NB f 48 34:49  
40 Carey Childs Rothesay NB f 25 36:16  
41 Gillian Sheppard Rothesay NB f 8 36:23  
41 Kerry Sheppard Rothesay NB m 41 36:23  
43 Blair Thompson Quispamsis NB m 49 36:40  
43 Rebecca Kierstead Quispamsis NB f 47 36:40  
43 Katrina Lee Quispamsis NB f 44 36:40  
46 Daryl Steeves Rothesay NB m 52 37:52 First Poler
47 Lisa Frizell Quispamsis NB f 30 38:45  
47 Kristi  Maguire Saint John NB f 35 38:45  
47 Cindy Scott Quispamsis NB f 41 38:45  
47 Kyle Scott Quispamsis NB m 16 38:45  
51 Macheta Costello Rothesay NB f 36 44:23  
51 Julie Corkum Rothesay NB f 50 44:23  
51 Marcia Crossman Rothesay NB f 50 44:23  
54 Carvel Crabbe Saint John NB m 54 48:17  
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Important West Side Store Update - 2008-06-02    
Hi everyone,
The West Side Store is open full time hours for the last time this week. As of June 9, it will be open for club practices only except for Fridays when I will be in from 11am to 8pm for last sales before the closing down the store by the end of June.
Please note that all times for the West Striders will continue (including the Monday night walk group and the Wednesday night Learn to Run). If the store location is leased to another party, the club walk/runs will be moved to another location nearby.
I want to thank everyone for their incredible support. The West Side store was/is a success from my perspective and I am very proud of the West Striders group. This is only a move to simplify retail operations in the Greater Saint John area and there is absolutely no intention of ever disbanding the West Striders. Be sure to come see me on Friday and take advantage of the great deals before I need to start shipping out product. As well, I'll be still accepting entries for the Grand Bay- Westfield 5K/10 Miler and the Lily Lake Aquathon.

Alex Coffin
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Fundy Rocks Half Marathon Race Committee Request - 2008-05-30    
I'm looking for a group of people to take over the organization of the Fundy Rocks Half Marathon. It is a great event that is really easy to organize. Shorts for the event have already been ordered and the park is very supportive. Traffic control is extremely manageable with the trail one way and the road the other. It is hoped that those interested have a connection to the St Joseph's Hospital Foundation as $5 from each entry has been committed to the Foundation. The event takes place in mid August.
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Grand Bay Westfield 5K and 10 Miler - 2008-05-30    
Hi everyone,
Please contact me if you are able to volunteer for this year's Grand Bay Westfield 5K and 10 Miler. We are having weekly meetings at the Grand Bay Pizza Delight at 8:30pm but you can simply e-mail me at if you are interested. Even if you are running, it would be fantastic if you could help with registration.
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Daryl Steeve's Column - 2008-05-29    

The running season is in full bloom and this is a big weekend all over the province. The action starts in Moncton Saturday with the Walk of Life five-kilometre run and walk. This event features a fast flat course with an exciting stadium finish at the Université de Moncton. Get all the details at

On Sunday, there is something for everyone. In the Saint John area we have the Rothesay Elementary five km with a fast double-loop course finishing on a down hill. You gotta love that. The run goes at 10 a.m. from Rothesay Elementary and you can register online at If you are looking for something a little different you can always try the kickoff event for the KV Challenge. Dubbed the Bikeru, it mixes running, cycling and kayaking in a participatory event highlighting the beautiful course of the KV Challenge marathon. Contact if you would like to participate.

Up north, it is the Marathon de la Baie des Chaleurs in Charlo. This is always a great event and the only marathon in New Brunswick until fall. You can get the details and register online at


BUILT FOR SPEED: Last weekend was for the fleet of foot featuring five-km specialists in both Fredericton and Saint John. In Fredericton, a hometown sweep was foiled by Quebec’s Alexander Genais of Cap Sante in third place in 17:49 behind Peter Gaudet (17:43) and David Brown (17:32).

In Rothesay, the K-Park Elementary five km drew a good crowd and some very fast runners up front. In what will probably be the tightest finish of the season, Bruce Grant of Saint John nipped Chris Brake of Saint John at the finish line by one second to record a 16:28 to Brake’s 16:29. In third was the godfather of running, Gilles Gautreau of Rothesay in 17:12. On the women’s side, Connie Coffin of Saint John took the top spot with an impressive 22:56 ahead of fellow Saint Johner Marta Kelly in 23:43. Third place went to Gina Hyslop of Kingston in 24:39. He may wear No. 10 on the rink but in the one-km event this weekend he was No. 1 as Rothesay’s Jack Tilley took top spot in this untimed event.

Further afield, a couple of local runners did us proud at the Ottawa Marathon. Brent Bethune and Gillian Reid of Hampton both had solid mid-pack finishes in the Canadian Marathon Championships. Bethune finished in 4:03:59 while Reid was good for a 4:13:20.


VERSATILITY SHOWS: This week’s Person on the Run goes to Connie Coffin. This humble dietician qualified for Boston just a few weeks ago and now has won at the five-km distance to show her versatility. In addition to her own accomplishments, she is always ready to lend a hand or give advice to new runners and is a great role model for her children. Her 13 year old daughter Alexandra was fourth in the five km with a time of 26:24. Way to go. Gotta run"‰"¦

Daryl Steeves is the department head of Allied Health at the NBCC Saint John campus. He writes a weekly column throughout the running season. Visit his website at

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Rothesay Elementary 5K Information - 2008-05-29    

Rothesay Elementary School 5km Fun Run
Rothesay, NB
June 1, 2008

Reg. Time / Enregistrement: Race Pack Pick Up: Sat May 31 @ 1:00-3:00pm, June 1 @ 7:30am-9:00am

Start Time / Départ: 9:30am(kids run) 10:00am (5km) Banquet Time: Immediately following 5km run.

Registration Location / Lieu:
Rothesay Elementary School lobby.

Main Event / Événement principal: 5km

Other Events: 1km kids run

Timex: no

Super Series: no

Registration Fee / Enregistrement: $2.00kids run, $20.00 adult run (Late Fee: $no, Must registered before No online registration available after Friday May 30th.)

Online Registration:

Contact 1: Kodi MacGougan Email:
Tel #: 847-6203 Fax #:

Showers / Douches: No

T-Shirt (5km): Yes (First 100 registered guaranteed / les 100 1er enregistrés)

Course / Parcours: Fairly flat double loop with a down hill finish.

Awards: Plaques awarded to top male and top female overall.

Other details: Post race massage, homeade baked goods at the finish line.

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Bikaru Information - 2008-05-29    
Our event kick-off again this year is the popular Bikaru* on June 1st. This participaction event includes a 10K run, 25K bike and a 7K kayak or walk.  There's no charge but limited openings, so email early to register:

This no charge event is the kick-off for the preparations for the 2008 Coast Tire KVC Marathon/Marathon Relay on October 19th.  This is the second year for the Bikaru and it proved to be quite popular last year.  The Bikaru begins at 9AM in Bloomfield with a 10K run to Hampton; 10AM begins a 25K bike to Rothesay(to beach at end of Cameron Rd); 11AM begins a 7K kayak or walk to the Renforth Wharf.  The day concludes with a noon hour barbeque at Renforth.
Participants can do all parts or get a team together or just do one leg.

For more info, call John Kelley at 847-4612 
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Maine-iacs kick butt at Cabot Trail - 2008-05-25    
It was a Maine sweep at the Cabot Trail Relay as the Maine-iacs took the men’s title and the Maine Hags took the women’s title. Cardio Arrest from Ontario took the women’s title. There were some incredible results and lots of double legs including Laura McIntyre winning leg 11 outright (!!) and then continuing on to run leg 12 as well. Judson Cake of Maine crushed the first leg for Maine for a new record and Steve McArthy of Maine set a new record for leg 16.

The Ragin Bulls from the Moncton area narrowly edged Saint John’s Fast as Molasses to be in the top 10. The Fredericton Trail-Masters were the third place Masters team. Dean Strowbridge of Willow Grove finished 2nd on the notorious leg 9. Trina Goguen of Saint John was the second woman on leg 14. Check out the results at
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K Park 5K Scoop - 2008-05-25    
Chris Brake was dictating the pace at the front but savvy veteran Bruce Grant was patient and barely edged Chris at the finish!! Gilles Gautreau was stuck in "no man’s land" but hung in there for a 17:12 with fellow master Bruce Rosvall also breaking 18 minutes. Triathlete Steve Morris may be setting the tone for the upcoming tri season with a great time of 18:24. Connie Coffin threw down a very fast first kilometer to break Marta Kelly and then hung on for a 22:56 win. Soon-to-be Boston Qualifier Marta Kelly came in second with a 23:43 but you could tell that this was only the first round of this rivalry. It was a top 4 Valley Runners-West Striders sweep as Gina Hyslop finished 3rd with a 25:39 and Alexandra Coffin was 4th with a 26:24. Mary Ann Gallagher of Rothesay rounded out the top 5 for women with a 27:04. Other top age group results included 55 year old Don Kredl with a 22:32 and 69 year old Frank Kelly with a 23:43. Although there was a kid’s race to start off the event, quite a few children ran the 5K as well including 6 year old Maxwell Lohoar. Heather Shadbolt was the first nordic walker to finish.
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K Park 5K Results - 2008-05-21    

Position First Name Last Name Residence Prov  Sex Age Time  
1 Bruce Grant Saint John NB m 39 16:28  
2 Chris  Brake Saint John NB m 26 16:29  
3 Gilles Gautreau Rothesay NB m 48 17:12  
4 Bruce  Rosvall Rothesay NB m 44 17:56  
5 Steve  Morris Rothesay NB m 40 18:24  
6 Calvin Keith Quispamsis NB m 43 20:08  
7 Scott  Purcell Rothesay NB m 40 20:34  
8 Dave  Horgan Saint John NB m 40 21:18  
9 Gilles Theriault Rothesay NB m 35 22:02  
10 Jeff Clark Rothesay NB m 43 22:02  
11 Don Kredl Hampton NB m 55 22:32  
12 Connie  Coffin Saint John NB f 40 22:56  
13 Patrick McMullon Rothesay NB m 39 22:59  
14 Marta  Kelly Saint John NB f 40 23:43  
15 Andrew McCoy Rothesay NB m 45 23:56  
16 Frank Kelly Saint John NB m 69 24:08  
17 Mark Anderson Rothesay NB m 32 25:19  
18 Donald Leblanc Saint John NB m 55 25:27  
19 Gina  Hyslop Kingston NB f 35 25:39  
20 Chris  Long Rothesay NB m 40 26:12  
21 Blake Barrigar Rothesay NB m 41 26:12  
22 Alexandra Coffin Saint John NB f 13 26:24  
23 Mary Ann Gallagher Rothesay NB f 37 27:04  
24 Jayne DeMerchant Quispamsis NB f 40 29:54  
25 Cathleen O'Leary Rothesay NB f 22 29:55  
26 Laurie Young Rothesay NB f 37 30:06  
27 Valerie Hopper Quispamsis NB f 50 30:31  
28 Pam  Waugh Quispamsis NB f 48 30:31  
29 Lois Leblanc Rothesay NB f 42 30:31  
30 Jeff Piekarski Rothesay NB m 51 31:06  
31 Joanne Henderson Rothesay NB f 40 31:16  
32 Daryl Steeves Rothesay NB m 52 31:46  
33 Francisco Garcia Tobar Rothesay NB m 43 31:59  
34 Nathan Fargier Rothesay NB m 9 37:50  
35 Corie O'Leary Rothesay NB m 9 37:56  
36 Chantal Fargier Rothesay NB f 44 38:31  
37 Maxwell Lohoar Rothesay NB m 6 40:22  
38 A Kubacki Rothesay NB m 68 40:49  
39 Benjamin Lohoar Rothesay NB m 8 40:58  
40 Andrew Lohoar Rothesay NB m 40 40:58  
41 Joan Creighton Rothesay NB f 43 40:58  
42 Tasha Piekarski Rothesay NB f 13 42:05  
43 Ella  Fargier Rothesay NB f 13 42:06  
44 Heather Shadbolt Saint John NB f 46 43:30 First Poler
45 Catherine O'Leary Rothesay NB f 57 48:16  
46 Emily Theriault Rothesay NB f 9 49:16  
47 Lia Piekarski Rothesay NB f 11 49:17  
48 Donna Kent Rothesay NB f 35 49:56  
49 Lisa Theriault Rothesay NB f 35 49:56  
50 Claire Theriault Rothesay NB f 12 49:56  
51 Pat  Saunders Saint John NB f 55 49:58  
52 Lise Piekarski Rothesay NB f 48 49:58  

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Daryl Steeve's Column - 2008-05-21    

Daryl Steeves

May 21, Telegraph Journal

If you feel the need for speed, then southern New Brunswick is the place to be for the next few weeks. Five-kilometre races abound in Saint John, Fredericton, Grand Bay-Westfield, and two in Rothesay in the next few weeks. This weekend there is a very fast 5 km at K-Park in Rothesay Sunday. This event raises money for K-Park School and is centered there. The quiet neighbourhood makes for low traffic and a beautiful course. Get all the details at

The day before, in Fredericton, it's the Fiddle n' Feet 5 K on another fast, flat course starting at Officers' Square in the capital's downtown. Some good Celtic music and a great atmosphere will make Fredericton the place to be Saturday morning. You can register online at


ON THE CALENDAR: Watch for the Rothesay Elementary 5 km, the River Valley Rave Run and the provincial 5 km championships coming up in the next two weeks.


Last weekend, we saw a brand new race that has potential to be a fixture on the Saint John circuit. The Get your Blood Pumpin' 10 km was kickstarted with a very fast win by Alex Coffin on this very tough course. Coffin's 35:20 stands tall when you see the hills on this course. In second spot was Gary Ogden of Quispamsis in 43:05 with Saint John's Ivan Leblanc breathing down his neck in third spot at 43:17. On the women's side, it was an all-Saint John affair with Marta Kelly taking top spot in 49:11, followed by Nancy Connell (52:42) and Tracy Underwood (55:20). A little farther a field, the Bluenose Marathon in Halifax was won by Bridgewater's Terry Malloy in 2:48:48 while the women's race went to hometown runner Leah Jabbour in 3:17:16. Our best local result was an amazing finish by Glen Trites of Rothesay in 38:04 for third place in the 10 km.


WINNING WALKER: This week our Person on the Run goes out to a local nordic walker. Bob Bardsley of Rothesay set a new provincial record for a half marathon nordic walk at the Fredericton Marathon with a time of 2:38:42. In his quiet way Bob has been eating up the pavement for the last year and looks unbeatable this season. Watch for more records to fall as the season goes on.


TRAINING TIP: If you are planning a fall marathon or half marathon, say at Marathon by the Sea or the Maine Marathon in Portland, it is time to get training. For the KV Challenge is coming fast, so get your plan together. Gotta run"‰"¦

Daryl Steeves is the department head of Allied Health at the NBCC Saint John campus. He writes a weekly column throughout the running season. Visit his website at

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Trites third in Bluenose 10K!! - 2008-05-18    
Sandwiched between two juniors, Glenn Trites finished third in the Bluenose 10K in Halifax this Sunday. He was less than 30 seconds behind first place. There was over 1500 finishers in the 10K!!

In the marathon, fellow Valley Runners Rosemary Boyle of Quispamsis ran a 4:22:34 which placed her 46th out of 91 women and Tim Lowery ran a 4:36:02 which placed him 119th out of 170 men!! The conditions were tough but Tim and Rosemary were right on their pace that they practiced at the Nerepis 30K!!
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May 19 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-05-18    
Hi everyone,
I hope you're having (had) a great long weekend. See the other stories on about the "Get Your Blood Pumping" 10K and the Bluenose Marathon Weekend. Congratulations to everyone!

Maureen is inviting new people to join her learn to run on Wednesday night at the West Side store. The focus will be on the TRC 5K in July. Maureen is a true inspiration and the group dynamic will keep everyone motivated. Please spread the word!!

We have a new info box on so you can see our inventory in used shoes and $99.99 sale shoes. Be sure to check it out in case you need a second pair for emergency runs.

Pro Tip: "If you have a bad run, don't forget the lesson". -Unknown
Try to learn from your bad runs. Was it after a long day at work? How fast did you run? Were you recovered from a prior workout? Did you sleep well before? Were you dehydrated? Hung Over? Stressed Out? Wearing tight shorts? Bad hair? Running with a talkaholic? Running with a no-talker? Running with Alex Coffin?
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Daryl Steeve's Weekly Column - 2008-05-14    

Telegraph Journal

May 14, 2008

Things are really starting to move as the running season kicks into full gear. This weekend in Saint John we have a new run on the calendar and it promises to be a great one. The Get Your Blood Pumping 10 k is a fundraiser for Canadian Blood Service and promotes this service that is so vital to those in need. The course is very challenging but makes up for it with some of the best scenery you will ever see on a run. Rockwood Park, the Cherry Brook Zoo, Tucker Park and the beautiful Kennebecasis River are just a few of the high points on this great run. To register go to


FREDERICTON MARATHON: Last weekend it was another amazing Fredericton Marathon to celebrate its 30 anniversary. There were close to 1,000 runners and walkers in the various events and the conditions were perfect for some good times, and believe me, there were some good times. Let's take a peek at the marathon results. For the men, it was Travis Saunders of Kingston, Ont., (although he is really a New Brunswicker) with a strong lead in a time of 2:43:36 leaving Fredericton's Len Falkenstein and Rothesay's Bruce Rosvall to duke it out for second and third in times of 2:53:37 and 2:55:55 respectively. Meanwhile, the women were tearing up the trail as well. Janice Ashworth and Daun Lynch of Halifax were first and second with times of 3:06:31 and 3:14:19. Protecting from a Nova Scotia sweep, Maggie Johnson of Quispamsis took third with a great time of 3:21:06.

The half marathon was a bit of a run away as Saint John's Chris Brake put it in gear and never looked back as he cruised to a 1:15:43 victory.


BOSTON QUALIFIERS: This week there are multiple winners for Person on the Run. Jerry Power, Maggie Johnson, Alonzo Reardon, Connie Coffin and Frank Kelly all qualified for the Boston Marathon. For Jerry Power it was the runner's version of the movie 27 Dresses as he stepped out of the shadow of 25 attempts to qualify for Boston with this excellent run. Not only did he meet the qualifying standard, he hit it out of the park. Frank Kelly gave us all inspiration as he qualified for Boston on his first try, at 69 years of age. Congratulations to all five runners on this milestone.


TIP OF THE HAT: And another quick tip of the hat to some local adventure racers. The team of Sarah Vlug and Dave Regan were followed by Shawn Bethune and Denise Hamel as the two teams finished first and second co-ed teams in the 24-hour Eco Endurance Challenge just outside Halifax. We will keep an eye on these awesome athletes as the season moves on.

Gotta run"‰"¦

Daryl Steeves is the department head of Allied Health at the NBCC Saint John campus. He writes a weekly column throughout the running season. Visit his website at

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Fredericton Marathon and Weekly Bulletin - 2008-05-11    
Those were perfect conditions in Fredericton and the runners responded! Ex-Frederictonian Travis Saunders ran a great solo race up front to win in 2:43:34. Len Falkenstein and Bruce Rosvall finished 2nd and 3rd with both finishing under 3 hours. Bruce had just run Boston a month ago in approximately the same time! Bluenoser Janice Ashworth ran a superb 3:06:27 to win the women’s race with fellow Bluenoser Daun Lynch 2nd in 3:14:14. Maggie Johnson of Quispamsis was 3rd in 3:21:03. behind them were some incredible performances from local runners qualifying for Boston. Jerry Power had the marathon of his life to smoke the 3:30 barrier. My wife Connie Coffin and Alonzo Reardon ran an incredibly fast first half and then hung tough to both break 3:45. Carrie Punna of Moncton but formerly of Saint John set the pace for Connie and Alonzo. 69 year old Frank Kelly ran his first marathon in a mind boggling 4:05:19!

In the Half, Chris Brake worked towards his sub 2:30 marathon goal by running a 1:15 half. April Lambert ran an incredible half in sub 1:30 but another Bluenoser Cynthia Moulin was there to beat her to first place. In the 10K, Chris Brannon  was home from school in the States to smoke yours truly. 50-59 age category winner Eunice Phillips was third in the women’s race!! Congratulations to everyone who participated and especially to Yennah’s polers in the half. It was truly inspiring!!

Kodi McCougan is speaking to our Learn to Run Clinic this Monday at the Rothesay Store this Monday at 6:30pm. She will be giving us the scoop on the Rothesay Elementary 5K. All club members are welcome.

Registered Dietitian Karen Simon is presenting this Thursday at the West Side Store at 6:30pm. It should be a party as we celebrate three West Striders qualifying for Boston!!!!

Jennifer Gendron has a group that meets every Thursday night at 7pm in Hampton for group runs from beginner right on up to a group training for a 15K and they are also starting a Nordic Walking group in conjunction with Yennah Hurley beginning Tuesday, May 20th at 6:30 pm. Jennifer’s e-mail is if you need more info.

The Get Your Blood Pumping race is this weekend!! Please consider volunteering if you are not planning to run.

The election is this Monday  and it should be interesting. Connie has been working very hard on Danny Jardine’s At Large campaign so please consider him. His website is

Pro Tip: The butt kick and the toe touch. How’s your range of motion?? Two of the most important indicators are if you can kick your butt without bending over or touching your toes comfortably in a sitting position. You can’t?? A new summer goal!!
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New Classes in Grand Bay-Westfield and Rothesay - 2008-05-07    
Sarah Miller has a new run group started at the Human Performance Fitness Centre in Grand Bay-Westfield. The cost is $50 and there are two times. Mondays at 10am is more for beginners and Thursdays at 5:30pm is more for runners building on their long run. The focus is on our Canada Day event!!

Todd Price is  teaching a Yoga class (with an "endurance athlete" specific routine) at the New Yoga Outlet in Quispamsis/Rothesay on Tuesday nights (the studio is very close to the Valley Store). Class starts at 8:00 (best idea is to be there ready to go by 7:55) and runs about an hour. The main focus on the class is: * Increasing total-body fitness (i.e. not just your legs) - increase strength & power without adding mass * Pain-free Training and Racing - through increased strength & flexibility * Injury Prevention - Posture (increase to both racing and every day postures) * Agility - proper stretching techniques * Faster Recovery through a consistent yoga practice * Strengthening your core to increase your balance, posture and overall efficiency when you run, cycle or swim * He will work on a number of postures to lengthen your running stride, add power to your quads and increase the length of your swimming stroke Yoga is the perfect contrast to long repetitive workouts - balancing the continuous stress that endurance sports put on your body with stretching & strengthening postures Classes are $12 a piece (or you can get a card of 10 for $10/class) - there will be a lot more class times then just Todd’s Tuesday class and information is available through Jason Maclean...or at
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Lancaster 5K Results!! - 2008-05-03    
Lancaster 5K Results        
2.5K Event   Age as of Dec 31 City Time
1 Nolan Birch M 12 Fredericton 9.54
2 Mackenzie Amos F 11 Fredericton 9.57
3 Kylie Paulsen F 12 Keswick Ridge 10.37
4 Cameron Dick M 10 Saint John 11.04
5 Alex Amos M 10 Fredericton 11.06
6 Joe O'Hara M 9 Saint John 13.21
7 Isaac McGraw M 10 Saint John 13.56
8 Alexie LeBouthillier-Sanford F 8 New Maryland 13.58
9 Will Roderick M 8 Saint John 15.16
10 Alexandria Ruigrok F 11 Saint John 15.30
11 Lily Coffin F 8 Saint John 16.28
12 Jennifer Murray F 39 Saint John 21.05
13 Julia Murray F 8 Saint John 21.06
14 Allie Scott F 8 Saint John 21.07
15 Hayley Murray F 12 Saint John 22.12
16 Emma Carey F 9 Saint John 22.19
17 Ben Coffin M 2 Grand Bay- Westfield 34.30
18 Kathy Coffin F 64 Saint John 34.31
5K Event          
1 Dean Strowbridge M 37 Willow Grove 16.38
2 Bruce Grant M 39 Saint John 16.51
3 Derek Ferguson M 22 Fredericton 17.10
4 Craig Martin M 29 Oromocto 17.14
5 Todd Lambert M 37 Saint John 17.45
6 Sarah MacPherson F 17 Keswick Ridge 17.48
7 Glenn Trites M 41 Rothesay 18.03
8 Bruce Guitard M 32 Saint John 18.32
9 Matt McNeil M 15 Saint John 18.37
10 David Livingstone M 46 Ottawa 18.53
11 Rob Jackson M 53 Fredericton 19.03
12 Adam Gaudes M 16 Fredericton 19.37
13 Landon Birch M 14 Fredericton 19.48
14 Alex MacPherson M 15 Keswick Ridge 20.01
15 Randy Davis M 38 Saint John 20.12
16 Edward Livingstone M 42 Ottawa 20.14
17 Sarah Myatt F 16 Fredericton 20.30
18 Calvin Keith M 43 Quispamsis 20.34
19 Chris Creamer M 51 Saint John 20.36
20 Morgan Hawkes F 15 Fredericton 20.37
21 Tommy McGinn M 14 Fredericton 20.46
22 Katie Robinson F 13 Saint John 21.08
23 Peter Banks M 13 Saint John 21.09
24 Matthew McLaughlin M 12 New Maryland 21.22
25 Gerald Pugh M 58 Fredericton 22.28
26 Alonzo Reardon M 60 Saint John 22.59
27 Marta Kelly F 40 Saint John 23.23
28 Frank Kelly M 69 Saint John 23.43
29 Bruce MacPherson M 48 Keswick Ridge 23.47
30 Sue Watson F 50 Rothesay 23.52
31 Steve Jadoo M 53 Quispamsis 23.57
32 Manon Bossé F 40 Rothesay 24.32
33 Rob Scott M 45 Saint John 24.46
34 Loretta Rosvall F 43 Rothesay 25.04
35 Donald Leblanc M 55 Saint John 25.06
36 Darlene McNeil F 42 Saint John 25.34
37 Tim Lowery M 49 Quispamsis 25.54
38 Claudette Maltais F 57 Charlo 26.17
39 Ed Lutes M 61 Saint John 26.18
40 Alexandra Coffin F 12 Saint John 26.23
41 Shelly Scott F 37 Saint John 26.59
42 Susan MacPherson F 48 Keswick Ridge 27.01
43 James Adams M 17 Saint John 27.37
44 Ben Adams M 13 Saint John 27.47
45 Roland Roy M 45 Rothesay 27.55
46 Carter Roderick M 10 Saint John 28.13
47 Steve Roderick M 37 Saint John 28.20
48 Nancy Creamer-Ervin F 48 Rothesay 28.55
49 Natasha Gallant F 21 Sussex 29.12
50 Robert Scott M 10 Saint John 30.19
51 Frances Roderick F 38 Saint John 30.36
52 Leslie Molloy F 21 Saint John 30.37
53 April MacCormack F 23 Upham 30.42
54 Ed Bowe M 64 Grand Bay- Westfield 30.52
55 Jonathan Sullivan M 38 Saint John 31.31
56 Dianna Payne F 37 Saint John 31.32
57 Heather Feicht F 30 Saint John 34.58
58 Kathy Feicht F 28 Saint John 34.59
59 David MacKinnon M 48 Rothesay 37.31
60 Marc Carey M 39 Saint John 37.39
61 Shari Carey F 37 Saint John 37.40
62 Heather Shadbolt F 47 Saint John 38.32
63 Rev Bob Mercer M 42 Saint John 45.35
64 Michelle Ruigrok F 39 Saint John 48.49
65 John Ruigrok M 43 Saint John 48.50
66 Carvel Crabbe M 55 Saint John 49.50
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Fredericton Runners Invade Lancaster - 2008-05-03    
The Fredericton FAST Track Club visited Lancaster for this weekend’s Run NB Superseries Event and they shook the house!! Sarah MacPherson had the performance of the day when she ran a nationally ranked 5K time of 17:48. Other Fredericton area runners included Nolan Birch and MacKenzie Amos who won the overall titles in the Aliant Kids Series 2.5K and finished 1-2 overall. Kylie Paulsen of Keswick Ridge finished 3rd overall in the 2.5K.Cameron Dick was the first Saint John youth in the 2.5K finishing 4th overall.

In the main event 5K, 17 year old Sarah was followed by a quality women’s field with Sarah Myatt and Morgan Hawkes finishing in just over 20 minutes. All 3 runners were from the Fredericton area. The first Saint John woman was Katie Robinson who is only 13 this year and finished 4th. For the men, 37 year old Dean Strowbridge from Willow Grove won for the old guys and defended his title from 2007 with a time of 16:38.  Bruce Grant of Saint John was just a few seconds back while Derek Ferguson of Fredericton finished 3rd.

Funds from the event went to St Mark’s United Church, PRO Kids and the Kiwanis Club. Fun was had by all and there is already talk of a Saint John Track Club- Fredericton FAST Track Club official matchup for 2009!!
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Lancaster 5K this weekend!! - 2008-04-28    
It’s this weekend!! Don’t forget that kids can run the 2.5K for $5 if they don’t want a hat. The hats are at the stores and can be picked up all week. If you don’t feel like running or walking, please consider volunteering. Everything starts at 10am. Child care is available for $5 as well for 2 years and older with a 400m run included. Our $25 fee which includes a high tech running hat has been extended to Thursday in case anyone wants to register at our group runs. Register on-line or at one of our two locations!!

I hope you’ve seen the writeup on the Brent Kelly 8K. It was cold but everyone still had a lot of fun. Major points to Marta for then running in Grand Digue the next day. Sylvio does a great job and it’s nice to see race directors support each other!!

Denise is making a presentation to our Tuesday Night group in the valley on May 6 on being "race ready". It has a beginner’s focus but Denise will be ready for any "advanced" questions!!

Yennah Hurley’s grand opening of her Lily Lake "Daytripping" Store is this Thursday from 7-9pm. Should be fun!!! Maybe a nordic walk or a run afterwards!!!!!

This Wednesday is the "Meet the Candidates" night for Rothesay-Quispamsis. Please consider going  (after running from the store of course). It would be nice to make sure that certain sidewalk or lighting issues are kept at the forefront. There might also be some congratulations in order for Quispamsis councillors looking for re-election as the Q Plex plans look great!!

There is also a meeting tonight at 8:30pm at the Grand Bay Pizza Delight in case anyone would like to be involved in the Canada Day 10 Miler. Pizza is provided.

Pro Tip of the Week:
This is specific to our marathoners out there. It’s called the slow-fast taper. With two weeks to go, you bulk up on slow mileage the first week to reduce risk of injury (unless you are already injured!!) and then, with a week to go, you run short almost every day but at marathon pace every time! It’s guaranteed!!
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Brent Kelly another big success!! - 2008-04-24    
 It was another great event in remembrance of Brent Kelly. A big thank you to the Kelly family for organizing this event!! You can check out the results at Notable results include top finishers Chris Brake and Trina Goguen. However, special mention has to be given to the many runner under the age of 16 who finished a full 5 miles!!!
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Strowbridge, McCluskey pace NB runners in Boston - 2008-04-22    
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Joe Burke hangs in there for a sub 3:30!! - 2008-04-21    
Joe Burke was as steady as you get. Could he have been watching his Garmin??? But the last 2.2K were a struggle. However, he maintained his composure and hung on to a 28th place 60-69 age group finish. Michael Coyne from St Stephen was the only NBer better for age group ranking as he finished 25th for 50-59. Dean Strowbridge was the top NBer with a 2:53:15 (only 2 minutes faster than Michael Coyne, Mike Davis and Bruce Rosvall who were packed together at 2:55). Krista McCluskey was the first NB woman in a time of 3:15:45. Micheline Drisdelle was the only other women with a sub 3:20.
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Nerepis 30K held on beautiful day!! - 2008-04-20    
It was a great day for the Nerepis 30K. Please e-mail me at if you would like to see the photos in facebook. Jerry Power blazed the course and Connie Coffin was the only runner with a faster second half. It was a lot of fun!! First half split in brackets:

1, Jerry Power, 2:21:52 (1:10:05)
2, Brent Bethune, 2:35:26 (1:16:00)
3, Connie Coffin, 2:39:30 (1:20:05)
4, Mike Waugh, 2:46:46 (1:23:00)
5, Alonzo Reardon, 2:50:08 (1:20:05)
6, Frank Kelly, 2:56:13 (1:27:47)
7, Tim Lowery, 2:58:06 (1:27:40)
8, Rosemary Boyle, 3:01:41 (1:27:47)
9, Ed Bowe, DQ, 28K in 3:26:02
10, Nathan Davis, DQ, 24K in 2:40:00
11, David Lorette, DQ, 15K in 1:27:47
12, Carvel Crabbe, 5:53:15
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Discipline pays off with trip to Boston - 2008-04-20    
Scott Briggs
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Parents successfully juggle family, work and training - 2008-04-20    
Scott Briggs
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Saint John's Jim Miller aims to break three hours, 15 minutes in Boston - 2008-04-20    
Scott Briggs
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New Schedule for Stores!! - 2008-04-20    
Check out the new schedule below for the store clubs. Hours at the West Side Store also switch now to full-time!! Check out our store website ( as well for stories on the Nerepis 30K, Joe Burke, Todd & April Lambert and Jim Miller. Don’t forget to register for Brent Kelly this next weekend. It stays at $20 if you register on-line at or at one of our stores!!

Club/Clinic Schedule for 2008

Club fees are $60 for the year which gives you access to any of our club workouts at either store and a hat/book and a $20 gift certificate.

Aquatic Centre workouts will start again in June and involve a drop-in fee if you are not a member of the Aquatic Centre.

Starting January 7:
Monday at 6:30pm- Learn to Run (Valley Store)
Monday at 6:30pm- Power Walking (West Side)
Tuesday at 6:30pm- 10K/Half (Valley Store)
Wednesday at 6:00pm- Hill Group (Valley Store)
Wednesday at 6:30pm- Everyone Welcome (Valley Store)
Wednesday at 6:30pm- Learn to Run (West Side)
Thursday at 6:30pm- 10K/Half (West Side)
Thursday at 6:30pm at K Park with Daryl (Valley Store)
Thursday at 6:00pm with Alex at UNBSJ
Thursday at 6:30pm-Ed’s Group (West Side)
Thursday at 6:30pm- Everyone Welcome (West Side)
Saturday at 9am- Everyone Welcome (Valley Store)
Saturday at 9am- Marathon Group (Valley Store)
Saturday at 9am- Everyone Welcome (West Side Store)
Saturday at 9am- Marathon Group (West Side Store)
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April 15 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-04-15    
HI everyone,

Sorry it’s a little kooky with the hours this week as we have a bit of a transition to full time hours next week. For the West Side store, Denise is there tomorrow (Wednesday) from 11am-5pm and then Maureen 5-8pm. However Thursday and Friday are closed during the day. The store remains open Thursday night and Saturday morning for the club runs. Next week, we start the new schedule of Monday to Friday 11am-8pm and Saturday 8:30am-2pm for the Lancaster store!! Welcome back Glenn!!!!

Nerepis 30K is Sunday and we are looking for some support crews. Basically, you trail a group of runners with gatorade. It’s a lot of fun and you get a gift certificate for your trouble.

For those of you running the Nerepis 30K, be there for 8:30am. It should be a lot of fun!!

The tentative schedule for our new clinics to start next week are:
Monday night: Valley (Learn to Run) and West Side (Power Walk)
Tuesday night: Valley (10K/Half) and West Side  (10K/Half)
Wednesday night: Valley (Everyone Welcome) and West Side (Learn to Run)
Thursday night:  UNBSJ (Track), Valley (Daryl’s Group) and West Side (Everyone Welcome, Denise’s Crew, Ed’s Crew)
Friday night:  Party Time
Saturday morning: Everyone Welcome and Marathon (both stores)

 I forgot to mention the NOVA Marathon challenge tonight but I hoped you watched it!!

Was that Spring Fling fun or what?? Brent Kelly is coming!! Carpooling is happening for Grand Digue as well.

Pro Tip of the Week: Be careful of the Spring Strip!! Try to keep wearing a hat  or head band for awhile to keep the cold or flus at bay!!

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April 7 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-04-07    
Are the warmer days pumping you up??????? Bring out the capris and shorts and get ready for the next three...

Rothesay Spring Fling..... No official entry fee. Are you kidding me?? Daryl's second year in a row and there should be a big crowd. Check for the scoop!!

Brent Kelly Memorial Five Miler.... The only race in the Irving Nature Park.  E-mail me at if you want to join the facebook group for inside tips. No cheating on the seal trail!!  It's the first big event of the year. You can register on-line or at the stores. You can also e-mail me if you are interested in joining a carpooling crew to Grand Digue the next day for the "Strowbridge Double".

Lancaster 5K...... Great deal for hat and then you get a race!! Another great family event. I've got a facebook group for this one too. We're raising funds for St Mark's United, Kiwanis and PRO Kids. It's also the first race of the "triple crown"!!

West Side Store goes back to full time next week!!

Pro Tip:  4*400. It's that simple to get you ready for those 5Ks. Give me a call at 848-4322 and I'll fill you in!
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St Joseph's Hospital Foundation now a partner with Fundy Rocks!! - 2008-04-07    
The Fundy Rocks Half Marathon which is held one week before the Dragon Boat Festival has committed to donating $5 from each entry to the St Joseph's Hospital Foundation. Last year, the event was moved to August to replace the void left by the Marathon by the Sea moving to September. This was the next logical step for the event as fund-raising has always been the primary goal for events organized by Alex Coffin's Fitness Shop. Each entry form for the Fundy Rocks event will also contain a designation slot where you can add to a specific person's fundraising efforts. In the past, runners have raised money for St Joseph's Hospital Foundation by collecting a set amount to participate in the Walt Disney Marathon. "I know how tough it is to raise money on your own so I want to build up the Fundy Rocks weekend so it raises enough funds to ease the stress on those working so hard for the Foundation." The Fundy Rocks Half Marathon includes a 10K and a 5K. It takes place on August 16 and information can be found by looking on the Run New Brunswick calendar on Information on the St Joseph's Hospital Foundation can be found at or be contacting Jill Logan at
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April 1 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-04-01    
"Dreams do come true. Family ties are always a help and my Uncle Sandy has secured me a corner space in his fancy dress shop. The space will probably focus more on women’s fashions but Connie has promised to help me out on that side. Is this cool or what???????" (How many April Fools did I catch with that? Uncle Sandy is actually Daddy Sandy!!)

It's a Girl's Thing.... 

Will be hosting a trade show just for women at the KBM, on the Westfield Rd, Saint John, N.B on Saturday, April 5/08 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. They are raising funds for  Dance Elite who will be competing in  Halifax. Yours truly is hosting a table with lots of good deals!!

Reverend Bob Mercer from St mark's United is looking for a baby jogger for sale. If you have an old one in the garage, just give the church a call!

Join us at the West Side Store this Thursday as the Millars will be presenting on the Get Your Blood Pumping 10K. The race should be a lot of fun but the serious issue here is that Canadian Blood Services need your donations. Contact them today on 1 888 236 6283 (1 888 2 DONATE) to schedule your appointment to give blood.

A big welcome to Frank Kelly who just joined our facebook group!!

Pro Tip: It's a good one this week but you have to join our club to get it. $60 and you get a $20 gift certificate!

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March 24 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-03-24    
I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend. I'm sure there were plenty of long runs done as everyone enters their final stretch of spring half and full marathon training!!

We are very happy to have Garth Millar come to our Wednesday night workout this week at the Valley Store. Garth will be giving us the full scoop on the Get Your Blood Pumping 10K in May. We'll be asking for the secret tips for this new course!!

Have you noticed our on-line registration on Save yourself some gas and get in before the Nerepis 30K increases to $25 after April 1and the Brent Kelly fee increases to $25 after April 21. We don't have on-line for Daryl's Spring Fling because there is no entry fee!! Daryl will of course accept donations for the Arthritis Society on the day.

Is there a pair of shoes you need ordered? Let us know.

Pro Tip: The morning junk. It's mileage time for all of you May Marathoners. An easy way to increase your conditioning is to start the day off with a very short run. Just enough to get some benefit but not so long that it becomes a stressor and tires you out for the rest of the day.
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March 18 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-03-18    
I hope everyone has recovered from their Shamrock Shenanigans. We just received a new shoe from Brooks, the Infinity. From Runner's World, "A terrific shoe, built for faster runners looking for a soft shoe with a bit of added stability. The Infiniti curves up in the forefoot for a smooth toe-off. It features a stability unit positioned under the midfoot to prevent faster runners, who land more forward on their feet, from rolling inward just after footstrike. One caution: The upper is snug in the forefoot, which turned off some of our wear-testers. Recommended for efficient runners with normal arches looking for a solid everyday shoe." Brooks will be sponsoring our Nerepis 30K once again on April 20.

Before the Nerepis 30K, Daryl Steeves Rothesay Spring Fling takes place on April 13. He offers a 15K, 10K, 5K and 2K. The entry fee is an optional donation to the Arthritis Society. Everything starts at Renforth Wharf.

Pro Tip: If it's a cold rainy day, skip your long run and reschedule. Especially for those of you running Boston, this is not the time to weaken your system. Pick something shorter and wait for a better day. The same logic runs for if you are feeling a cough coming on. Alter your workouts until you feel better. I  hope your training is going well. Try out our club runs anytime and I can be reached for advice at
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Pete's Pub St Paddy's Dash 5K Results - 2008-03-15    
Feedback on the course was very good. We’ll definitely use it again next year!!

1. Bruce Guitard 19:51
2. Terence Sullivan 20:35
3. John Best 21:00
4. Derek Bondt 21:13
5. Bill Hanley 22:31
6. James Walker 22:37
7. Chris Morris 22:42
8. Kyle Lowery 23:53
9. Ellen Campbell 24:03
10. Monica Vautour 24:05
11. Nathan Davis 24:08
12. Frank Kelly 24:59
13. Gordon Kerr 25:57
14. Ashley Wood 26:43
15. Kirk McLennan 26:44
16. Jack Verboom 26:58
17. Mike O’Brien 26:59
18. Harold Crawford 27:04
19. Terry Reid 27:16
20. Atul Kunkilol 28:32
21. Tim Lowery 28:39
22. Andrea Hatt 28:52
23. Nick Hatt 28:53
24. Pam Waugh 29:58
25. Mike Waugh 29:59
26. Randy Miller 30:12
27. Diane Buhay 30:38
28. Lois Leblanc 31:31
28. Valerie Hopper 31:31
30. Daryl Steeves 32:25
30. Heather Elder 32:25
32. Julie Drummond 32:42
33. Tom Parker 32:57
34. Natasha Gallant 33:14
35. Jen Cummings 34:53
35. Meaghan Sullivan-Fudge 34:53
37. Natasha Horgan 35:35
37. Marlo Rose 35:35
39. Cathy Collins 38:56
39. Carolyn McLaughlin 38:56
41. Lisa Roy 41:02
41. Roland Roy 41:02
43. Carvel Crabbe 46:57 (Nordic Walker)
43. Bob Beazley 46:57 (Nordic Walker)
45. Joe Parisien 49:59
45. Jean Kirouac 49:59
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March 12 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-03-12    
Be sure to come to the Pete’s Pub St Paddy’s Dash this Saturday! You can register at the pub beforehand for just $20. You get a shirt, chili and bottled water. This is the starting ceremony for the annual awareness campaign for the Marathon by the Sea as well.
See you there by 11am!!

Thanks to everyone who has referred our two store clubs to their family and friends. Things are taking off right now and I have you guys to thank!!

Marta has her Brent Kelly entry forms at the stores. If you need advice for the HILL, just ask. Marta does a fantastic job and I can’t wait.

I also wanted to thank everyone who gave me input for my proposal to take over the organization of Marathon by the Sea. My proposal was rejected but I will be serving on the board this year with event chair David Ryan. I will also be the Director of Volunteers this year. I have set up a facebook site for the volunteers so if you have family or friends who wouldn’t mind helping out while they cheer you on, let them know about it!!

Have you seen our deals at the West Side store yet???

Pro Tip: Most people are not getting enough sleep in the first place but this is especially important when you begin training harder. "Research shows that sleep-deprived people metabolize glucose less effeciently and have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol which interferes with tissue repair and growth." (Runners World 2004) Most people should get around 8 hours of sleep. Elite runners get 9-10 hours of sleep and nap as well!!

Water Running Workout This Week:
First 5 minutes
(warmup includes straight run, cross country, breast stroke run, turn and push)
5-10 minutes
(stretch includes cross-overs, big twist, reach and kick, quad scissor, jack crunch)
10-15 minutes
(power jack, power cross country, big hugs, push and kick)
15-20 minutes
(prolonged effort-tight crossovers, pushouts, heels up)
20-25 minutes
(running pickups, turning jacks)
25-30 minutes
(quick turn and push, sitting push and kick, running intervals)
30-35 minutes
(mogul skiing, fast flutter, power run, sprint on spot)
35-40 minutes
(synchro intervals)
40-45 minutes
(warmdown- easy run, easy jacks, speed-skating)
45-50 minutes
(abs-crunches, knee swing, leg holds)

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Barry Britt runs 3 minute kilometers for 6K in Cross Country!! - 2008-03-07    
Genevieve Lalonde finished 6th out of 18 runners at the North American and Caribbean Cross Country Championships. Barry finished 8th out of 17 runners. Joel Bourgeois finished 9th out of 11 runners. Results can be found at
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Maps are on-line!! - 2008-03-07    
The route maps are now on-line for the races I am organizing. Please check them out and let me know what you think.

Canada Day 10 Miler and 5K

Check out


Lancaster 5K


Nerepis 30K

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March 4 Bulletin- Clearance Store Now Official!! - 2008-03-02    
The Lancaster store is now officially a clearance store. I am starting to receive spring orders so all clothing at the Lancaster store is now 30% off!! Be sure to grab winter items while you can as I will be boxing the winter stuff up soon. The Lancaster store remains at reduced hours until May 1 when soccer registration is in full swing. Keep in mind that this is clothing that we merely have poor sizing in so the quality is still high standard. The shoes are all at sale prices as well on the west side. If you are an ASICS fan, you should be checking for your size in the 2120 ($114.99!!).

We did a mini-run of jacket printing and it was a great success. If you would like your jacket printed with Valley Runners or West Striders, please leave your jacket with Alex. The print charge is covered.

The new shipments at the Rothesay store are new technical shirts from Reebok and shoes from ASICS. The women's long-sleeve has a back pocket for gels so it is perfect for marathon training. We are very excited to have the Women's Gel Nimbus. Super light with lots of cushioning!! Did I mention that all prices are checked with Running Room to make sure that we are lower...

Our customer reward program went very well in January and February. Our generous $10 for every $100 spent promotion is now over but I am preparing gift certificates for some of our top customers who were not able to make it in. If you believe you should be on this list, please contact Alex.

Have a great week and please consider joining our half or full marathon training groups. $60 cheap and it's good for the year!!

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Hypo Halfers Rock the Course - 2008-02-25    
Why didn’t I get this kind of weather when I was race director?? Chris Brake regained his title with a comfortable lead on the running machine Jim Miller. Saint John Track Coach Justin Miller  edged out  Bob McCord for third.  Suzanne Doucet opened a lead on Carolyn De Amicis & Connie Coffin and held on. Carolyn De Amicis passed Connie in the final kilometer. Some great age group results included Gary "Asbestos" Wiswell in 1:43:25. Congratulations to club runners Tim Lowery and Mike Waugh who both finished the tough distance as well. Club walker Carvel Crabbe shaked and baked to a third place finish in the walk category. Full results can be found on
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David Morris Memorial draws 40 runners!! - 2008-02-25    
The Miramichi Run Series is a fantastic grassroots initiative. Part of the series is the David Morris Memorial 5K. You can read about David Morris on 49 runners showed up for the event this past Sunday and results & photos can be found on A special thanks to Brian Richard who does so much work for the community and has a great website!!
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February 25 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-02-25    
Hi everyone,
It was a great weekend for races with both the David Morris Memorial 5K in Miramichi and the Hypothermic Half in Saint John. Check above for the stories. Congratulations to anyone who keeps up the competitive spirit in sub-zero temperatures!!

What’s next?? The Pete’s Pub St Paddy’s Dash is open for registration both on-line and in person. It will be a great time for sure!!

I want to thank Laura Roche for inviting me to speak to their run clinic in Miramichi. It was a lot of fun and we have a messaging group on facebook. I am always available to help with this sort of initiative if people are interested in starting a group at work or in the community. I’ll be talking to Jane Symington’s group in Sussex again in April which I am really looking forward to.

Pro Tip: Races don’t always have to be about a best time. It’s often about not forgetting what you love about running. It sounded like everyone really enjoyed seeing each other again after being in "retirement" for the winter months. Some runners even shocked themselves with how fit they have become by training though the cold weather. Congratulations Connie!!

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February 18 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-02-18    

Hi everyone,
Tough weather calls for tough measures and this is the scoop to handle the next two weeks:

-Your challenge is to do something of cardio nature now 6 days a week. It can be anything but indoor options  are key. The bigger challenge is to try to do 10 minutes of step-ups at one time. The soft landing is that all 6 days can involve as little as 10 minutes of exercise.

-If you are doing a long effort running, you need to include a long ride on a stationary bike. The quality of running outside right now is low so to keep your heart rate up, you need the bike!! Steady effort for at least 40 minutes......You can do it!!

These next two weeks are about bragging rights. This is where you will get your mental toughness for later. If you are having a tough run in April, you can always remind yourself that you ran in February (and it was gross!!)

Have a great week and don't forget to register on-line for the St Paddy's Dash!!


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Skate to Care Run Results!! - 2008-02-11    
The results are in!!

1. Todd Power 11:18 (from Salisbury)
2. Steve Hanlon 13:27
3. Evan Hachey 13:52
4. Sylvio Bourque 14:45 (from Grand Digue)
5. Frank Kelly 15:06
6. Jim Sullivan 15:08
7. Dave Lorette 15:10
8. Alex MacNeil 16:07
9. Colleen Lang 16:09 (first woman)
10. Amanda Thomson 18:10
11. Aimee Brown 19:09 (tied for first place on position guess)
12. Tim Lowery 19:19
13. Tom Peiser 20:04
14. Norm Fanjoy 21:23
15. Troy Carpenter 24:20 (tied for first place on position guess)
16. Jill Roach 24:20
17. Christine Robichaud 24:20
18. Andrea Stierle-MacNeil 26:09
19. Bob Beazley 30:45 (1st Nordic Walker)
20. Carvel Crabbe 30:46 (2nd Nordic Walker)
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February 11 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-02-11    
It was a great day at the Skate to Care run! Check out the results in the story above. Hats are still available from the race at $19.99 each.

For everyone getting ready for the Hypothermic, this is the time to get in hill repeats before it’s too late. The first half of the half is very demanding. Remember to enjoy the scenery!

I’ll be attending the Run NB meeting next Saturday so please let me know if you would like anything brought up. The other race directors will be there so I’ll try to get advance scoop for everyone. If you’re going up as well, be sure to join me for a run.

I’m very excited to be going up to Miramichi City to talk to a Learn to Run group there. Unfortunately, I’ll miss the Hypo while I’m there but Connie will be trying to defend the Coffin title for me. If anyone would like me to speak to their running group, I’m always up for it.

Pro Tip: With the Hypo in mind, my big tip is to wear a vest with pockets. You’ll need the pockets for your gloves and hat but a jacket can catch too much wind.

Don’t let the snow get you down. Remember the indoor workouts for consistency. Tuesdays and Thursdays at the pool for swimming or water running is a great option.

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Skate to Care on February 9!! - 2008-02-05    
It’s this Saturday!! There are four styles of the Skate to Care tuke. They are black-small, pink-small, black-big and navy-big. You can register on-line or at the store. Be sure to indicate what style of hat that you would like!! Race package pickup is at Harbour Station on race day . The run starts at 12:30pm. The hats will be ready for pickup at 10am at Harbour Station.

Another training night starts this week at the Valley Store. Denise runs with the aspiring halfers at 6:30pm on Thursday. People have already confirmed. It should be another great group.

I have new Wind-Stopper Jackets in from Adidas at the Valley Store. They are very bright and fashionable!!

The water circuit class is going full steam on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Aquatic Centre. We are attracting between 10 and 20 people and it's a great alternative to your regular noon workout.

All of our clothing at the West Side store is presently at a 20% discount except for our premium E-Nell Sports Tops.

Pro Tip: With the clinics this week, I’m working on balance with everyone. Take the time yourself to do one leg dips in front of a mirror. Watch your knee, watch your hip, knee over the toes but not in front of the toes, look for the shakes, equalize both dips...... It’s a great drill!!

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January 30 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-01-30    
I had to delay this week's bulletin as Super Steve was finalizing our on-line registration. We now have on-line registration up for the Skate to Care 2 Miler!! This will be a great event and the hats are very nice so you should reserve your size early. The big favourite Shamrock Shuffle sponsored by Pete's Pub is already up too!! On our main page on, you hit the Race Registration title at the top. Let us know what you think. We will be adding other events ASAP.

Our club nights are going very well!! Starting on February 7, we are adding an additional half training night at the Valley Store on Thursday nights!! A big thank you to Denise Long for taking on this night!

Thank you for everyone's support for the new format at the West Side store. The hours are reduced but the prices are great!! I urge you to compare. Both stores are offering incredible deals on running shoes!! Sale shoes include Wave Riders, Adrenalines, Glycerins, Adistar Cushions, Wave Elixirs, Air Structure Triax, Gel 1120, Gel 2220 and Adistar Controls.

Pro Tip of the Week: You'll have to check my Brownie photos on Facebook tomorrow from our run in the snow. Packed snowmobile trails are incredible to run on but be prepared for the occassional slip. Whichever way you make it into the woods, this is a special time to explore. Areas that are tough to navigate in the summer are much more accessible in the winter. However, if you are wearing shoes, be prepared for deep snow and unexpected debris just under the snow.
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Who you calling Fat Ass? - 2008-01-26    

From Friday's Globe and Mail

VANCOUVER — Tales of hikers lost in Lynn Valley after nightfall saturate the logs of North Shore Search and Rescue. Every winter, without fail, a few veer off course and spend a winter night flirting with hypothermia on the cliff-strewn mountainsides that flank Vancouver to the north.

This time of year there's an extra wrinkle: "Hazardous winter conditions," warns the ranger's stern voice on the park information line. "Expect snow and ice on all of our trails."

Such were the conditions on Wednesday when an accountant, a contractor and a computer programmer, among others, suited up in running tights, sneakers and headlamps at 9 p.m. to trot the trail.

"Is this dangerous?" they are asked of jogging the eight-kilometre circuit in a -2 C chill.

"Depends what you call dangerous," says the programmer, Colin Freeland, 38, who totes a cellphone and a space blanket just in case.

"Lots of spots for banging toes and twisting ankles," says the contractor, John Machray, 55, who has already run 10 kilometres from home just to get to the trailhead. "It's sloppy and slippery, rocky and rooty."

With that, they're off, crunching up the dark, frost-hardened trail, each puffing columns of vapour, each assured in the company of their fellow maniacs.

Call them fat asses. The term has become a badge of honour in Vancouver's running community, where members of a burgeoning group called Club Fat Ass have garnered a reputation for their hijinks off the beaten trail.

"We're known for excessive running followed by excessive beer drinking," Mr. Machray says.

Their events, or "informal endurance sports parties," have become legend for reasons the race names alone explain: New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim, Ann's Get Your Fat Ass Off The Couch Run, Pure Foolishness 72K.

The fat ass concept started in California during the late seventies. An ultra-marathoner named Joe Oakes organized an informal 50-mile run and figured the name Fat Ass 50 would make it less intimidating.

The no-frills concept spread to Vancouver in 1993, when Ean Jackson inaugurated the New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 as a torturous hangover antidote for friends.

"I wanted it to be no frills and no charge," says Mr. Jackson, 50. "It was my gift to my buddies on New Year's Day."

The fat asses soon took to the Web, using it to organize runs without the hassles of registration, fees and formal prizes. "If you just put it on the Web, you can keep it small and keep it simple," Mr. Jackson says. "You don't need $150, you're not going to get a T-shirt."

Fat asses don't get rewarded for best times either. Instead, prizes might go to the runner who ventured farthest off course, suffered the worst injury or picked up the most garbage.

Club members now hold more than 50 free oddball events a year.

Some runs are less structured than others.

In 2003, four fat asses set out to conquer the 180-kilometre stretch of rock and salal between Desolation Sound and Saltery Bay along the Sunshine Coast.

"We almost got killed the first year," says Mr. Jackson, one member of the foursome. "We got lost. Real lost. The local community told us it couldn't be run."

The next year they returned, and Mr. Jackson completed the course in two days.

"I ran the whole thing on rice pudding and beef jerky," he says.

Tonight's run is a short affair leading up to next week's seven-hour Run For the Haggis (kilts, scotch and fake Scottish accents encouraged at the after party) and the Capilano Canyon Night Run - Mardi Gras on Feb. 16, for which costumes are optional.

Back in the Lynn Valley, the five runners keep a tight formation, hemmed in by trickling brooks and towering second-growth evergreens that block out the waning moon.

At the top, the path gets slippery. They carefully pick their way down a set of ice-covered stairs.

Mr. Freeland normally runs the loop in about 55 minutes. Tonight the time will be longer. But that's okay.

"Part of the beauty of CFA is that nobody really cares how fast you are," says Karl Jensen, 58, still sore after completing the Pure Foolishness 72K last weekend in about 14 hours. This March he plans to run a 100-miler with Mr. Machray.

"The times are on the honour system. There's nobody waiting at the finish line with a stopwatch, so you can run as slow as you want for as far as you want. We call it the roll-your-own model."

It's that informality that attracted Penny Jakobsen, 43, a Vancouver mother of four, to the club last August. She joined up the first time she saw the club's bright red T-shirts with the slogan, "I may be a fat ass but I'm in front of you" emblazoned across the back.

"I thought it would be intimidating at first with all these serious athletes, but they're just as serious about having a good time," Ms. Jakobsen says.

With many of the most active members ranging into their 50s and 60s, she saw her fellow club members more as inspiration than intimidation.

When the Lynn Valley runners finally make it back to the trailhead, Mr. Machray pulls out a Caramilk bar and explains the age range.

"Age doesn't matter in ultra running," he says. "We have women in their 60s and guys in their 20s."

The accountant, Ron Adams, 59, adds that the combination of slow speeds and spongy trails strengthens connective tissues in ways that road running does not.

"It's extreme sports for old folks," says Mr. Machray, before finishing his Caramilk and padding quickly into the night. "Only another 10 kilometres to go."

(Alex's note: You can become a member too or maybe even an event organizer. Visit


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January 21 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-01-21    
We now have entry forms at both stores for the February 9 Skate to Care 2 Miler. For only $20, you receive an Adidas Hat and donate $10 to MindCare. The 2 Mile route is an out and back on the Harbour Passage. It should be a lot of fun so register early so you get your favourite colour hat!! More info is on

Alanna Steiner is giving a talk at our Valley Store on Wednesday night. Alanna has opened a local chiropratic practice. Come meet her at 6:30pm and then we'll run at about 7pm.

Our West Side Store has been reformatted to clear out our older stock. Although the hours are reduced so are the prices!! Check it out soon.

Pro Tip: (From the 2002 Runner's World) To treat hip and knee pain, try the following: (1) Stretch gently several times a day starting with the quads then the hamstrings then the ITB (2) incorporate hip abductor exercises into your strength program (3) avoid fast downhill running (4) avoid running on cambered roads.
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Geoff Mabey speaking to Run Groups - 2008-01-16    
Geoff Mabey, BPE, CAT(c), Osteopathy current study (first year) from Port City Physiotherapy Clinic is speaking to our run groups on Wednesday night at the Valley store and Thursday night at the West Side store this week. Geoff is presenting on stability and injury prevention. Short walk/run afterwards!!
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Jadoo rises to the top! - 2008-01-14    
Steve Jadoo of Quispamsis had the best performance of any NBer in the Walt Disney Marathon. Based on age group percentage, he outdid his fellow NB competitors although West SJers Jackie Atwell and MartraKelly gave him a good run for the money. Steve also completed the half marathon the day before with his wife Elizabeth to complete the Goofy Challenge.

Steve Jadoo 61.8% 3:49:39
Jackie Atwell 52.9% 4:24:31
Marta Kelly 52.2% 4:30:05
Carole Morey 49.8% 4:58:18
Regis Doucet 49.2% 4:36:00
Al Clarke 48.8% 4:40:28
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Skate to Care Run is Set for February 9!! - 2008-01-14    
The hats have been ordered and now the scoop is that we might get shirts as well from the skate organizers. Event day registration will be at the Harbour Station but you can pick up your package up the week before at our two stores. The registration fee is $20 and you are guaranteed an Adidas winter hat. $10 of the entry fee goes to the Mind Care charity. We will also have chili afterwards. The 2 mile walk/run route is an out and back on the Harbour Passage. Please e-mail with any questions.The race starts at approximately 12:30pm after taking part in an opening ceremony at Harbour Station.  See you on Saturday, February 9!!
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January 14 Weekly Bulletin - 2008-01-14    
HI everyone,

Check out the scoop on the February 9 Skate to Care Walk/Run on It's a great cause and you might even get BOTH a hat and a shirt for $20. We're aiming for 200 participants.

Our clinic schedule has started and we have a lot more room. The only clinics that didn't attract interest were the morning clinics. Everything else is going great and it's never too late to join. Check out the schedule on and please remember that the water running is now Tuesday and Thursday.

Contact us for our new $99.99 winter tread sale. It involves the Nike Air Assail, Brooks Vapor, Brooks Cascadia, Brooks Ariel and the Nike Air 180.

Pro Tip: (From Amby Burfoot-Runner's World) Five things to include in your training journal: 1. Short Term Goals  2. Long Term Goals 3. Shoe Mileage  4. Notes on aches and pains  5. Remember the non running stuff

Have a great week!!
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This will make you feel warmer!! - 2008-01-06    

From Friday’s Globe and Mail

YELLOWKNIFE — As any top athlete knows, the best training regimens incorporate an element of brutality.

Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer prepares for big matches in the searing desert heat of Dubai. Sumo wrestlers wallop one another with baseball bats or bamboo swords to get fighting fit. Ex-NHL sharpshooter Pavel Bure was known for skating lap after lap trailing a parachute.

And then there’s Lore-ann Krysko.

The 44-year-old government worker may not aspire to such lofty athletic heights, but that doesn’t mean her training is any less severe. Ms. Krysko is a marathoner living in Yellowknife, where the mere act of stepping outside in running tights this time of year is a test of will.

“Those first couple minutes where you’re thinking you aren’t going to be warm enough are the worst,” says Ms. Krysko, who has won both the Yellowknife and Hay River, NWT, half-marathons. “But if you actually go through with it, it does make you psychologically tougher.”

Yellowknife’s average January temperature hovers between lows around -30 C and highs around -20. Hypothermia can set in instantly. Exposed skin can freeze in a matter of minutes. And yet Yellowknife has become a city of runners.

Through a combination of sheer resolve and specialized attire such as wind briefs and shoes studded like snow tires, joggers in the capital city have formed what must be one of the world’s hardiest running communities.

“It really gets the blood pumping for the few daylight hours that we have,” says Francis Chang, 51, who has helped train several hundred Yellowknifers over the years through programs at the gym he owns. Mr. Chang says 80 to 120 aspiring runners, aged from teens to early 60s, sign up for his groups every year, though not all of them stick to it through the frigid winter months.

Like most people here, Mr. Chang had no desire to run in -35 wind chill when he first arrived in town more than 30 years ago. “I hated running,” he says. He wasn’t keen on the whole town seeing him sweat either. “I was too embarrassed to run in the open like that, so I ran on a treadmill instead.”

On a -38 day in December, his brother finally convinced him he should try it. He overdressed in a heavy jacket and thick mittens, but by the time he’d shed down to an undershirt, he was hooked. Today, he heads into the cold for a run three times a week and sometimes brings upward of 18 people with him.

The hardest part about northern running is overcoming the initial shock of opening the front door. “It’s like jumping into a cold pool,” says Corey McLachlan, 30, another avid runner. “Your first impression is to jump right back out.”

But eventually, most runners decide that the benefits outmatch the discomforts. “Because the winters are so long, you need to be outside and active and doing things,” Mr. McLachlan says. “If you don’t, the winters feel longer and darker and colder.”

The right clothes go a long way in easing into an arctic running routine.

For men, wind-resistant briefs are a must. “As a guy, you only forget to wear those once,” Mr. McLachlan says.

Other sartorial standards include several different weights of thermal underwear, mitts, hiking socks and balaclavas, which dampen the burning sensation of breathing frosty air.

Footwear often depends on the weather. Mr. Chang prefers a special Swedish shoe that comes with small cleats. “You can run on ice and turn on a dime,” he says.

Others use Yaktrax, webs of rubber and metal bands that pull over the bottom of any normal shoe for added


As for food and water, the trick is to carry everything as close to the skin as possible. Even a poorly insulated CamelBak – a back-mounted water carrier – won’t freeze until about -25 as long as it’s worn underneath a jacket. Energy bars need to be warmed up in an armpit before they’re soft enough to chew.

And you can pretty much forget about wearing an iPod. The batteries barely last an hour unless kept warm against the skin.

Armed with the right attire, Yellowknifers run a number of unique events over the winter months.

In one loosely organized event, runners strike out across Great Slave Lake for the village of Detah, about 13 kilometres away.

And last year marked the inauguration of the Rock and Ice Ultra. This ultra-marathon features two running events: a one-day, 75-kilometre race and a three-day, 135-kilometre race. The temperature plummeted to -40 for last year’s event, prompting half of the more than 100 participants – who come from as far away as Taiwan, South Africa and France – to drop out.

“After -40, nothing works,” says Scott Smith, the race director, who’s anticipating a much larger international field this year. “That’s about when you have to pull the plug.”

But that hasn’t stopped Ms. Krysko from signing up for this year’s event, which starts March 22. She started training specifically for the ultra on Boxing Day with a four-hour run in -27 weather. “I mainly wanted to make sure that my food wouldn’t freeze,” she says.

Ms. Krysko is also training for the Ironman triathlon in August in Penticton, B.C., where she hopes her extreme training will give her an edge.

“Every time that cold wind hits, you think ‘other people aren’t doing this,’ ” she says. “Psychologically, that makes you tougher. And plus, lugging all that extra clothing around has got to make you stronger.”

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Club Schedule Starts This Week!! - 2008-01-06    
Everything starts this week. You have had a much needed break and now it’s time to start preparing for the spring. Please e-mail me at if you have any questions. Below are the sessions for your target distance:

Learn to Run 5K: Valley on Monday night,  West Side on Thursday night
10K, Half Marathon: Valley on Tuesday night, West Side on Tuesday night
Marathon: Valley on Saturday morning, West Side on Saturday morning

For the kids, Saint John Track practices start this week with Thursday nights at UNBSJ and Sunday afternoons at Harry Miller Middle School. You can get full information on

Pro Tip: We’re following two major rules for the start of the clinics. One is that at least 75% of your training should be of the slow aerobic nature to start. The second is to modify things for the weather, at least 30% of your training should be cross-training or indoors.

Have a great week everyone!
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Check out the photos - 2008-01-02    
E-mail me at and I can link you to the photos on facebook.

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Polar Bear Dip Time and Resolution Begins - 2007-12-31    
Why would you do the dip?? ...Because it blanks the slate. It’s like using an etch.a.sketch. The mind-numbing cold forces you to blank out anything negative from 2007 and, as you rush screaming back to the beach, it can be nothing but better vibes for 2008. You may ask yourself then why don’t I just pretend and then go back to sleep. .... Because your new polar bear dip friends await you and there’s none better. Social support for exercise is often more important than the benefits of the exercise itself. And if your fellow friends are willing to dive into bone-chilling waters, that group must be the best type of social support. Or they may be insane and you should truly stay in bed.....but wait, one last attempt.... just like the marathon, polar bear dippers are a small percentage of the population but it’s over in 20 seconds not 5 hours. You can answer this challenge and you didn’t even need to do a training dip beforehand. New Year’s Day at noon at Mispec Beach!!

Socks help with this weather and I have special cold weather double layer socks in from Wright. We don’t have any of the slip-on treads but they are available at Kents. We do however have Goretex runners from Puma and Nike. Give me an e-mail on availability!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a safe New Year’s. Our club schedule starts next week (see below). Once the different groups are confirmed, schedules will be sent out to club members. I am very pleased to welcome back Denise Long on Tuesday nights on the West Side and Ed Bowe on Thursdays/Saturdays on the West Side. My wife Connie is heading the Tuesday night crew in Rothesay (10K/ Half). The 10am and noon crews are dependent on attendance. Club fees are $60 for the year which gives you access to any of our club workouts at either store. Aquatic Centre workouts involve a drop-in fee if you are not a member of the Aquatic Centre.

Starting January 7:
Monday at 6:30pm- Learn to Run (Valley Store)
Tuesday at 10am- Walk/Run (West Side)
Tuesday at 12:10pm- Water Running (Aquatic Centre)
Tuesday at 6:30pm- 10K/Half (West Side)
Tuesday at 6:30pm- 10K/Half (Valley Store)
Wednesday at noon- Walk/Run (Valley Store)
Wednesday at 6:00pm- Hill Group (Valley Store)
Wednesday at 6:30pm- Everyone Welcome (Valley Store)
Thursday at 10am- Walk/Run (West Side)
Thursday at 12:10pm- Interval Group (Aquatic Centre)
Thursday at 6:30pm- Learn to Run (West Side)
Thursday at 6:30pm- Everyone Welcome (West Side)
Friday at 12:10pm- Water Running (Aquatic Centre)
Saturday at 9am- Everyone Welcome (Valley Store)
Saturday at 9am- Marathon Group (Valley Store)
Saturday at 9am- Everyone Welcome (West Side Store)
Saturday at 9am- Marathon Group (West Side Store)

Pro Tip: (from last January’s Runners World from Mark Allen)
"If you want to be a runner for life, 90% of your training should be in your aerobic zone, which is around  75% of your maximum heart rat. That’s where you’re going to stimulate your systems, rather than wearing them down."
When I saw this quote, I had to use it. Mark Allen, former Ironman Hawaii Winner, still works out at least once a day. A lot of people here often question how much I train and how it must be genetic that I don’t get hurt. Truth is my immediate family have a history of knee issues and I even hurt my knee at a hockey game in high school. There are quite a few people who run faster than me on a regular training run but you have to know when to push it and when to run easy. I started in the 70s and I’m still going strong. 2008 will be another great one and I hope you join me for a run in the new year!!!!
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Chris and Cliff?s excellent adventure - 2007-12-28    
Copied from the Fredericton Daily Gleaner


Chris Gairns and Cliff Worden-Rogers are hitting the road.

But rather than taking a vacation, the local athletes are off on an adventure that will combine their love of sport with a chance to see more of Canada and the U.S.

"When I graduated, it was a dream of mine to sponsor myself and go on a trip, to take in a lot of sights and see where I wanted to live before I begin life as an engineer," says Worden-Rogers.

Instead of heading for Europe, he wanted to stick closer to home and discover his own backyard.

"I always wanted to go across Canada and I thought why not go across the states too on this trip."

Gairns is happy to be going with him.

"I'm finishing my masters and between school and starting real life, this is the only chance I'm going to get."

The plan is to travel from January to May, returning to Fredericton in time to graduate from the University of New Brunswick, where the two are students.

"We'll go down the Eastern seaboard in the states, across to Arizona and California, then back up the west coast to Vancouver and across Canada back to Fredericton," says Worden-Rogers.

"There will be some longer stops along the way, in Arizona and in California."

While they're travelling, the pair will be doing some filming, which they will post on their website,, says Gairns.

Both of them started individual websites this year, which can be accessed through their joint website.

"We hope to get people following around town while we're doing whatever. Every day we'll try and update, saying where we are and what we did that day," says Gairns.

And much of what they'll be doing will revolve around multi-sporting events.

Multi-sport is the combination of two or more sports. The one most people recognize is the triathlon, which combines running, biking and swimming.

"It's something Chris has done very well in lately," says Worden-Rogers.

Gairns admits when he first tried it, he wasn't exactly a natural.

"I grew up in Fredericton playing hockey, baseball, rowing, golf, then got out of high school and there were no more team sports for me to play."

A friend was doing a triathlon and he decided to give it a go.

"I almost drowned and I crashed on my bike and I rolled my ankle on the run," he says, laughing. "When I finished I was way back and I was tired and bruised and bleeding and I thought, 'This is really fun.'"

Everyone has a story like that, says Worden-Rogers, adding, "The first one is always the worst and it's always the one you remember."

The good news is, it only gets better, as Gairns has proven.

Like Gairns, Worden-Rogers was involved in different sports growing up. The pair met at UNB running cross country.

Sport is really a part of who these guys are.

"I love to see how far I can go and I like to see how fast I can do it in," says Worden-Rogers.

Gairns notes that "people might think that we are just a couple guys going on a road trip, so what, big deal, right?"

But as high-performance multi-sport athletes, there is a lot more to it than that.

"We are going to be training two to four hours a day, six days a week during this adventure," he says. "Some weeks will hit 25-30 hours of training. We are really going to try to make it onto the world stage and compete with the best."

While they're at it, Worden-Rogers wants to promote the fact that neither of them are Olympic athletes.

"We're just two guys that like to go out and train and like to go out and do these things."

He'd like to get the message across that normal people can do multi-sport events.

Thanks to their involvement with groups like Triathlon Nova Scotia and Triathlon New Brunswick, the pair has already started promoting multi-sport events.

What Worden-Rogers is most looking forward to on this trip is to making every moment count.

"Trying to make the 24 hours last as long as possible. I want to stretch out the days and get so relaxed about doing what we like doing."

And while he's doing that, he admits he's trying to put off the future for a little bit.

"I'm just looking forward to when we get to these amazing sites to just have the freedom to do what we want. We'll have our bikes in the back. If we get to a huge mountain, we can pull over, lock the car, get our bikes out and ride up to the top," says Gairns.

The only firm date they have booked right now is the California 70.3 on March 29, which is a half ironman.

"There are 2,500 competitors. That's a two kilometre swim, a 90K bike and a half marathon at the end, so 21K," says Gairns.

He recently returned from the 1/2 Ironman world championships in Florida, with 1,600 of the fastest athletes in the world. He came in 84th overall and was the first Canadian to finish.

You don't need to travel to compete, he says. There is a local multi-sport event people can try called the Duncan Hadley Triathlon and Duathlon.

"People might wonder why they should try one of these events. Well, it doesn't have to be a triathlon. It just has to be anything, a duathlon (run-bike-run), a 5K run or simply a walk around the block," says Gairns.

"It is an amazing feeling of self-accomplishment you get when you attempt something you have never tried before, or think you cannot do, and you do it."

This is what keeps them going and trying to reach new goals, he says.

"Anyone can get that feeling, you just need to try. Overcoming adversity makes you a better, more complete person. It is a lifestyle change -- for the better," says Gairns.

He would like to generate some interest in a healthy lifestyle though this trip and show that anyone can do this.

Gairns and Worden-Rogers hit the road on Jan. 8 or 9 and will return to Fredericton in May. To check on their progress, visit

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December 24 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-12-23    
First of all, I hope each and every one of you have a great Christmas! Our stores are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday but we are open for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Valley Store. Our boxing day special involves a rewards program based on your purchases up to December 1, 2007. You receive a $10 credit for every $100 spent in our stores before December 1!! Thank you very much for supporting our business.

We have put in our event dates for 2008 on If you have any other ideas for events, just let me know. Our charities for 2008 will include the Lancaster Kinsmen, Skate to Care, Canadian Cancer Society, St Mark’s United, PRO Kids, River Valley Track, Lily Lake Pavillion, KV Fields Association, Saint John Track Club and Romero House.

Our club run on December 27 will take place as usual at 6:30pm at the West Side Store. We are very lucky to have a visting presenter from Ontario. Sharon Shew is the Managing Partner of Mobile Health Network and she will be presenting on the importance on fitness testing before our run. Her website is Our Saturday runs will both take place as normal next Saturday at 9am.

$10 tickets are available for the New Year’s Party at Tapps at the West Side store. E-mail me to reserve at

I have included an obituary of Malcolm Harris on the store website. It was the biggest funeral I have ever witnessed at St Mark’s United and my grandfather used to be the organist there. He will definitely be missed and his work on behalf of the River Valley Track Association was invaluable!

Pro Tip: Walking/running and proper hydration helps with constipation and hangovers. This is the season for heavy eating and drinking so enjoy yourself but keep the short runs in there so you come out of the holidays in one piece!

Have a great week!
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Malcolm Harris Fondly Remembered - 2007-12-22    

(Pasted from the Saint John Telegraph Journal)

Community leader’s life was defined by his actions

Mike Mullen

GRAND BAY-WESTFIELD - Doing what is right.

That, says his wife of 35 years, was what defined the life of retired Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission case worker, family man, community activist and avid golfer Malcolm (Mac) Harris, 62, who lost a brief battle with pancreatic cancer on Tuesday.

"Malcolm took a lot of pride in just being the right kind of person, a good person, doing the right thing," Carolyn (Little) Harris said Wednesday. "He instinctively knew what is good and right and honest, and he did it. He loved people and family and golf - and helping people out."

The McAdam native never shied away from helping others despite the fact it was a Christmas Eve 1968 attempt at being a Good Samaritan that cost him both his career as a newly minted member of the RCMP Musical Ride and, after 21 operations over the next eight years, the left leg that was mangled badly when he was struck by a bus on a Quebec highway. He and friend were heading home for the holidays when they came up on a pileup near Rivière-du-Loup in white-out conditions. When they got out of their car to assist the victims, the bus hit Harris from behind.

He was even more devastated when the RCMP medically discharged him after four years of service. With only a high school diploma and new physical limitations, the lustre had come off his once-bright future. But with a bit of prompting from Carolyn, who had fallen for the "handsome Mountie in red serge" six years her senior when he visited his hometown in 1968, he was determined to turn things around.

Between operations on his leg, Harris entered into married life while earning a bachelor of business administration degree. It was his ticket to employment with the WHSCC, from which he retired in 2000.

Despite her father’s warning that "love doesn’t take the place of a baked potato," Carolyn said they married on May 6, 1972, at the Baptist Church in McAdam and lived off his student loan and her income as a supply teacher.

"We had no money, no car, but we were happy," she said.

Their joy increased threefold with the adoption of first son Jason (who died in 2003) and the birth of David and Steven, as they settled into family life on Scotia View Drive.

"Malcolm was my No. 1 fan," said Carolyn. "He loved me very, very much. He had a wonderful sense of humour and he would sing country and western songs when we were out in the car. The twangier they were, the better."

There was never any question he loved her or his sons, she said, but he could be strict with them as he tried to instill his old-fashioned values of what was right and wrong in them. He also saved up three years running to take them to Boston to see the Celtics (NBA) and Bruins (NHL) play.

Moving to a waterfront home in Grand Bay-Westfield in 2005, it didn’t take Harris long to fit in.

"He was a man who embraced his new community and the community embraced him," said Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier. "He joined the River Valley Community Centre and, in his second year, became chairperson. He also served as co-chair of the River Valley Track Committee. During my last visit with him, he said, ’I’ve lived a selfish life - I’ve sucked up all the sunshine, love and laughter I could.’ That describes Mac."

Over the years, as a die-hard Tory, Harris was involved in a number of political campaigns at all levels, as well as a large number of community organizations at both the local and provincial levels. He was particularly proud of his work with the Saint John Police Commission, the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission and the Masonic order. He was a former deputy grand master of District 1 and served as president and secretary of the Saint John Shrine Club. He was involved in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, serving as longtime secretary and an immensely proud recipient of the 33rd degree.

He was an elder at both St. Mark’s United Church, Saint John (West), where a memorial service will be held at 1 p.m Friday, and Westfield United Church.

Born in McAdam on Sept. 8, 1945, Malcolm Arnold Harris was a son of the late Janice and Ronald Harris, a CPR yardmaster. Besides his wife, his survivors include sons David and Steven; one grandson, Luke; and two sisters.

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Christmas Lights Run Success!! - 2007-12-21    
We had a great time at both of the Christmas Light Runs at the West Side and in the Valley. Over 30 pairs of shoes, boots and one jacket were donated to Romero House. We even got to meet Santa at Murphyville!!
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UNBSJ Track Funding - 2007-12-18    
The City of Saint John just accepted a budget for 2008 that includes $1 million to be earmarked for the UNBSJ track. Congratulations to Bill MacMackin for being a part of the lobby efforts to get this commitment from the city. The Saint John Track Club successfully hosted the 2007 Canadian Masters Track and Field Championships at the UNBSJ track earlier this summer.
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December 17 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-12-17    
You have to check out
I think we may have to import this run to Saint John next year!!

We have two great runs for charity this week and you don't have to wear a Speedo!! This Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Valley Store and this Thursday at 6:30pm at the West Side Store, you can bring an old pair of shoes and receive a christmas ornament in return. Please remember that they need to be "wearable" as all shoes are being donated to Romero House.

I'm ordering in more men's winter pants from Sugoi as we basically sold out. If you need to me to reserve a pair for you, please contact me at A great Christmas idea is a gift certificate which can then be used for the pants when they come in.

The Tuesday night Learn to Run  Group is now finished until after the holidays but the Everyone Welcome groups continue through with only Christmas and Boxing Day cancelled.  Please check our club/everyone welcome schedule on the right side of the front page on We have a heavy schedule for 2008!!
The Aquatic Centre schedule this week is Tuesday (top vote), Thursday (Burpee), Friday (Hands Up Water Running)

Pro Tip: Finish with some lunges. Hip flexibility is very important as it is essential to optimal stride length and maintaining a smooth stride (Fee, 2005). After you have run or worked out aerobically, try 20 lunges as part of your routine. If you have balance issues, you can use a wall or a railing to assist your lunges. This a great way to maintain a certain amount of flexibility when the natural tendency is to tighten up after prolonged training or normal routine.

Have a great week!!
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Check out Mike Power's Blog - 2007-12-12    
I am always looking for new links for my marathon news website, It's great when you find a link with local content. Mike Power of St Andrews has a blog site that you can link to with
Check it out and let me know if you have a website that you think I should promote as well.

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December 11 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-12-11    
Our special Christmas Lights Runs take place on December 19 and December 20. They take place at the normal time of 6:30pm at the Valley Store on Wednesday and the West Side Store on Thursday. If you bring an old pair of shoes to donate to Romero House, you will receive a special Christmas Ornament!!

Monday Night Brisk Walk Group is back on. No matter the weather, Carvel Crabbe is there. Polers and non-polers are welcome. It’s a short distance and the route is decided beforehand so no one gets lost. Walkers meet at 6:30pm at the Lancaster store.

If you haven't committed to a party yet, we’re helping support a New Year’s Eve Party at Tapps at 8pm. Tickets are $10 and we are providing some draw prizes. The top floor of Tapps is being reserved for us. For those of you doing the Resolution Run, we are a short walk up the hill after your walk/run. Whatever your plans for New Year’s Eve, there is always the polar bear dip at Mispec Beach the next day. Now that’s starting off 2008 in style.

The Sugoi Zap Jackets are going quick. They’re lightweight and very visible. We are also ordering some more reflective dog leashes so e-mail me if you would like me to assign one for you.

Pro Tip: I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jeff Galloway when I was in Victoria. At the time, he was sponsored by PowerBar so every tip he gave had product placement in it but in a funny way. His comments are always informative in Runner’s World. His tips for revving up for a run once in the August 2004 edition were:  (a) eat a small high-carbohydrate snack and drink a caffeinated beverage 30 to 60 minutes before a run (b) tell yourself you’re only going to run for 10 minutes (but keep going once the body is in motion because it wants to stay in motion (c) stop briefly and start again with the idea that the breaks make the run more manageable (d) as you finish the run , talk up the accomplishment to yourself (out loud). To use this strategy in Saint John would be: (a) stop at Tim Horton’s before a run for a coffee and a donut (b) plan on running the Harbour Passage but extend the run to the new statues at the old Centracare site (c) stop for a stretch with Glooscap and take in the view (d) finish at the Aquatic Centre hot tub and tell everybody about your great run.
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Fabulous Five - 2007-12-11    
It was a north-south shakedown as Alain Caron and Roger Levesque from the North Shore took on Margaret Johnson, Mike Breen and Jerry Power from the South Shore. Mike Breen started late but caught up to the other four runners. Mike and Alain Caron duked it out late but then Margaret launched an attack with 2K to go to win the "NQTH" title. Great job by all five in less than ideal conditions!!
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December 3 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-12-02    

Santa Shuffled: Congratulations to everyone who came out to the Santa Shuffle this past Saturday. It was a great cause as the Salvation Army does a lot of great work both in Saint John and elsewhere. The wind on the causeway was howling but everyone did great. I hope you remember this event for next year as it deserves a bigger crowd. I put some photos on the facebook club page.

From The 18th annual Not-the-Honolulu Marathon will take place on Saturday, December 08, 2007 in Fredericton (Start time 09:00 from the Hugh John Fleming Forestry Centre). After word of this near-cult-status, perennial favourite leaked out last year, it attracted a field of so many elites and athletes from away that Not-the-Race-Director Mike McKendy had to be persuaded {OK, restrained} not to cap registration before race day! ... and the schwag last year may never be outdone. Satisfied with last year’s tweaks to the new course, the Not-the-Race Director has decreed no changes (maybe) - meaning we can actually re-use the course map from last year. Again, in keeping with tradition, you may wish to enter the half, full, a team relay or specify any distance you may wish to complete. Registration is $25.00 and only online at Atlantic Chip Event Timing. Post race awards reception and meal will be at Isaac’s Way (Carleton Street) immediately following the event. available

Back in SJ: We’re helping support a New Year’s Eve Party at Tapps at 8pm. Tickets are $10 and we are providing some draw prizes. The top floor of Tapps is being reserved for us. For those of you doing the Resolution Run, we are a short walk up the hill after your walk/run. Whatever your plans for New Year’s Eve, there is always the polar bear dip at Mispec Beach the next day. Now that’s starting off 2008 in style.

Doing Us Proud: The National Cross Country Running Championships were just held in Guelph, Ontario. Barry Britt of Hampton finished 9th in Junior Boys. Geneviève Lalonde of Moncton placed 4th and Sarah MacPherson of Fredericton placed 10th for Junior Girls. Joel Bourgeois of Grand Digue finished 9th in Senior Men.

Cold Enough??:  We have lots of gloves and hats in stock. With this wind, you may consider a balaclava. Winter pants and winter tights are also in from Sugoi.

Monday Nights: We’re open again in Lancaster on Mondays so the "brisk walkers" are back on Mondays at 6:30pm. The idea is to have a short distance each week with a predetermined route. Polers and non-polers are both welcome. We have adjustable poles for rent if you want to try out a pair. Remember Yennah’s group for nordic walking and you can check out her club schedule on

Tuesday Nights: Connie is taking over the Learn to Run group in the Valley this week.  Expect better jokes and better nutritional advice. Connie is a registered dietitian with Public Health. This group will be turned into a 5K/10k group in the new year while a new learn to run group will start on Monday nights in 2008.

Pro Tip: Liz Applegate always provides great information for runners with her column in Runner’s World. Here was her tip for eating before races but you can follow the same procedure for a regular run. 5K: Stay light on your feet with a high-carb meal about two hours before the start. Stick with 200-300 calories. 10K: Add a tad of protein and fat for some staying power. Aim for 300-400 calories and eat three to four hours before you start running. Half Marathon: This run takes anywhere from 75 minutes to more than 3 hours which means glycogen stores may run dry. Eat about 400-800 calories four hours before the run to allow for plemty of time for digestion. Choose low glycemic index carbs for a steady release of energy. (Alex’s tip: If the preceding routine does not happen, don’t panic and alter your pace accordingly, carry gels and/or include a bathroom on your route!!).

Have a great week!!


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November 27 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-11-27    
Thank you to everyone who came out to our 1st Year Celebration Runs. We were able to raise $100 for the Saint John Track Club and $200 towards tickets for the River Valley Track. Congratulations to the free shoe winners!

Please remember the Santa Shuffle this Saturday. It’s always a nice touch finishing at the Salvation Army. Things start at 10am at the Market Square Running Room.

A friend of mine, Katherine Maber, is organizing a New Year’s Eve Party. It’s taking place at Tapps at 8pm. Tickets are $10 and you can reserve one by e-mailing me at If you are doing the Resolution Run beforehand, it’s an easy walk up the hill afterwards.

Our new Sugoi shipment is in and the product looks great. We have new winter jackets and pants that feel like you can scuba dive in!!

Our schedule at the Aquatic Centre this week is Tuesday: Short Howe, Thursday: Fast Howe, Friday: "Howedy" Partners

Pro Tip: Strengthen the core with four great moves (see,7120,s6-380-381--11905-0,00.html). Core strength helps protect your back from the pounding on the road and helps you maintain your posture better.
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November 19 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-11-19    
-See the article below. Free shoes for draw, Christmas ornaments!! It should be a lot of fun.

-Our clinic schedule is out for January. Check out the article on the right hand side of our front page. Denise Long will be back for Tuesday nights.

-This is the time to try out our walking poles. Check out the article on the right hand side of our front page. The West Side store will be open again on Monday nights in December for an everyone welcome walk.

-Don’t forget our big sale on shoes. See the article below for information.

-The Saint John Track website has been updated with the winter indoor schedule. The kid’s love it. The address is

Quick updates today but it should be a fantastic week!! I hope to see you soon!
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Local Stepping Up - 2007-11-16    
I just noticed our national competitor’s ad in the paper. It’s our policy to match any prices so I hope you continue to support local ownership. Not only will we match but the following deals will remain in place until stock is sold out. You can also be assured that we will continue to outsupport our national competitor in event sponsorship in 2008 just like 2007. Stay tuned for future details on our customer loyalty program based on your 2007 purchases. Our toll free phone number is 1-866-440-4322 or those of you outside the Saint John area. Find the following sales at our stores:

ASICS 2120 $114.99
Mizuno Wave Rider $119.99 (RR is $124.99)
Mizuno Wave Elixir $114.99
Saucony Progrid Triumph $124.99
Nike Air Structure $124.99
Brooks Adrenaline $114.99

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1 Year Celebration Walk/Runs - 2007-11-10    
We're having a special walk/run at each store to celebrate the one year anniversary of opening the first store. The walk/run will be approximately 5K. We're asking for an optional fee of $10 which gives you a chance at our draw and a special christmas ornament. Funds raised this year are going towards the River Valley Track (West Side) and the Saint John Track Club (Valley). The River Valley Track is presently selling meters off and the ground has already been broken in Grand Bay Westfield. The Saint John Track Club added indoor practices last year at Harry Middle School in the colder weather to go along with the practices at UNBSJ. The run at the valley store will take place on November 20 at 6:30pm while the run at the west side store will take place on November 22 at 6:30pm.  Up for draw at both stores will be two free pairs of shoes from Puma. We made it through the first year of operation and are now enjoying a healthy increase in business. Please let me know if you have any suggestion for our operations in 2007/2008 (
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November 12 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-11-10    
Be sure to join us for our celebration runs on November 20 and November 22. It’s never easy to start a business but, thanks to your support, year 2 is under way and looking good. Full story is on the website.

The Halloween Hoofin’ for the Food Bank was another big success thanks to Malcolm Boyd. Luckily, I had on my nursing outfit at the time and was able to join the group. Al Babineau (Maytag Man) and Margaret Johnson (Miss Piggy) won best costume awards.

I just ordered in some new Nike hats, headbands and gloves. The hats have a ponytail opening for the ladies and Evan Hachey!

Joe and I had one newcomer this Saturday in the Valley at the morning run and we are looking for more. The weather has been great and the jokes are good! Our next big run/race will be the Santa Shuffle on December 1. If anyone is interested in running from the Valley or West Side Stores on Wednesday noons or afternoons, please contact me at

The noon hour runs are going great at the Aquatic Centre. This week’s schedule is Tuesday (Rifle Range), Thursday (Hollywood Hills), Friday (Tractor Pull Water Running). For those of you interested in swimming at any level, the Saturday Morning Tri Club Crew is huge!! Way to go Jon!!!

Pro Tip: I’ll call this the Dean tip. If you want to promote leg speed with maximal stride length, one way to do it is to alternate leg turnover speeds from one interval to another. One interval, you put the emphasis on stride length. On the next one, you emphasize leg speed and make sure you are faster. The idea is that the first interval is like a dynamic stretch and the second interval emphasizes leg speed (which is more important for a distance runner) while hopefully retaining a longer stride than you would normally have.
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Daryl Steeve's Column - 2007-11-10    

What an amazing season of running we have had and there could be no better cherry on top than the Legs for Literacy event in Moncton last weekend. On a wet and blustery fall day, almost 1,000 runners and walkers braved the elements for one last kick at the can, and by the look of the results, that is one dented up can.

Let’s start with the full marathon.

In the men’s event, it was Ray Moorehead from Dartmouth in first place with a time of 2:54:56. In second spot from Dieppe was David Lemaire in 3:05:04 and in third, all the way from British Columbia, was Seth Bitting in 3:07:42.

The women gave the home town crowd something to cheer about when Natalie Arsenault of Moncton crossed the finish line in first place with a time of 3:33:02. Next was Michelle Mountain from Halifax in 3:35:06 and in third place was Maggie Johnson of Saint John in 3:37:36.

The half marathon was the provincial championship race and the champions were out in full force. The men’s event was a real shootout among three running buddies from the Saint John area. In the top spot by only seconds was Alex Coffin in 1:20:18 while second and third was a virtual dead heat between Dean Strowbridge and Gilles Gautreau, who both clocked times of 1:20:52.

For the women, it was more big names as Paula Keating from Miramichi won with a time of 1:32:37. Micheline Drisdelle of Moncton capped a great season with a second-place finish in 1:36:04. Third spot went to Kari Ellen Graham of Halifax in 1:37:55.

The 10-k race was another tight one for the men with only 29 seconds separating the top three finishers. Ian Forbes of Fredericton was the winner in 40:30, just three seconds ahead of Remi Parent of Nigadoo in 40:33. Third spot went to Geoff Matthews of Quispamsis in 40:59.

Sarah MacPherson of Keswick Ridge took the women’s event with a very strong 42:09. In the meantime, second and third was another tight race with Oromocto’s Nicole Cooper nosing out Sarah May of Quispamsis by one second. Their times were 47:56 and 47:57 respectively.

The 5-k was won by Jeremie Pellerin of Cocagne in 20:35 and Sarah Myatt of Fredericton in 21:27.

Congratulations to Marie Wilson and her entire team at Legs for Literacy. Well done.

So that’s a wrap for another season of On the Run.

The only thing left is to name our Person on the Run for the season.

This was one of the most successful running seasons ever and it is near impossible to identify just one Person on the Run, so I won’t. Here are three people who have inspired us all and worked to make our sport better this season.

Of course this list has to start with Alex Coffin. He has done it all this year - superior running as an athlete, great work as an organizer of running events and an excellent sponsor of the Super Series and many individual races. Alex is a true asset to our running community.

Yennah Hurley has taken an obscure European activity and made it main stream here in New Brunswick with her Walking Proud program.

Nordic Walking is growing at an unbelievable rate, due to her passion and drive for the sport.

Terry Thorne has taken on as tough a challenge as a nightmare could deliver and has shown us all what strength and courage look like. When she arrived to be the starter of the KV Challenge the crowd was hushed by her courageous walk to the starters table, something nobody gave much chance to see. That little walk is a symbol to us all to "never, never give up". There are many more people who have inspired us all this season and one last tip of the running cap to you all.

Well done.

Now, start training for next season.

Gotta run

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High Winds in Moncton! - 2007-11-04    
(Photo is Bruce Rosvall who ran both KV Marathon and Moncton 2 weeks later; taken by Frank Loomer)

It was a crazy day at the Legs for Literacy Marathon in Moncton. Winds gusted up to 100 km/hour with the marathoners finishing the final 12K against the wind. Nova Scotia’s Ray Moorehead won comfortably in front of local runner David Lemaire. Ultra Man Seth Bitting from BC was in 3rd. Natalie Arsenault won the women’s title  by just over 2 minutes. Nova Scotia’s Michelle Mountain finished 2nd and Pace Rabbit Maggie Johnson finished 3rd. For the age group categories, local runners Hans Laltoo and Jean Barry ran very fast with a 3:12:39 and a 4:07:26 to win the 50-59 age categories.

In the half, Alex Coffin took the provincial title with Dean Strowbridge barely edging Gilles Gautreau for 2nd. Paula Keating is the new provincial champion for the women in the half with Michelline Drisdale taking 2nd and Nova Scotia’s Kari Ellen Graham in 3rd. The top move in the Series points was Malcolm Boyd edging Robert Jackson in the 50-59 age category in the last race!!

The big scoop in the 5K and the 10K was girl power as junior runner Sarah MacPherson from Keswick Ridge finished 4th overall in the 10K and junior runner Sarah Myatt from Fredericton finished 4th overall in the 5K.

Talk about doubles.... Bruce Rosvall and Jerry Power run both the KV Challenge and the Legs for Literacy Marathon within a 2 week period. Maybe they were inspired by David McLennan who finished 2nd at KV and then proceeded to win the Cape Breton Fiddlers Marathon a week later!!
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November 5 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-11-04    
Carolyn Khitab is speaking at the West Side store on Thursday. Her topic is "Knee Issues-Get Some Balance". This is very topical as we head into colder weather with slippery conditions.

Do you like the Nike Air Structure Triax?? If this shoe has worked for you. We now have Gortex-Protected Triax at the same low price.

John Herron ran a sub 3 (2:57:26) in New York. Check out for scoop on the other big news from New York.

The Alex Coffin’s Fitness Shop Series Awards were given out in Moncton on Sunday. Please contact myself at if you were unable to pick  up your award.

Award winners were: F0-19 (Jocelyn Lockhart, Kristine Beaulieu, Rebecca Barton), F20-29 (Gillian Reid, Sarah Haines, Kelly Manuel), F30-39 (Marta Kelly, Nadine Currie-Jackson, Micheline Drisdale), F40-49 (May Collin-Beaulieu), F50-59 (Caludette Maltais, Elizabeth Underwood, Ann Flynn), F60-69 (Rose Leger, Patricia Blenkhorn, Sheila Andrew), M01-19 (Evan Arsenault, James Adams, Brent McCullum), M20-29(Evan Hachey, Chris Brake, Justin Young), M30-39 (Alex Coffin, Dean Strowbridge, James Tremblay) M40-49 (Glenn Trites, John Herron, Todd Power), M50-59 (Malcolm Boyd, Robert Jackson, Raymond Caissie), M60-69 (Phil Booker, Frank Kelly, Ed Bowe). Congratulations to Malcolm on his win on the last day!

Time for that colder weather gear?? Check out our great body-warm technology from Mizuno!!

Pro Tip: Time to Swim!! If you're like me, you tend to let the upper body go a little when the running takes most of the focus. Now's the time to regain that balance. They have some great coached swims at the Aquatic Centre. However, If you are a true beginner and need some help, I am very willing to give you instruction in the shallow pool so you are able to make the transition to deeper water. Just phone me and arrange for me to meet you on Saturday morning.  The Fundy Triathlon Club has their practice at the same time so later you can join Jon and his crew. We've had quite a few swimmers who couldn't even put their heads under the water at first and are now first-rate swimmers!

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Daryl Steeve's Column - 2007-11-03    

We are down to the short strokes now.

The running season is just about over but for one big, exciting event tomorrow morning in Moncton. Legs for Literacy has to be the ultimate sleeper event of running. For years, it bubbled along, a nice run but remained small, attracting a group of regulars each year. Then, bam, it becomes one of the fastest growing events on the east coast. This event has it all, from a slick bilingual website to the largest kids event ever assembled and everything in between.

The kids events are underway today and the main events are Sunday including a 5-k, 10-k, half marathon and full marathon with all events welcoming walkers. There is also a pasta dinner tonight with great guest speakers.

The course is a mix of road and trail with good surfaces throughout. This year, the half marathon will be the provincial championships adding more excitement to this already great event. To get all the details go to

One last tip. Parking arrangements have been changed with no parking on the school grounds. Be sure to leave a little extra time to find a spot.

What a season we have had this year. Next week, we will wrap it up with a summary of the season and an update from Legs for Literacy. You can participate in next week's column. It's simple, just send along your favourite running/walking experience from this past season. It could be an event you loved, a training run or just a beautiful walk with a friend. We will use the most inspirational as part of the season summary and hopefully as a little motivation for next season.

Speaking of next season. If you are looking for a goal, you may want to talk to the folks at Joints in Motion. This Arthritis Society program has runners travelling around the world to great events as they raise money and awareness for arthritis. Each runner picks a "hero" to run for and raises money for the battle against arthritis. Next year, they have an impressive line-up of locations including their very first triathlon, the Disney Triathlon. You can get all the details by calling Suzie at the Arthritis Society 800-321-1433.

This week our Person on the Run goes to a group. A very diverse group of every age, in every community across New Brunswick. A group we can easily take for granted but without them there would be no running events. This week we tip the running cap to all those volunteers who have made it happen every weekend all season. Their hard work and dedication to our great sport, truly is the heart of the sport. This weekend, when you are running Legs for Literacy, let's all make it a point to say thank you to a volunteer. It only takes a second of your time, a small price for the hours they have put in. Thank you volunteers. We couldn't do it without you.

Gotta run...

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Local Runners Excel at Atlantics! - 2007-10-28    
It was an active cross country weekend with both the Atlantic Championships and the Atlantic University Championships taking place.

The Atlantic Championships were held at Mactaquac Park. Top results were as follows. Cameron Dick finished fifth in the Atom Boys division. St Martin’s Hannah Arsenault finished 8th in the Pewee Girls division. Grand Bay- Westfield’s Ryan Brown won the Peewee Boys division while Will Bartlett finished 7th. Katie Robinson won the Bantam Girls division with Rothesay’s Montgomery Boone finishing 4th and Casey Currie finishing 5th. The Bantam Boys were dominated by Saint John area runners with only 2nd and 9th place finishes taken by Fredericton runners. Nick MacMackin won the division with Rothesay’s Louis Richard in 3rd. Grand Bay-Westfield’s Connor Duffley finished 5th in the Midget Boys division. In the adult divisions, Alex Sullivan finished 2nd in the 18-34 women’s division while Cynthia Robinson and Tara Dick finished 1-2 in the 35+ women’s division. Michael Campbell finished 5th in the junior division while Justin Young and Evan Hachey took 2nd and 3rd in the 18-34 men’s division. The true showdown was in the 35+ as Moncton’s Paul Thibodeau beat Glenn Trites by only 2 seconds. Bill MacMackin finished 4th.

At the Atlantic University Championships, St Francis Xavier dominated the women’s division. The top U de M runner was Annick Melanson in 24th and the top UNB runner was Kathy Wilson in 25th. Saint John’s Kristin Beaulieu was 38th for U de M. St Francis Xavier was strong in the men’s division as well but Dalhousie edged them out for 1st place. The top U de M runner was Paul Gallant in 18th and the top UNB runner was Shawn Miller in 23rd. Rothesay’s Gerald Demers finished 7th for Saint Marys. U de M and UNB both placed poorly as teams but lets hope that they have some momentum building for the future.
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October 29 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-10-28    
Time to think about gloves. We have lots.........

Evan Hachey starts this Saturday at the West Side store with a 5K/10K group to go along with Ed’s crew. The idea is to be able to finish a 10K by January and then we work towards the half marathon in February!  The  same goes for the Valley with Alex retaking the reins. Both start at 9am!

We’ve had a change since last week with the walk group. The walking crew is moving after this Monday on the West Side. The everyone welcome moves to Thursday and Yennah’s Walking Proud crew moves into Wednesday night. Yennah now has groups meeting at the Valley store on Mondays at 6:30pm and at the West Side store on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Yennah’s website is

For those of you who live near Grand Bay, they have started the major work on the track there. I still have tickets to get a plaque in your name at the facility. Give us a call to reserve a plaque at 696-3812.

The Aquatic Centre workouts are going fantastic. Tuesdays is steady run, Thursdays is intervals and Fridays are water running. We meet at 12:10 in the lobby. If you need the water running instruction sheet e-mailed, contact me at

This Wednesday, Malcolm Boyd is organizing his Halloween Hoofing run at 12:10pm at the Aquatic Centre. A can of non-perishable food is required along with a costume. We are also still having our Wednesday night run at the Rothesay store and costumes are welcome there as well. There should be candy ready for you when you finish.

Include November 21 and November 22 in your event calendars as we will be celebrating the one year anniversary of the Valley Store. Christmas Ornaments will be the draw prizes and we will be doing a 50/50. Registration forms will be ready soon.

Pro Tip: An extension of last week’s tip, start planning your events for 2008 right now. Especially if you have a marathon in your sights, you need to plan out your schedule now. Be sure to include at least one training race as an indicator of your pre-event fitness.

Good luck in Moncton!
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Daryl Steeve's Column - 2007-10-27    
Telegraph Journal
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Chicago Issues Remain... - 2007-10-25    
Please visit We have a discussion room where we are presently commenting on this year’s Chicago Marathon. Also take the time to check  our national rankings which feature many local runners.
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October 22 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-10-23    
Denise Long’s Moncton clinic is wrapping up on Wednesday nights at the West Side store. She will be starting a new group in January after a holiday break. Saturdays are heating up again though with Evan joining Ed on the West Side and Alex taking over the Valley gang. Our schedule November forward is:
Mondays: 6:30 free nordic walking group (West)
Tuesdays: 6:30 LTR/5K crew (Valley)
Wednesdays: 6:00 Marathon crew warmup (Valley)
Wednesdays: 6:30 Everyone Welcome/10K crew (Valley)
Thursdays: 6:30 Everyone Welcome/ LTR (West)
Saturdays: 9am Everyone Welcome/Half crew (West & Valley)

Thank you to everyone who supported the Sunday Interval Group! We’re having one last get-together this Sunday at 6pm. It’s a chance to run one last mile repeat and then we all head to Vito’s afterwards. We meet at the Gondola Point Track.

Sandra Ryan is speaking to the Thursday Night Group on the West Side this week. Everyone is welcome. The topic is foot and ankle issues. Sandra will also be showing us how to test our calf endurance!!

Congratulations to John Kelley again and the KV Challenge Marathon committee. For all those who hit the wall, treasure the memory but write down immediately why it happened and swear not to repeat those steps. My keys to KV were the following: mentally & physically prepare for the hills, consistent nutrition & hydration, and proper bridging from the Marathon by the Sea. Race day strategy can also sabotage a lot of hard work done before the marathon and you can tell by the splits that Glenn Trites, Steve Lohnes, Glenn Millican, Lisa Bettle, Paul Hachey, and Phil McIntyre ran the smartest races! On the split side, you have to commend the runners who were hanging on for dear life because most people would just pack it in. Elita Rahn may not treasure the memory of her win yet but I’m sure she will later. For everyone who had similar finishes, the clues are always there and may be as simple as tough course, tough wind.

Don’t forget our Reebok Sale. The 4 in 1 jackets and cotton quick dry pants are perfect for this weather. We haven’t had one return on the shoes yet and that’s with our fabulous 30 day "try them outside" policy!!

Last but not least:  A big thank you to all of the parents who have supported their children running cross country this year. It’s something that they will remember for the rest of their lives and, if they are being hard at all on themselves about their speed, let them race you to show how fast they really are!! There is one last meet in Mactequac this Saturday and it should be a fun trip.

Pro Tip: Start working on your winter training schedule and include lots of cross training (and a polar bear dip)!!

Good luck to everyone going to Moncton!!
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Great day!! - 2007-10-22    


Kevin Barrett

The good weather was a big surprise. The close finish was not.

Saint John’s Alex Coffin captured the 2007 Coast Tire KV Challenge Marathon Sunday with a narrow 16-second victory over David MacLennan of Scotsburn, Nova Scotia in a battle of two pre-race favourites on an unusually warm October morning in the Kennebecasis Valley.

"It was probably the toughest marathon I have ever run," said Coffin, who finished in 2:44.12. "Usually you like to relax at some point but we were duking it out the whole way."

Coffin, who also won the Marathon By The Sea last month, was slotted as an early candidate to run to the top spot along with MacLennan and Chris Brake, the three-time defending champion.

Coffin and MacLennan were stride for stride throughout and it was not decided until the final sprint for home with 300 metres remaining.

"It was a dogfight, that is for sure," said Coffin.

Dean Strowbridge of Willow Grove was third followed by Bruce Rosvallo of Rothesay and Glenn Trites, also of Rothesay,

Elita Rhan of Pictou, N.S., claimed the women’s title. She finished 21st overall in 3:33.25.

Kim Bailey of Cornwall. Prince Edward Island was second in 3:43.54 and Lisa Bettle of Hampton was third in 3:45.14.

Brake finished ninth overall. He was more than seven minutes off the pace at the halfway mark and finished in a time of 3:13.58.

The event also featured a relay component. The Jerry’s Joggers squad of Stacey Norwood, Jerry MacLennan, Andrew Oland and Patrick Bonner claimed the four-person relay team in 3:15.26. In the two-person team event, Rami Bardeesy and Denise Robson posted a winning time of 2:35.59.

(Alex’s notes: There was another article that mentioned our taskmaster coach Ed Bowe which he deserves. There was also some great even splits such as Glenn Trites, Steve Lohnes and Lisa Bettle. It was great to see the progress that Terry Thorne has made. The relay was a great addition. Congratulations to John Kelley and his crew. Thank you to Coast Tire for being the major sponsor!)

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River Valley hosts Provincials - 2007-10-22    


GRAND BAY-WESTFIELD - The River Valley Middle School of Grand Bay-Westfield and Harry Miller Middle School of Rothesay captured the team titles at the New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association middle school cross-country running championships Saturday.

River Valley claimed the overall boys title while Harry Miller took the girls team crown.

Approximately 185 runners from 23 schools too part in the event on a wet and muddy course for students in Grades 6, 7 and 8.

Following are the individual results:

Grade 6 girls - 1. Rachel Forrestell, Harry Miller; 2. Katie Daley, Albert Street; 3. Abby MacDonald, Quispamsis.

Grade 6 boys - 1. Ryan Brown, River Valley; 2. Nolan Birch, Albert Street; 3. Jack Boyle, Barnhill.

Grade 7 girls - 1. Katie Robinson, Barnhill; 2. Monika Leblanc, Carrefour de l'Acadie; 3. Casey Currie, Barnhill.

Grade 7 boys - 1. Nick MacMackin, Harry Miller; 2. Louis Richard, Harry Miller; 3. Craig McCullum, River Valley.

Grade 8 girls - 1. Marissa Duguay, Harry Miller; 2. Allysa Cleves, St. Stephen; 3. Kalie Smith, Albert Street.

Grade 8 boys - 1. Tommy McGinn, Albert Street; 2. Philippe LeBouef, Carrefour de l'Acadie; 3. Landon Birch, Albert Street.

(Alex's notes: Congratulations to David Shiels who organized the event. Every participant should be extremely proud as most children could barely run 200 meters let alone 2 or 3K in mucky conditions. Some of the races within the races were incredible. Congratulations to River Valley, Barnhill and Harry Miller for making Saint John the powerhouse that Fredericton must now deal with. It should be noted that both Katie Robinson of Barnhill and Nick MacMackin of Harry Miller posted better times in the Grade 7 event than the kids in Grade 8 who were also very good!!  A huge thank you to all of the children who participated from away. Let's hope we have more participation from the Moncton area next year!!)

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KV Challenge highlights weekend racing docket - 2007-10-20    
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PEI Marathon Results In! - 2007-10-15    
The Guardian

 Scott Clark has his marathon victory.

With a host of second-place finishes to his credit, the 44-year-old Summerside native moved to the top of the podium by winning the BMO Nesbitt Burns Prince Edward Island Marathon Sunday in Charlottetown.

“I set a personal best, too,” said Clark, who covered the 42.195-kilometre course in two hours, 49 minutes and 16 minutes. “I’m more happy about that than the win.”

Besides the full-marathon, sponsored by The Guardian, the event also included a half-marathon run and walk, a 10-kilometre run and walk, a corporate relay and the Kids Spud Run.

Clark, coming off two consecutive runner-up finishes in the Island marathon, used the ideal weather conditions to open a lead on the field of 191 runners at 18 kilometres.

It was the second time in three years an Islander has won the provincial marathon after Rob MacKenzie of Cornwall took the 2005 event.

Peter Sullivan, a medical student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, was second in 2:50:09 while Donald MacIntyre of Sydney was third, another six minutes back.

Paul Baglole of Meadow Bank was fourth in 2:57:25 while the remainder of the top 10 included Timothy Tunney of Ellsworth, Maine (2:59:16), Kendall MacDonald of Stratford (3:01:10), Ian Holdway of Beechville, N.S. (3:01:46), Bryn Kowalchuk of Entwistle, Alta. (3:01:56), Tim Murphy of Montague (3:05:06), and Jeff Boswell of Charlottetown (3:08:54).

Jennifer Vandongen of Bath, Maine, was the first female finisher, placing 14th overall in 3:10:56. Jennifer Nicholson of Cornwall was second, 16th overall, in 3:13:24.

Penny Hart of Halifax was third among the women, placing 31st overall in 3:24:16 while Nancy Morris of Charlottetown was fourth (32nd overall) in 3:24:57.

The race produced 48 qualifiers for the 112th Boston Marathon April 21.

For Clark, it was almost a textbook finish, following his pre-race expectation.

“I planned on running a 2:50 marathon and I got in around 2:49,” said Clark, the runner-up at the Blue Nose Marathon at Halifax in May where he set his previous best of 2:49:22. “I was right on my pace the whole way.”

Clark, the top Islander at the 2007 Boston Marathon placing 401st in 2:51:25, admitted his legs were getting tight over the last kilometre but he fed off the crowd at the end.

“Fortunately, there is a bit of a downhill, but the crowd really brings you in the last little bit. The crowd pulls you through to the finish and you kind of pick the pace up. You just ignore the pain at that time and when you see them pulling the ribbon up it’s a pretty good feeling.”

Sullivan, a shorter distance runner competing in his first marathon, was delighted with his performance.

“Totally happy with it,” said the Ontario native. “I said before I don’t want to make a habit of running these marathons because I would like to keep some legs to run some 1,500s on the track and that kind of stuff which is more where I’m at. I wanted to run an interesting marathon for my first one and decided to come here.”

The intent was to start slowly but Sullivan said that changed quickly.

“I didn’t want to go out too hard and kind of got sucked in a little bit,” he said. “I caught (Scott) about 3K and stayed with him for the next 15. That was great . . . I felt good the whole time (but) he put in a surge in just before the half and I knew I didn’t have the legs to go with him so I let him go.”

Vandongen recorded her second-best marathon time to claim the women’s division.

“I kind of just went out to have a good day,” said the American. “I came through the half at 1:35 which is about usual when I run marathons. I was on pace there.”

The top female said the change from road to the Confederation Trail just past the midway point, was different.

“Running on the trail was a little hard,” said Vandongen.

“It was the change of surface, you have to change it up a little bit and then you hit the road again and it feels a lot better.”

Nicholson entered with a specific target.

“My goal for my first marathon was to qualify for Boston and I’ve done that,” said Nicholson. “It was lots of fun. I’m ecstatic.”

Runners were greeted with almost perfect conditions with temperatures around 12C and predominately sunny.

(Editor's Note: Fredericton's Allyson MacDonald won the Master's Category in the Half Marathon. Scott Clark also ran the Marathon by the Sea in September.
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Runners' mental hurts massaged - 2007-10-15    

Staff reporter
toronto sun

Ian Wineberg limped, dejected, into the medical tent, wincing from the pain shooting from his left knee.

The agonizing ache forced the 34-year-old to pull out halfway through the 42-kilometre Toronto Marathon yesterday. Soon he was hobbling into the makeshift tent set up in Queen's Park, just metres from the finish line that he had hoped to reach in triumph.

After 10 months of intense training for his first full marathon, the disappointment was clearly etched in Wineberg's face.

Luckily, it's a look that the 30-member "Psyching Team" is trained to spot. The volunteer corps of sports psychologists is at both the start and finish lines, ready to give pre- and post-race counselling to help runners achieve their goals and grapple with feelings of failure.

Two Torontonians were winners of the full marathon, which had 8,350 entrants. Among the men, Charles Bedley was quickest in two hours, 21 minutes. Leslie Black came first on the women's side in two hours, 58 minutes.

For the hurting Wineberg, meanwhile, a sports psychologist was by his side within minutes of his arrival at the medical tent.

"It was fantastic," the runner said later of their 30-minute discussion (or "intervention," as team members put it). "Otherwise, you've got people sitting around feeling like failures. It's easy to get stuck in that head space because we (runners) are so goal-oriented."

The Psyching Team's success has surprised even race director Jay Glassman, who was lukewarm to the idea when Toronto psychologist Dr. Kate Hays approached him with the idea nine years ago. The Toronto event remains the only Canadian marathon with a Psyching Team.

"A lot of runners were skeptical about it at first," said Glassman of the team's use of such techniques as visualization exercises. "But people eventually bought into it and realized how much it can help them."

Now, Glassman routinely spots runners at the finish line touching the swatch of orange ribbon given to them by a Psyching Team member. The ribbon is meant as a reminder of the advice they received and symbolize the finish line they're striving to reach.

"We want people who've completed the half-marathon and full-marathon to come away with the most constructive experience," said Hays, who proposed the idea after participating on a team at the New York City marathon.

"We talk to people about their goals, how realistic they are, help them with strategies, help calm them down and help them remember how they've overcome things in the past."

Dr. Dan Egli, a clinical psychologist from Williamsport, Penn., drove up to Toronto to volunteer. He said after running 10 marathons himself, he understands the mental duress a runner can experience.

"To have someone to talk to, to have that external ear, is huge," said Egli, who cycled alongside runners looking for non-verbal signs of distress to alleviate with words of encouragement as one of the team's "Pyschs on Bikes."

"What percentage of this difficult physical challenge is mental? Many would say most of it is," said Egli, adding runners often find the mental hurdles more difficult.

In recent years the Psyching Team has become a key component of the medical team, said Dr. Christopher Woollam, the race's medical director and another former skeptic.

"At first I thought they'd be rubbing the backs of runners," he joked. "But they've really been extremely useful when we've had to deal with some of our own crises," he said, referring to the event's three deaths in five years.

"When there are situations of major physical duress, the Psyching Team is there to explain to family members what's going on."

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October 15 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-10-15    
The countdown is on and we are still accepting entries for the marathon and the relay. All marathon entries receive a $15 gift certificate and a Reebok headband from yours truly along with your regular marathon package. Bus and Pasta Dinner Info can be found at Please contact John Kelly at if you need further information.

Our Reebok Sale to highlight their sponsorship of the KVC Marathon starts this week. You receive 20% off Reebok clothing and 10% off their shoes until the end of November.

Schoolteacher Evan Hachey will be joining our West Side Saturday morning group starting in November as another group leader. Evan was one of the driving forces behind the youth marathon group at the Marathon by the Sea. Evan’s hip demeanour  will offer  an enjoyable contrast to Ed Bowe’s crusty  veteran savvy.  I’m expecting a "Streets of San Francisco" type environment (50 bonus points if you can name the two main actors in that show).

The KV Fields 5K  on October 14 raised $1200 towards building an artificial soccer field at KV HIgh School. Glenn Trites and
 Marta Kelly took the overall titles. The top 16&under runners were Ben Young and Kristin Howie. Below are the results and
definitely count this event in as an annual event as we all had a great time. A big thank you to Vito’s for the pizza!

1, Glenn Trites,40-49, 18:08
2, Jason Thorne,30-39, 19:14
3, Evan Hachey,20-29, 19:21
4, Don Murray, 50-59, 19:22
5, Alex Ferguson,17-19, 19:44
6, Chuck Teed, 30-39, 19:54
7, Alex Coles, 40-49, 20:15
8, Joe Burke. 60-69, 20:19
9, John Hall, 40-49, 20:20
10, Joel Armstrong, 17-19, 20:28
11, Ben Young, 16&under, 20:44
12, Ben Buckley, 16&under, 20:49
13, Michael Hogan, 16&under, 20:59
14, Dan Dineen, 30-39, 21:01
15, Chris Knox, 17-19, 21:04
16, Larry Ross, 40-49, 21:10
17, Blair Northcott, 30-39, 21:14
18, Reid Middleton, 40-49, 22:11
19, Alexandre Vanhoutte, 16&under, 22:40
20, Scott Kidd, 30-39, 22:44
21, Kyle Middleton, 16&under, 22:45
22, Mitchel Scott, 16&under, 22:46
23, Erik McLaughlin, 16&under, 22:58
24, Devon McGrath, 17-19, 23:01
25, Conner Coles, 16&under, 23:05
26, Tyler Williams, 16&under, 23:13
27, Mark Allison, 16&under, 23:14
28, Donald Leblanc, 50-59, 23:30
29, Michell Hamilton, 16&under, 23:34
30, Frank Kelly, 60-69, 23:40
31, Robert Howie, 16&under, 23:41
32, Marta Kelly, 30-39, 23:42
33, Brian Peters, 17-19, 23:44
34, Callum Young, 17-19, 23:45
35, Jennifer Bergeron, 17-19, 23:46
36, Stacie Michaelson, 30-39, 24:01
37, Tristan Keith, 16&under, 24:10
38, Calvin Keith, 40-49, 24:11
39, Kristine Howie, 16&under, 24:15
40, Matt Costello, 16&under, 24:43
41, Devin Williams, 16&under, 24:44
42, Grant McKinnon, 16&under, 24:56
43, Martine Chenhall, 16&under, 25:02
44, Steve Palmer, 40-49, 25:06
45, Megan McNulty, 16&under, 25:31
46, Alexander Maxan, 16&under, 25:36
47, Kristen Reay, 16&under, 25:37
48, Bryce Thibodeau, 20-29, 25:43
49, Eric Richard, 16&under, 25:51
50, Vanessa Charlton, 20-29, 25:56
51, Chae Lim, 16&under, 25:57
52, Hanmiroo Kim, 16&under, 25:59
53, Steven Slade, 17-19, 26:11
54, Dick Sipprell, 16&under, 26:12
55, Jamie Howie, 40-49, 26:24
56, #7259, 26:25
57, Tim Lowery, 40-49, 26:26
58, Matt Bischoff, 17-19, 26:27
59, Seth McAfee, 16&under, 26:28
60, Patrick Michaud, 16&under, 26:29
61, Jared Bischoff, 16&under, 26:30
62, Tammy Hachey, 30-39, 26:38
63, Lisa Palmer, 40-49, 26:47
64, Cindy Bergeron, 40-49, 26:56
65, John Osborne, 30-39, 26:57
66, Janet Lorette, 30-39, 27:18
67, Zach Hachey, 16&under, 27:27
68, Susan Reid, 30-39, 27:36
69, Molly Mclaughlin, 16&under, 27:49
70, Gwen Whitters, 16&under, 27:50
71, Lindsay Savoie, 30-39, 27:51
72, Lauren Perrin, 16&under, 27:52
73, Danika Savoie-Courtey, 30-39, 27:59
74, Tom Hamilton, 40-49, 28:12
75, Tracey Somers, 30-39, 28:13
76, Jill Harvey, 40-49, 28:16
77, Michele McGuire, 30-39, 28:21
78, Cindy Holland, 40-49, 28:22
79, Christy Bourque, 30-39, 28:28
80, Brandon McNeill, 16&under, 28:32
81, Hilary Chase, 16&under, 28:33
82, Kristen Scott, 16&under, 28:34
83, Michelle Kidd, 17-19, 28:59
84, Samuel Yoon, 16&under, 29:43
85, Min Yu, 16&under, 29:44
86, Linda Biadet, 40-49, 29:53
87, Diane McAfee, 40-49, 29:54
88, Morgan Lucas (f), 16&under, 30:13
89, Madison Coles, 16&under, 30:14
90, Karla Callaghan, 16&under, 30:17
91, Allison Saunders, 16&under, 30:18
92, Ed Bowe, 60-69, 30:27
93, Traci Osborne, 30-39, 30:50
94, Heather Elder, 30-39, 30:58
95, Jane Furmidge, 30-39, 30:59
96, Glenn Galbraith, 60-69, 31:08
97, Dorothy Galbraith, 50-59, 31:10
98, Chuck Todd, 50-59, 31:11
99, Claire Gilliland, 30-39, 31:18
100, Tara McAfee, 40-49, 31:46
101, Denise Anthony, 40-49, 32:07
102, Lois Leblanc, 40-49, 32:25
103, Pam Waugh, 40-49, 32:26
104, Valerie Hopper, 40-49, 32:27
105, Lisa Maillet, 30-39, 33:00
106, Sara Tokach, 30-39, 33:13
107, Jo-Ann Murphy, 30-39, 34:10
108, Judy McGuire, 40-49, 34:25
109, Samantha Hachey, 16&under, 34:59
110, Haley Weddell, 16&under, 35:00
111, Leni Cucinelli, 16&under, 35:01
112, Nicole Groedusosky, 16&under, 35:02
113, Jill Mersereau, 30-39, 35:50
114, Tracey Baker, 20-29, 35:51
115, Erica Waugh, 20-29, 35:52
116, Mike Waugh, 40-49, 37:47
117, Krista Shillington, 40-49, 37:48
118, Paul Hachey, 40-49, 37:49
119, Jean Donaldson, 60-69, 56:35
120, Ann Struthers, 60-69, 56:36

Pro Tip: The Jacket Question........ One of the toughest questions of this time of the year is whether or not to wear a jacket.
This time of the year is actually really tough for overheating with a jacket on. Please consider a vest with a long-sleeve
underneath. That way, you get better ventilation but your core is still warm. Light-weight gloves are a must. The golden rule
is to dress as if it is 10 degrees warmer as you generate heat running. It is always tough to watch people end up running with
a jacket tied around their waist.

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NY Times Article on Running Efficiency - 2007-10-11    

Running Efficiency: It’s Good, but How Do You Get It?

Published: October 11, 2007
NY Times

IN her prime, Joan Benoit Samuelson, one of the best female distance runners, should have been faster than Alberto Salazar, one of the best male distance runners.

Ms. Samuelson’s running was beautifully smooth. Mr. Salazar’s was not.

“He looked terrible,” said Jack Daniels, an exercise physiologist at the Center for High Altitude Training at Northern Arizona University, who studied both runners in the 1980’s. “She looked great.”

Not only that but Ms. Samuelson also had an amazing ability to use oxygen to fuel her body, Dr. Daniels said. Even though women’s maximum oxygen consumption, or VO2 max, is typically lower than that of men, hers was as high as Mr. Salazar’s. Maximum oxygen consumption was often considered one of the best predictors of performance in distance events.

But Mr. Salazar always ran faster than Ms. Samuelson. The difference between them turned out to be one of the least understood and most mythologized aspects of performance: economy of motion. It’s the relationship between how much energy you expend and how fast you go.

“How much is it costing you to run 10 miles an hour?” Dr. Daniels asked. “If it costs you less than it costs someone else, you are more economical.”

Mr. Salazar, despite his less than classic running style, expended less energy when he ran. So when he and Ms. Samuelson put out the same effort, he ran faster.

Economy can make the difference between being fast and being slow, between winning and losing in swimming to skiing, cycling to speed skating, running to rowing.

But economy is baffling. It seems to be physiological, but it is not clear what exactly is involved. Is it an ability of muscles to use energy, an ability to use a variety of muscles in concert, an ability of nerves to activate certain muscles for a task while allowing other muscles to relax, an ability of nerves to fire in near-perfect patterns? Or is it all of these things in combination?

While many exercise physiologists believe, or hope, that economy improves with training, they confess that it’s not clear what kind of training or how much it takes to make a difference.

They know that standard training programs, which emphasize speed and distance, improve the other key factors in performance: VO2 max and the anaerobic, or lactate, threshold, an indicator of how intensely a person can exercise.

But economy is more of a mystery. In fact, there are only a few documented cases of athletes whose economy improved. One was Paula Radcliffe, the British marathoner. Every year for 11 years, starting in 1992, she increased her running economy by about 1 to 3 percent. In the end, she ran 40 seconds to a minute faster per mile, without changing how much oxygen she took in.

Then there was Lance Armstrong, studied by Edward Coyle, an exercise physiologist at the University of Texas, Austin. Over seven years from age 21 to 28, Mr. Armstrong gained about 1 percent a year in efficiency.

And there was Steve Scott, a runner who broke the American record for the mile in 1982. In just 18 weeks of intense training, he improved his running economy by 5 percent, said Gary S. Krahenbuhl, an exercise physiologist at Arizona State University. Mr. Scott’s improved economy allowed him to run faster than the previous mile record holder, Jim Ryun — the two runners were essentially equal in all other physiological measures, Dr. Krahenbuhl said.

But, Dr. Coyle said, “whether an average person running an hour a day would experience the same benefit is the million-dollar question.”

Researchers are finding that easy assumptions about exercise economy just don’t hold up under rigorous study.

Take the idea that you can tell who is an economical runner or cyclist by watching the person perform. Not true, researchers say. The only way to know is with tests in a lab.

Dr. Daniels showed this in a study in which he videotaped runners. Then he sent the videos to coaches and biomechanics experts, and asked which were the more economical runners.

“They couldn’t tell, no way at all,” he said.

But can runners become more economical if they change their form? The surprising answer seems to be no, said Dr. Krahenbuhl. In fact, he said, every study that asked what happened after runners changed their natural form found that running economy declined.

It may take a long time for a change of form to result in better economy, Dr. Daniels suggested.

But it also may be that changing your form will never help you. Coaches often tell athletes to work on their form to become more economical, Dr. Daniels said. “But what they are really saying is, ‘We will work on your technique to make you look more like I think you should look,’” he added.

Maybe economical runners or cyclists or swimmers are simply gifted in general, researchers speculated. Perhaps whatever these athletes turn to, they will be economical.

That, Dr. Daniels discovered, is not true.

He recently studied runners and measured their economy when they ran. Then he measured it when they cycled, when they walked uphill at three different inclines on a treadmill, when they stepped up and down on a step, and when they cranked an ergometer with their arms. There was no relationship between being economical at one activity and being economical at another.

Still, there are a few tricks for novices, said Dr. Daniels. Most runners, he said, naturally fall into their most economical stride. But some bound along or, at the other extreme, take too many little steps. After studying hundreds of runners, Dr. Daniels discovered that taking 180 steps a minute made the most of energy expended.

Dr. Coyle finds that the most economical cyclists have an abundance of a particular type of muscle fiber, so-called slow twitch. It is not known whether other types of muscle can convert to slow twitch with training. But, he said, it may be that after years of training, nerves are directed to allow more leg muscles to participate in pedaling. The result might be greater riding economy.

“You might wind up changing the way your neuromuscular system is wired,” Dr. Coyle said. “It is a controversial area, but it makes sense.”

With swimmers, Dr. Coyle said, speed depends a great deal on technique, which can improve to a certain extent with coaching and training. Swimmers must overcome the drag of the water, and anything that interrupts the fluid dynamics of their motion will cause them to decelerate.

But physiological economy can also have a huge effect in swimming. Dr. Daniels studied a woman who won an Olympic gold medal even though her VO2 max was only average for a recreational athlete and was very low for an elite athlete. Her gift? She wasted little energy, and that skill more than compensated.

No one has rigorously studied swimmers and documented that training improves economy. But exercise physiologists note that competitive swimmers practice for hours a day, even though their races last just minutes.

“Some physiologists say, ‘Look you don’t need to do that,’” Dr. Coyle said. “But the athletes think it is beneficial.” The reason, he suspects, is that all that training is needed to improve economy.

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October 8 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-10-08    
The KV Fields 5K  is all set to go.  Each runner gets a $10 gift certificate and a pair of socks for $15!! We have some great prizes for afterwards (along with pizza!!!). You can pick up your number all week at either store. Be there or be square.

Anyone registering or registered for the KV Marathon will receive a $15 gift certificate and a Reebok headband.  The last 10K of the course is very nice!! Contact me for pro tips on the course.

The River Valley Track Association is raising funds by selling off each meter at the new track planned for River Valley Middle School. For $100, you can have your name engraved at the track. Tickets are available at the West Side Store.

Congratulations to local athletes Al Babineau (2:00:32), Coach Ed (2:08:21), Coach Denise (2:11:47), Chuck Todd (2:24:30), Maria McGraw (2:27:00), Jennifer Peterson (2:27:01), Jody Kelley (2:40:14), Heather Shadbolt (3:01:29), and Coach Yennah (3:09:23) who all competed in the half marathon in Portland.

Island View 5K Highlights
(results will be found at
-Everyone did great even with a big wind
-Huge kid’s run once again due to Trina’s hard work
-Mean Dean Strowbridge defends his turf
-Fredericton Speedster barely edges local favourite Krista McCluskey
-Jive Turkey Joe Burke barely misses the 20 minute mark
-Legend Eunice Phillips takes the 50-59 age category
-Big kudos to the runners who stopped to aid the runner in distress

Sea Dog Mile Results
(full team was there to cheer on the kids)

1. Katie Robinson 6:15
2. Alex Langille 6:16
3. Connor Duffley 6:17
4. Alexandra Coffin 6:39
5. Braden Duffley 7:19
6. Shannon O’Keefe 7:50
7. Don Leblanc 7:58 (first adult)
8. Lily Coffin 8:23
9. Connie Coffin 8:25
10. Kathleen O’Keefe 8:38
11. Lori O’Keefe 8:42
12. Christian Gamblin 8:45
13. Becky Gamblin 8:45
14. Sandra Gamblin 9:02
15. Samuel Keays 9:35
16. Jennifer Keays 9:36
17. Ben Kingston 9:37
18. Alex Caldwell 10:25
19. Brent Caldwell 10:27
20. Megan Kingston 12:04
21. Tyler Williams 12:25
22. Celina Keays 12:57
23. Bob Keays 12:58
24. Jonah Caldwell 14:20
25. Sarah Caldwell 14:21
26. Matthew Mullett 14:48
27. Jennifer Mullett 16:10

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to change your lacing in your shoes if your feet hurt after a tough run from swelling. Parallel lacing or skipping the middle laces can make all the difference if you have soreness on top of you foot. If you have blisters at the toes, switch to double layered socks and use the lace lock at all times. This applies to your daytime shoes as well.
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October 1 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-09-30    
Laureen Craft finished 5 years of organizing the Saint John Run for the Cure this past Sunday. This was the biggest yet after 7 years. Laureen’s sister Jennifer once again won the title as fastest survivor. Fellow survivor Jane Demmings was the top fundraiser. They raised close to $300,000.

The Capital City Roadrunners organized another successful Fredericton Fall Classic on Saturday. Sarah MacPherson was the top performer running a very fast 18:06 in the 5K. The NB Schools Cross Country Extravaganza was the same day at CFB Gagetown. Saint John area runners dominated the middle school grades with some incredible showdowns. Rachel Forrestell of Harry Miller and Ryan Brown of River Valley won the Grade 6 titles. Kate Robinson of Barnhill barely held off Marissa Duguay of Harry Miller for the girls and Cody Cooper of Barnhill edged Nick McMackin of Harry Miller for the boys in Grade 7-8.

Don’t forget the Island View 5K this Sunday. We have entry forms at the stores now. There is also the Sea Dogs Fun Run on Thanksgiving Monday which will be a great one for the kids too. If you register for either at the stores, you will receive a $10 gift certificate.  As well, for out of towners (and towners),  the West Side store will be open from noon to 3pm this Sunday for anyone needing to  use their Run NB gift certificates.

The KV Fields 5K and 10K has been switched to focus on the 5K. The new route for the 5K is KV High to Hampton Drive, right on the Arterial, right on Millican, left on Susan, right on Swanton/Sylvia, right on Hampton, right on Phillips, left on Susan, left on Millican, right on Hampton and then into the school.

I have some new clinics starting up at the Aquatic Centre. Starting this week, Tuesday is Run/Walk by the Sea, Thursdays is Intervals by the Sea, and Fridays is Deep Water Circuit. Each session starts at 12:10 and finishes by 12:50 so it’s perfect for an active lunch. Tuesdays is aimed at beginning runners while Thursdays and Fridays serve all levels. If you do not have an Aquatic Centre Membership, you need to pay a fee for the day. As well, don’t forget our evening clinics at the stores. E-mail me at if you have any questions. They should be all a lot of fun!!

I am organizing a hockey pool at the Valley Store this Wednesday night at 8pm. The entry fee is $20 and you will be able to check the stats the whole season on-line. It’s draft-style and you get to pick 12 players (including 3 defenseman). The money all comes back at the end of the year to the winners!!

Pro Tip: If you are running the KV Marathon (and you feel really good about your last run), spend the next two weeks being consistent and try for two 10 milers a week at race pace. If your last long run did not go well, do the opposite and treat everything as a buildup to your last long run with nothing over 8 miles beforehand. For both, remember to taper the last week. If you’ve been following a firm plan, ignore the above and don’t let me mess with your head!!

Have a great week!
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September 25 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-09-25    
This weekend is crazy!! Hopefully most people are attempting a double with the Fall Classic on  Saturday and the Run for Cure on Sunday. For those of us with running children, you may be attempting a triple with the cross country event at CFB Gagetown!!

Don’t forget the Island View 5K the following Sunday. We have entry forms at the stores now. There is also the Sea Dogs Fun Run on Thanksgiving Monday which will be a great one for the kids too.

Our Wednesdays are really cooking now. For all you 10kers and Halfers, Denise and I now have 2 clinics going for Moncton. Please remember that if you have already bought a membership in 2007, this is free. Everyone else is $60 cheap!! Learn to Runners are going strong on Tuesdays (Valley) and Thursdays (West Side) with the help of Amy Buckley and soon-to-return Heather Elder. We need a new influx of beginners in the valley as the original group is now too good!

With the stores, the major sales from the expo remain on the Mizuno Wave Inspire, MIzuno Wave Nirvana, Brooks Trance, and the Adidas Adistar Cushion. All are being sold for $99.99 (not including taxes and shipping). The Mizuno Wave Rider is on sale for $119.99 and the Brooks Vapor is on sale for $119.99.

Pro Tip: Have you ever heard of the Glide to December? It’s when your main goal is in September or October. Everyone knows that you will take a break during Christmas so to keep from taking too long of a break, you glide on your fitness for October, November and December. You may have a mini-goal but this period is more about having fun and doing races for the fun of it.  I highly recommend steady mileage but no killer workouts and at least one running trip.

(feedback is welcome!!)
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Marathon by the Sea Highlights - 2007-09-24    
Some great highlights from this weekend:
-Seeing Terry Thorne cheering the runners on Chesley Drive
-Grade 7 runner Craig McCullum finishing 2nd in the 5K
-Old Man Joe Burke finishing 19th in the Half Marathon
-Older Man Frank Kelly finishing 27th in the 10K
-Krista McCluskey staying smooth until the end finishing 2nd in the marathon
-April Lambert hanging on for a top 5 placing in the marathon
-Kelly Burke barely being edged by Islander Scott Clark in the 40-49 marathon category
-Herron-Arsenault showdown #10 in the half
-Strowbridge and Price making the Newfoundlander work for it
-Daryl Steeves winning the Nordic Walk
-The record-breaking number of Nordic Walkers
-Tri-clubber Allison Smith finishing 2nd in the Half
-Gertrude Mooney winning the 60-69 title in the Half
-Elizabeth Underwood taking the 50-59 crown in the 5K
-Stacey Norwood and Merina Farrell duking it out for 1st in the 5K
-Dave Lorette channeling Terry Fox in the Half
-Benoit Thisdel returning to SJ to take the 10K crown
-Bruce Guitard adding some "Shake and Bake" to the finish line announcing

Great job by the Organizing Committee!!
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SeaDog Run Rescheduled  - 2007-09-18    
The Saint John SeaDogs Fun Run has been postponed to October 8. You can still get the 2 for 1 deal for Friday night’s game  through the Head Office as well. With the store, we’ve just posted major sales on the Mizuno Wave Inspire, MIzuno Wave Nirvana, Brooks Trance, and the Adidas Adistar Cushion. All are being sold for $99.99 (not including taxes and shipping). Please check our store link and then click on the specific shoe company so you can check for your size. You can e-mail me at alex.coffin@marathoncanada to reserve your size.  Thank you for supporting the stores!!
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September 17 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-09-17    
I hope you were able to make it to a Terry Fox run this Sunday. If not, there’s always next year. Someone asked me if the Terry Fox Run would ever be cancelled and I said "not in my lifetime".  It was a courageous dream and you would have to be a robot to make it through his biography without choking up. If you find yourself struggling at the MBTS, just think of Terry and you’ll find another gear for sure.

Unfortunately, the Sea Dogs Fun Run was cancelled on Saturday due to the heavy rain. Keep checking for news on the new date. Vouchers for the first game for registrants are available at the Harbour Station Box Office. We had former Canadian 800 meter champion Willy Best down from Fredericton to take part but hopefully we’ll be able to get Willy down for another race.

The Speaker Series at the Wellness Expo for MBTS starts at 10:30am at the convention centre. Check out the schedule on  I promise to be very entertaining  from 12:30 to 1:30. Expect hard questions, deep thought, mild embarassment and an emotional finale.

Two big groups start this week. We’re walking short  Monday night at 6:30pm at the West Side Store. Everyone is welcome and it is free of charge. Wednesday night at 6:30pm is the start of Denise’s Moncton 10K/Half Marathon Crew. She has 8 weeks to get you ready with all abilities very welcome.

Pro Tip of the week: This is it. The week before the big race. No matter what your distance is this week, do two important things this week. Run/walk short and practice your race pace. Other bonuses are lots of fluids, great sleeps, lots of stretching, and having your gear prepared well before the morning of the race. Have a great event!!
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September 10 Weekly Bulletin - 2007-08-23    
Was that a race or what??? The heat was on and the race committee delivered. One of the friendliest and best organized events in the province, all of the participants were raving afterwards.

Denise Long is back in the house and I couldn't be happier. She is teaching a 10K/Half Marathon Clinic to prepare for Moncton in November. $60 if you're new and free of charge if you have already paid your club dues. $60 also gets you a free hat and a $20 gift certificate. It all starts September 19 at 6:30pm on Wednesday.

The Sea Dog Fun Run is going to be a great time this Saturday. 2:30pm is the start time and the players will be on hand to help out along with a guest celebrity runner. Adults get a hat and the children get a medal. Check out for further info. Don't forget the next day as well. Terry Fox!!!

The walk group in Lancaster starts on Monday, September 17. The distance is short (5K max) so everyone can handle it. We meet at 6:30pm.

Connie Coffin is presenting on fitness nutrition this Tuesday at the Rothesay store. The talk starts at 6:30pm and we do a short run afterwards. Connie is a registered dietitian and ran a sub 40 in Hampton this past Sunday!

Yoga Instructor Karen Crane is presenting on hips and hamstrings this Wednesday at the Rothesay store. Karen runs a company called Inner Balance and everyone really enjoyed her presentation at the Lancaster store last week.

Tip of the Week: Take advantage of a great race to have a low intensity training week afterwards. Try to do some extra stretching and rehab work to repair any aches and pains. Any running should be super easy until you feel fully recovered. Concentrate on your weekly mileage rather on individual workouts.
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Hampton Heat!! - 2007-08-22    

It was a hot fall day but Olympian Joel Bourgeois was cool as a cucumber as he pulled away from challengers Barry Britt and Alex Coffin (me). Joel is planning to run National Cross-Country again this year so this was just another training run. Unfortunately, Barry had to pull out but Joel provided guidance so that the junior runner was not discouraged as he strives towards the same Olympic level. Elita Rahn came back to regain her title from two-time winner April Lambert. Elita is from the Kingston Peninsula and just moved back to NB to work in Sackville. April ran a full minute faster than 2006 to try to retain her win streak but Elita was able to hold her off. Micheline Drisdelle of Moncton finished third. Other big-time performances included young-guns Rebecca Barton (15&under, 34:31) and  Brent McCullum (15&under, 28:51), third place man Dean Strowbridge (27:17), Master Blasters Nancy Burkhart (34:59) and John Herron (28:44), PEI racer Judy West (50-59, 38:36), semi-young-gun Evan Arsenault (28:41), semi-young-gun Jon Cleghorn (29:00), the ageless gunslinger Don Murray (50-59, 31:04), Hampton favourite Rose Leger (60-69,  43:43), the master kid Joe Burke (60-69, 33:21) and the top 70+ runner Frances Barry (1:07:53). I can't wait until next year!!

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Joe Burke #3 in 5K - 2007-08-22    

Joe Burke has reached #3 in the Atlantic Road Rankings in the 60-69 5K based on his UNB 5K time. Other NB notables in the 5K rankings include Robert Jackson holding on to his #1 ranking in the 50-59 age category. St Stephen's Michael Coyne is  #3 in the 50-59 and both  runners  rank in the national top 10  for 50-59.  Run NB president Phil Booker and Saint John runner Frank Kelly are also in the top 10 for 60-69. We don't have any Saint John area women in the masters rankings yet but I am hoping that changes at the MBTS 5K!! Rankings can be found at

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MBTS on the Horizon - 2007-08-22    
We're down to the crunch for the MBTS and the KV Challenge Marathon. Contact Alex at if you need some last minute advice.
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