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  • Juggling for 26.2 miles -- it 'joggles' the mind
  • Commonwealth Games Marathon in Melbourne
      Congratulations to the two Canadian women who finished sixth and eleventh at the Commonwealth Games Marathon in Melbourne on March 19. Here are the results:

      1. Kerryn McCann, AUS 2:30:54 Gold
      2. Hellen Cherono, KEN 2:30:56 PB Silver
      3. Liz Yelling, ENG 2:32:19 Bronze
      4. Tracey Morris, WAL 2:33:13 PB
      5. Josephine Deemay, TAN 2:36:27 PB
      6. Lioudmila Kortchaguina, CAN 2:36:43
      7. Kate Smyth, AUS 2:38:30
      8. Lauren Shelley, AUS 2:39:13
      9. Hayley Haining, SCO 2:39:39
      10. Susan Partridge, SCO 2:39:54
      11. Nicole Stevenson, CAN 2:40:58
      12. Tannitha Maxwell, RSA 2:41:47
  • April Fools Run
  • Around the Bay
  • The Comox Valley Half Marathon
      The Comox Valley Half Marathon took place on Vancouver Island on March 19. Joan McGrath turns 45 this year and she took the overall women's title with a great time of 1:23:47. She also beat out Nancy Baxendale who was the returning champion and had just edged Joan in 2005 Nancy was 4th this year. Photo is courtesy of Laszlo Kardos and Al Livsey. Jim Finlayson, former Canadian Marathon Champion, won the overall men's title with a 1:08:06 finish.
  • Andrew Smith and Tania Jones victorious in Burlington
  • Meet Alfie Shrubb
  • Close Finish (2 Seconds) In The Grimsby Race
  • Vancouver's First Half!
  • Club Fat Ass Sports! Checkout their site!
  • New link on the links page.!!
  • First fast result of the year!!
  • Canada's Ed Whitlock tops men's 70-79 category
      GeezerJock Magazine Announces the winners of its Inaugural GeezerJock Awards, including Canada's Ed Whitlock.
  • New Book Released. Running in the Zone: A Handbook For Seasoned Athletes
  • She proved she could finish - first
      Dec 2, 2005 - Emily Kroshus couldn't finish her first marathon. This time, she was the champ. Kenya's Joseph Nderitu was the top man.
  • Doug Alward -- Terry Fox Driver -- In the Ranks
      October 12. Doug Alward (the driver for Terry Fox in the Marathon of Hope) is hanging at the back of the BC and 40-49 rankings. Doug placed 2nd at the Peach City Marathon, 6 seconds behind Sergio Pio.
  • Marathon Rankings Update
      October 12. The major updates are in from the Montreal Marathon and the Toronto Waterfront Marathon for the marathon rankings.
  • World Half Marathon Championship
      October 12. Edmonton was home to the World Half Marathon Championships on October 1st. The men's race was a sprint finish, with Naasi Fabiano Joseph sneaking by Shami Mubarak Hassan at the finish in what, to the casual observer, looked to be a tie in 1:01:08. Hassan didn't appear to realize Shami was right behind him. The top Canadian was Jeremy Deere in 44th place with a time of 1:06:19. The top Canadian woman was Lioudmila Kortchaguina who placed 21st. The top woman was Tomescu Constantina in 1:09:17.
  • Rankings Update
      September 7. Note that the marathon rankings have changed dramatically since the Marathon des Deux Rives. Also, the rankings (especially the 10km) are there to be checked by the readers. If you know of any times that are missing, please let Alex know.
  • Kassap Denied Refugee Claim
      July 26. Danny Kassap's most recent refugee application denied. Read here for more information into Kassap's struggles.
  • Top 10!
    • July 11. We apologize for the late rankings, but ranking guru Alex has been busy still setting up his new Running Room. Here are a top ten of recent running stories:
      1. Heartbreak for Jim Finlayson in Ottawa: Running to meet the World Championships standard at the National Capital Marathon, Jim missed the time by 21 seconds with his finishing time of 2:18:21. Congratulations for a valiant effort by a true champion!!
      2. Softer landing for Lioudmila: Just after receiving her Canadian citizenship, Liodmila Kortchaguina lost a tight battle to finish second in the National Capital Marathon in 2:32:18. It was an easy pill to swallow though as she won her first Canadian Marathon Championship crown.
      3. Can Danny Kassap be far behind?: Living in Ottawa and having run as a guest in Canadian Championship races, Danny put in another incredible effort at the national Capital Marathon with a 2:15:12.
      4. Travelling in style: Newfoundland native Stephanie Hodge's best time this year so far is a 2:54:10 in Vancouver but she is on an incredible string of competitive marathons, often running more than one marathon in a month!! Look for her name whenever a marathon's results are posted, she is often there and very near the top.
      5. Just a warmup: Louis-Philippe Garnier of Montreal has not been at as many races as Stephanie but his back to back performances in May at Forest City and Ottawa (2:28:11!!) were incredible.
        1. 50-59 Part 1: 50 year old Louise Voghel runs a sub 3 hour marathon in Boston and wins her age category. This is one of Canada's best performances ever at Boston for an age grouper.
        2. 50-59 Part 2: The Boston Globe captured a picture of John Moe crossing the line with his total exhaustion effort of 2:50:12. An impressive 2nd place in the 50-59 age category.
        3. 50-59 Part 3: Younger runners beware: 50-59 age category runner Vince Cole won the Saskatoon Marathon outright with a 2:52:53!! Beverly Robertson accomplished the same feat at the Johnny Miles in New Glasgow.
      6. Kenny Souza Reincarnation: National Triathlon Training Center athlete Nik Southwell ran a course record in Ucluelet-Tofino with a 2:27:47. I personally believe this record will stand for a very long time as this is not an easy course.
      7. Watch out Paula: The other London Marathon enjoyed another stellar year and attracted some great times but none better than Toronto's Josiane Aboungono who ran a 2:51:09 to win the women's race. Congratulations to the race committee for Forest City.
      8. But what can he do on pavement?: Chris Brake leads the Atlantic Division with a 2:41:37 at the Fredericton Marathon which is predominantly on trails!! He also made the Canada Games team for track and field this year!!
      9. Talk about defending your turf!!: Michael Booth and Brenlee Muska-Vancaeyseele, both of Winnipeg, defended their turf in style with very fast winning times of 2:35:38 and 3:10:38.
  • Whitlock at it again
      July 11. Ed Whitlock, the 70+ marathon record holder, was at it again in April, running another sub 3 hour marathon. This time he ran 2:58:40 at the Rotterdam Marathon. We will be watching for Ed at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in September.
  • Welcome Lioudmila!
    • June 13. Lioudmila Kortchaguina is now a Canadian citizen. Lioudmila received her citizenship before the National Capital Marathon, making her the top Canadian female (see below).
  • National Capital Marathon
    • June 13. The top Canadians in the half marathon were Ryan Tessier (1:11:51) and Sharlene Cobain (1:27:41). The full marathon was won by David Cheruiyot of Kenya (2:14:19) and Lidia Vasilevskaia (2:31:51). Top Canadians were Jim Finlayson (2:18:20) and Lioudmila Kortchaguina (2:32:17). Other good performances include: Ryan Day (2:19:55), Matthew McInnes (2:21:44), and Nicole Stevenson (2:38:47).
  • National 1/2 Marathon Championships
    • May 16. The National 1/2 Marathon Championships were held in Edmonton, Alberta on Sunday May 15.
      1. Tara Quinn 1:14:32 PB
      Note: Tara�s time is better than the automatic selection standard and Tara is now �fully selectable� for the World Half Marathon Champs.
      2. Lisa Harvey 1:15:38
      3. Leah Pells 1:17:02
      4. Sandy Jacobson 1:22:14
      5. Nancy Baxendale 1:22:57
      6. Carla Dunn 1:24:44
      7. Melissa Armstrong 1:26:52
      Note #1: Aster Demissie - who lives in Edmonton but is not a Canadian citizen - won the overall race in 1:14:24
      1. Mark Bomba 1:06:47 PB
      2. Ryan Day 1:06:54 PB
      3. Andrew Smith 1:07:06
      4. Matthew McInnes 1:07:56
      5. Jeremy Deere 1:08:09
      6. Jerry Ziak 1:08:53
      7. Bruce Deacon 1:09:15
      Note: Top 6 Canadians (for each men and women) are added to the Selection Pool for the upcoming selection to the World Half Marathon Championships to take place October 1st on the same course.
      Selection Criteria for the World Half Marathon Championships are outlined here.
  • Kool 1/2 Marathon
    • May 16. The small community of Oak Bay, in Victoria, was home to the first annual Kool 1/2 Marathon. Jim Finlayson and Cheryl Murphy won the event in 1:07:34 and 1:20:09.
  • Vancouver International Marathon
    • May 2. The adidas Vancouver International Marathon hosted over 6500 half marathon participants, and over 4000 marathon participants this year. Jim Finlayson of Victoria ran an impressive 1:05:50 to win the half. Jim has been running well, including his 1:05:42 in Comox a few months back, as well as a sub 30minute 10km at the Sun Run last weekend. Angela Strange, of California, was the first woman in 1:21:17. The marathon was won by two non-canadians: Kassahun Kabiso (2:15:40) and Rima Dubovik (2:44:05).
  • Canadian finishers at the Boston Marathon
    • April 25. Louise Voghel of Quebec had a dominant win of her 50-59 age category, winning in 2:58:56, 15 minutes of the second place woman. John Moe from British Columbia finished second in the men's 50-59 age category in 2:50:22. Louis-Phillippe Garnier of Quebec was fourth in the men's 40-49 (2:32:41) and Gerard Gravel was fifth in the men's 60+ (3:15:16). Diane Roy of Quebec was second in the women's wheelchair category (1:50:53). Canada had 3 finishers in the top 10 of the men's wheelchair.
  • Technical Info for Canadian Marathon Championships
    • April 25. The Technical Information Package for the 2005 Canadian Marathon Championships (May 29 in Ottawa) is now available at the following links: English and French.
  • Brown PRs in London Marathon
    • April 20. Victoria, B.C. resident Jon Brown ran a PR in his nation's famous London Marathon on the weekend. Brown started slow and stormed strong the last few km. Brown finished 6th, 6 seconds behind Olympic gold medalist Stefano Baldini, in a amazing time of 2:09:31. Martin Lel won the event in 2:07:26. On the women's side, Paula Radcliffe won easily, by over 5 minutes, in a (to her) disappointing time of 1:17:42. The top Canadian in the race was Jack Miller with an incredible time of 2:55:41 to finish 2nd in his M60 age group.
  • Saint Ralph
  • Around the Bay 30km
    • April 13. The Aound the Bay 30km was home to a highly contested event. Through 20km there was a 5-way tie at 1:06:09. Coming through to the finish was Joseph Nderitu (Hamilton) in 1:38:48 with 4 athletes based in Montreal coming in soon after: Bagdad Rachem, Betchim Nour-Eddine, and Fethi Outkid.
  • Comox Half Marathon
    • April 8. The Comox Half Marathon was the site of some world class running this year. Jon Brown won in a phenomonal time of 1:03:57 with Jim Finlayson trying mightly to keep up, finishing in 1:05:42. The women's race was won with a spectacular effort by Master's runner Nancy Baxendale in 1:22:08, edging out the favourite, Joan McGrath, by 3 seconds.
  • 2005 Canadian Mountain Running Team Selection
    • March 15. The selection criteria for the 2005 Canadian Mountain Running Team has been updated. The 2005 World Mountain Running Trophy will be competed for on September 25th in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Lioudmila in Las Vegas
    • February 17. Lioudmila Kortchaguina narrowly loses at the January 30 Las Vegas Marathon. Olga Kovpotina of the Ukraine finished in 2:31:53 compared to Lioudmila's 2:32:12. Although Lioudmila is still considered a Russian runner, she presently resides in Toronto and has been trying to gain Canadian citizenship. There was Canadian prize money in Las Vegas this year and the top 3 finishers for men and women were: 1. Ricardo Santos 2:35:57 2. Dennis Colburn 2:41:07 3. Jason Warick 2:42:45 (after a 69:52 first half) 1. Pauline McLean 2:56:57 2. Stephanie Hodge 2:57:06 (3rd and fastest marathon in the month of January!!) 3. Heather Goodfellow 2:58:33 The temperature was ideal with a strong headwind in the second half.
  • Stephanie Hodge
    • January 29. Newfoundlander Stephanie Hodge, whose nearly a master, has been on a bit of run lately. She ran the Phoenix Marathon on January 9 in 3:03:22 (finishing 9th) -- claiming a little prize money. She then proceeded to Bermuda where she finished the 10K on January 15th finishing 5th, and then ran the Bermuda Marathon on the 16th finishing 2nd in 3:07:47.
  • Las Vegas Embraces Canadians
    • December 6. Due to the large number of Canadian entrants into the Las Vegas Marathon each year (over 600), the Las Vegas Marathon is offering prize money for the top 3 Canadian males and females. $750 for 1st, $500 for 2nd, and $250 for third, for a total of $3000 of prize money.
  • Two Canadian Greats
    • December 6. Joe Henderson writes of the long slow distance (LSD) training of two great, older, marathoners: Herb Phillips and Ed Whitlock.
  • Royal Victoria Marathon
    • October 17. Bruce Deacon ran his farewell marathon, just missing the course record, with a finishing time of 2:21:07. The other amazing run of the day was Herb Phillips who was 14th overall in 2:47:02, winning his 60-64 age division by OVER 46 minutes.
  • Fastest Marathoner?
    • October 4. Ed Whitlock continues to get faster. A feat that is awed considering his age, 73. At 72 Whitlock ran a world record (for 70+) sub 3 hour marathon. This year he aimed to beat that record, and did so astonishingly with a final time of 2:54:44, 5 minutes better than last year. Age graded, his performance ranks amongst the top marathons of all time. Whitlock didn't set the only world record at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Fauja Singh, 93 years of age, ran 2:30:02 for the half marathon. That was a new record for the 90+ age category. Finally, Michal Kapral ran 2:49:43 with baby-in-tow, setting an unofficial record for his efforts.
  • Quebec City (Des Deux Rives) Marathon
    • September 13. There were 912 finishers for this years Marathon Des Deux Rives, with Moses Chesgrek winning in a time of 2:28:32. Louise Voghel of Saint-Armand won the women's race, running in the 50-59 category, with an amazing time of 3:02:50. Her first half was run in 1:28:46.
  • Athen's Marathon
    • September 10. Victoria, B.C. resident Jon Brown (of Great Britain) placed 4th in the Olympic marathon. Jon ran 2:12:26, 15 seconds out of a medal, though the bronze medal went to the highly deserving Lima Vanderlei, whom battled not only the conditions, but a member of the crowd as well. John placed 4th in the Sydney Olympics as well, missing a bronze that time by 7 seconds.
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